Civic Church Anti-Semitism

Part 4

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Exhibit: Dirk saving the thief-chaser[1]

In the year 1569 Dirk was arrested at Asperen in Holland for committing a crime against both the Church and the State. He was held in a residential palace turned into a prison. He escaped using a rope made out of knotted rags. Using this he was able to climb out of the prison onto the frozen moat. A guard noticed his escape and gave chase. 
Dirk had lost considerable weight on the meager prison rations. He ran over the thin ice, barely getting across with considerable peril. The thief-catcher following him broke through the ice and began to sink into the frigid waters. Dirk, perceiving that this state agent was in danger drowning, quickly returned and aided him in getting out of the icy waters. Dirk saved this man’s life! 
The thief catcher wanted to let Dirk go, but the burgomaster very sternly called to him to consider his oath of office, so Dirk was thereupon seized by the thief-catcher. 
After severe imprisonment and great trials. Dirk was put to death at the stake by a lingering fire that caused excruciating pain. He endured this prolonged torture it with great steadfastness, confirming the genuine faith of the truth with his death and blood, and serving as an instructive example to all pious Christians of this time and many generations thereafter. 
What was Dirk’s great crime? Dirk Willems had been baptized as a young man, thus rejecting the State-enforced Church practice of infant baptism. His radical act of practicing believer’s baptism, his continued devotion to his new faith and, worse, assisting in the baptism of several other people in his home, led to his condemnation and death.[2]

Part 4 is in three parts:
  • I. Big Civic Religion & its anti-Semitism 
  • II. The Civic Church & its anti-Semitic Dominionism 
  • III. The Civic Church & its “Social Gospel” anti-Semitism 

I: Big Civic Religion & its anti-Semitism
It seems hard to fathom in this day and age that there was such strong conviction of faith that it resulted in untold thousands of deaths on the part of those who did not conform to the State-enforced practice of Church-mandated baptism. Yet this dark side of history can be found throughout the past 2000 years of the Church. Certain branches of the reigning Church believed that anyone who was not “officially” baptized into their group was not saved, and therefore was considered a heretic deserving of capital punishment.[3] “Dissident” Christians, Jews, pagans and different ethnic groups (ethnos, see Part 2) were forcibly baptized, even put to death if they resisted. The Church in power utilized the sword of the State to enforce its tenets and mandate membership. This Civic Church attempted to compel society, culture, ethnos groups, even entire nations, into the faith. The free Gospel of Jesus Christ’s salvation, which comes peaceably and without arms (see Romans 10:15; Ephesians 6:15), was substituted for a “gospel of the kingdom” which came with constraint, coercion… and threats of death.[4]

What is Big Civic Religion? It rears ups whenever a Big Church wields the power of the Big State, or vice versa, to enact laws, enforcing compliance and penalizing disobedience. This is known as Dominionism. In Part 3 we defined Dominionism broadly:

Dominionism can be found wherever a religious and/or philosophical system seeks to impose its values and enforce its will upon a populace, especially to the point of changing government. It often has to do with conquering land, but it also seizes sovereignty over people. It is revealed in a group’s intention to, one way or another, build their “kingdom on earth.”[5]

An essential ingredient in the agenda for Dominionism is the formation of a Church State, or to say it another way, a Civic Church. This is not exclusive to Christianity. Any Big State that seeks to partner with any Big Religion is attempting to manipulate the populace. This is because religious people tend to operate in the affective realm versus the cognitive, thus being more susceptible to feelings, emotions, fervor, spiritualism, superstition and devotion. In sum, religion makes people more malleable. Plus, Big Civic Religion is most often the gel that binds an ethnos, a people group, together with a common faith, common mores and a common life. Readers will recognize this in modern-day Islamic states. But Civic Religion has much historical precedent. Ancient city-states were governed by rulers claiming to be gods, eliciting idolatrous worship for a common faith.[6]

People might consider a Civic Religion to be a patriotic deist religion, a benign good-feelings faith community. But Civic Religion can quickly turn sour. The Civic Church has been known to employ the literal “sword” against those who are different, including using it against another race, another religion, another ethnos, or anyone else defined by codes of conduct or institutional laws as criminally deviant, dissident, different or heretical. When Big Civic Religion reigns over a land laws are enacted and codes of conduct are put in force. But soon people outside these parameters begin to feel ostracized, restricted, banished, and persecuted. Eventually they get arrested, tried, imprisoned, tortured, and some even lose their lives.

The prophet Jeremiah records that when He spoke God’s truth to the idolaters of his day (within the church!), the men of his hometown sought his life and told him to shut up or die, saying: “Prophesy not in the name of the LORD, that thou die not by our hand” (Jeremiah 11:21). It is evident that speech is often the first freedom to fall under attack by a rising Civic Church which is intolerant of truth that runs contrary to their established religious-political narrative.

Exhibit: The latest from the 7 mountains of Dominionism[7]

Reformation or Deformation? 
Today we are witnessing new State Church liaisons rising before our very eyes. There are strident branches of the Christian church on the political Right that go so far as to justify totalitarianism.[8] And for decades there have been rustlings on the evangelical Left desiring to co-mingle with the looming Global Church-State Order.[9] Ultimately this battle for control – from whichever political side it erupts – represents a Transformation of Christianity into a Global Civic Religion.[10] It will devour faithful Christians and Jews.[11] This is not a Reformation, it is a Deformation that will devastate “dissident” believers in Jesus Christ, sincere adherents of other faiths, and even people who just have strong political convictions.

Big Tech Corporate Companies are now showing themselves to be a willing partner in spreading the Global Civic Religion’s dogmas, especially by silencing those who don’t conform to their new rules. Big Tech Corporate Civic Religion has been called a Technocracy[12] and it intends to build a “surveillance state.”[13] This ecumenical Corporate Civic Religion, with its “progressive” tenets, is rapidly forming before our eyes. It will erode freedoms and institute its own moral codes:

Those who have been leading us to a world government understand that the beliefs of the people must be erased and replaced in order to exchange the old religions with one that will allow the world leaders to control the worshippers.[14]

This even includes a Big Communist Civic Religion, ostensibly secular but rabidly jealous of any competing ideology:

China targets people of every faith: The Falun Gong, Tibetan Buddhists, Protestants and Catholics, and especially the Uighurs. At least a million of these Chinese Muslims have been moved into camps across Xinjiang province that Secretary [of State] Pompeo says are “reminiscent of the 1930s.” China is also using technology to digitally blacklist people – e.g., making it impossible to travel or get a credit card – so Beijing may soon be able to persecute believers without having to imprison them.[15]

The addition of Big Corporate to a Big Church-State creates a 3-legged stool, an expanded pedestal for Dominionism. Shockingly, the evangelical Church world has already been compromised by adopting this model.[16] There is a closely related phenomenon in Christian Dominionism known as the “7 Mountains” movement, in which the Church is seeking to partner with both State and Corporate (“marketplace”[17]) to build a networking empire of its “kingdom” on earth.[18] (See graphic above.)

With our unique history of investigating neoevangelical Dominionism, it becomes necessary to point out the simmering, sometimes blatant, anti-Semitism within Christianity. Writing about Christian anti-Semitism is like trying to walk through a field filled with landmines. There are strong feelings, opinions, beliefs, eschatologies and doctrines on all sides – and much is steeped in historical entrenchments that have often led to open hostilities. Rather than rehearse these age-old internecine theological battles, we will focus on Dominionism and the Civic Church.

Exhibit: The now iconic photo of Amish children
fleeing persecution in the state of Iowa, 1965.[19]
I told my elderly Amish bishop friend
that I was writing an article about the emergence
of this virulent new form of anti-Semitism.
He was aware of The New York Times cartoon incident
because he reads the news.
He quietly replied, “We’re next.”

Big Church State & Anti-Semitism 
Throughout Church history there have been various manifestations of Christian Civic Religion, most notorious Roman Catholic. But during and after the Reformation certain Protestant sects also imposed Church rules upon the civic populace of the State. Once established in a geo-political area the Civic Church demanded compliance to a uniform code of law. The sad fact is that these mainstream Church groups then persecuted minority groups in violent eruptions of ethnos vs. ethnos.[20] These attempts at subjugation included not only Jewish people, but also dissident believers such as the Waldensians and the Anabaptists[21] who refused to be baptized into the State Church.[22] For example, in Spain during the Middle Ages,

a church-state policy of systematic anti-Semitism was pursued. A succession of royal ecclesiastical councils at Toledo, brushing aside orthodox Christian policy, either decreed the forcible baptism of the Jews or forbade circumcision, Jewish rites and observance of the Sabbath and festivals. Throughout the seventh century, Jews were flogged, executed, had their property confiscated, were subjected to ruinous taxes, forbidden to trade and, at times, dragged to the baptismal font.[23]

The relationship between Church and State is one of unhealthy codependency, each using the other to further their aggressive goals. One historian described the brutal dysfunctionality of the medieval Church State:

She [the Church] who had been sent on a mission of healing and helping had taken on the features of the modern police State. We make this comparison deliberately and seriously. The modern totalitarian State has added nothing new, not even that which we now call “brainwashing.” The medieval world was a world in which minorities were unwanted. It was a world in which the rights of speech and of assembly were… rigidly curtailed. Medieval society was optionless society, as optionless as any totalitarianism of our times. A small number of “party members” ran the entire show; the common man was completely and effectively defranchised. The parallel is frightening….”[24]


Exhibit: Jews burned to death in Strasbourg massacre[25]

Civic Church anti-Semitism is discussed in A History of the Jews in a chapter aptly titled “Cathedocracy” (i.e., Cathedral State) which explains historical Christian hostility against the Jews. By 1391, “The war against the Jews was taken out of the hands of the mob and made the official business of church and government.”[26] This power shift to a centralized bureaucracy led to the Inquisition. What created this dreadful situation? The “mob’s” opposition to Jews had to do with ethnos differences, both racial features and cultural practices, including the “notion that the Jews were quite different to ordinary people, an idea reinforced by their laws about food, slaughtering, cooking and circumcision.”[27] It could also have been due to “occupational” differences, which had to do with Jewish skills, wealth and their practices of usury.[28] Religious factors contributing to their persecution included the rise of Jewish mysticism, superstitions, black magic, seances, Gnosticism and the Kabbalah.[29] Ignorance about religious and cultural differences exacerbated all of this. It should be noted that the Christians, in turn, responded with their own virulently anti-Semitic superstitions – including spreading such offensive stereotypes as Jews smelled, possessed concealed tails, and much, much worse.[30] Sadly, skewed hermeneutics in the Civic Church often worsened the persecutions.

The main “problem” for Jews during most of Church history was that they were not baptized – meaning they were not official “members” of the Civic Church. This explains why they were so often forcibly hauled to the baptismal font. Infant baptism was a Church method officially sanctioned by the State to cement membership in the community. (In this sense it is not unlike current Secular State-mandated infant vaccinations.[31]) Baptism was theologically viewed by a wide swath of the Church as a type of circumcision. The Civic Church also compelled adult baptism, which often devolved into a violent act of force (as opposed to true biblical baptism, which is peaceable and voluntary). This obligatory baptism terrorized Jews, along with dissident Christians and pagans, into enrollment in the Big Church-State ethnos. Full citizenship rights could only be held by those officially baptized in church-sanctioned ceremony.

Not practicing open Catholicism made Jews particularly vulnerable to being identified for persecution. Do you fit under this definition of “bad Christianity” described below?

One Franciscan fanatic, Alfonso de Espina… compiled a volume… listing… twenty-five ‘transgressions’ by which treacherous conversos [Jewish “converts” to Christianity, ed.] could be identified. These included not only secret Jewish practices but, perhaps more easily noted, evidence of bad Christianity: avoiding the sacraments, working on Sundays, avoiding making the sign of the cross, never mentioning Jesus or Mary, or perfunctory attendance at mass. To these he added all the crimes (such as stealing the host) popularly ascribed to Jews, together with some new ones, such as ‘holding philosophical discussions’…. 
Fra Alfonso was the ideologue of the next phase of anti-Semitism. Having shown that it was indeed possible to identify the secret Jew not on a racial but on a religious basis, he advocated the solution: isolation and segregation. The populace should shun suspect conversos and the state should interpose physical barriers between them and the true Christian population. At the same time, church and state alike should combine to search out and destroy those among the conversos who, by practicing Judaism, were legally heretics.[32]

Exhibit: The burning of a 16th-century Dutch Anabaptist[33]

As a positive footnote to all of this horror, Jews have actually been credited with aiding the Christian resistance movements against the Catholic Church during the 15th century Reformation. This makes sense since all these groups were similarly persecuted:

The church was by no means wide of the mark when it identified Jewish influences in the Albigensian movement or the Hussites in fifteenth-century Bohemia. Jews were active in the two forces which finally broke the church’s monopoly, the Renaissance and Reformation. They were the fermenting yeast…. 
Hence, during the second half of the Middle Ages, churchmen devised instruments to counter what they saw as Jewish subversion.[34]

Neither genuine faith nor adherence to a false faith can be compelled. Faith is a matter of conscience and conviction, an issue of the heart between man and God. Just as in the case of these historical nonconformist groups, including especially Anabaptists,[35] the Civic Church’s use of brute physical force did not resolve the “problem.” Anabaptists who survived persecution were forced to flee to parts of Eastern Europe, even Russia,[36] and in the 1700s William Penn invited them over to “Penn’s Sylvan” in America to find freedom.[37] To this day the world’s largest Amish settlement is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, forced isolation by Civic Church proscriptions in Europe eventually led to Jewish ghettoization.[38] After several centuries of progress, renewed maltreatment based on Aryan racism reached fever pitch in Germany before and during the Third Reich:

A complex anti-Judaic movement developed in Germany, indeed in Europe, involving an intensely rapid ideology that gathered support from pseudo-intellectual commitment to eugenics. Based on the arrogant belief that all high cultures were created by Aryans, it was deemed desirable that the state should uphold purity in this regard. Thus the impurity of Judaism must necessarily be removed. Here the philosophic foundation of the Holocaust became entrenched a generation before its actual outworking in German history.[39]

Civic Church vs. Jews 
Despite strong-armed baptism and other tactics to force them into a Civic Church, and besides being of a different ethnicity, Jews presented yet another problem. They potentially pose a direct political threat to the Civic Church. This is because in a literal reading of certain verses in the Old Testament prophecy about a future Jewish State when Jews return to their Promised Land (see Ezekiel 38:8, e.g.). These prophecies, in whole or in part, are still waiting to be physically accomplished. Some will only happen when Jesus actually physically returns to the land. In earlier eras these specific prophecies about the land directly competed with rapid expansion of Mohammedanism across the Mediterranean world centuries ago (Dominionist Islam). They also ran afoul of the Crusader State (Dominionist Christianity) contrived by European invaders who attempted to conquer the Holy Land for the Roman Catholic Church:

…in AD 1095, Pope Urban II initiated the first Crusade and an era of eight campaigns concluding in 1270. The Holy Land and sacred sites were to be delivered from pagan infidels. En route through Europe, the barbarous crusaders, incited by priests such as Peter the Hermit, offered Jews baptism or death.[40]

To counter the literalness of biblical prophecies, it became a widespread practice in the Civic Church to allegorize significant portions of the Old Testament, especially unfulfilled prophecies that have yet to be realized for the Jewish people.[41] This isn’t just a Catholic issue. There are centuries of similar eschatology teachings from leading segments of the Protestant Church. Some even dispute the Abrahamic promises regarding “the land” (Genesis 13:14-17, etc.).[42] The inherent problem with these eschatologies is that they so frequently devolve into open anti-Semitism. This is because so many of the theologians who articulated these positions over the past two millennia have left a legacy of extraordinarily awful racist statements about the Jews, sometimes openly advocating their persecution. This rotten leaven continues to seep through to our age because their writings are still extant and have influence. This calls for repentance:

While theological anti-Judaism is based on biblical and religious convictions about the Jews, and racial anti-Judaism is based on antipathy toward social, cultural and ethnic characteristics inherent in the Jew, it cannot be denied that rabid interest in the former is capable of giving birth to the ethos of the latter.[43]

The added ingredient of Dominionism seems to be what sets off anti-Semitism. First, Dominionism teaches that the Civic Church has an inherent right to wield power and exercise authority upon earth over its citizens, regions, and even culture. This is both a religious and a political dominance ideology which adversely affects how people view the nation state of Israel. Which kingdom will rule and reign over Israel? All sides have fought for sovereignty to build a spiritual-political kingdom over this land for millennia. The conflict is continuing to this day. Israel since its founding in 1948 does not fit into the New World Order as envisioned by the United Nations and its cohorts. It also doesn’t fit certain Civic Church worldviews, although some eschatological camps within evangelicaldom include Israel in their plans for global Dominion. And it definitely doesn’t fit the Islamic Dominionist worldview.

Alarmingly, the other pillar of the emerging Global Civic Church –the Big Corporate leg of the 3-legged stool – has entered this fray. It has sided with the Islamic. Aiding them are Christian theologians seeking to justify anti-Judaism. Some have even concocted Chrislam.[44] Big Corporate is involved in the BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) to end international support for Israel’s perceived “occupation” of Palestine.[45] Much of the BDS Movement devolves quickly into anti-Semitism.[46]

The BDS movement… is an international effort with the ultimate goal of delegitimizing Israel and disrupting its economic stability. It attempts to cause direct harm to the economic interests of people conducting business in and with Israel – or deemed to be affiliated with Israel. 
BDS is, in effect, a declaration of economic warfare against Israel. It uses the threat of withholding business to coerce companies to cease or refuse to engage in business relations with the Jewish state, its nationals and its residents. Especially in its accompanying “cultural and academic boycotts,” BDS also often targets people who are Jewish or who do business with Jews.[47]

With these shifting political and religious winds, there is a looming anti-Semitism that threatens Jews on a daily basis. It is coming from all quarters – through agencies that all seek Dominion:

In France and other Western societies, the proliferation of new political forces that challenge the established liberal order—from both the right and the left—has revived old patterns of vilifying the Jews as the embodiment of the corrupt elites supposedly responsible for society’s ills. 
Meanwhile, unfiltered social media has pushed these anti-Semitic tropes, long confined to the fringes, into the mainstream of public debate. On any given issue—from economic inequality to the financial crisis to immigration and terrorism—old and new conspiracy theories blaming the Jews have gained new traction, abetted by the political polarization and general crisis of confidence permeating Western democracies…. 
A critical difference between today’s anti-Semitism and its pre-World War II iterations is the existence of Israel—a prosperous democracy and an undeclared nuclear power that is nearing the historic threshold of being home to the majority of the world’s Jews.[48]

Exhibit: TIME magazine article, 6/20/19[49]

II. The Civic Church & its anti-Semitic Dominionism 
During the 1980s, at the time of the rise of Christian Dominionism in America, the “enemy” was perceived to be Secular Humanism. This is because Secular Humanism aggressively challenged Christianity with a competing worldview that was fervidly anti-Christian. Theonomists and Reconstructionists (Rushdoony, North, DeMar, etc.), the Moral Majority (Falwell), the Coalition on Revival (Grimstead), the Kansas City “prophets” (Cain, Bickle, Joyner, etc.), and later the New Apostolic Reformation (C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, etc.) – all of these groups, and many similar ones – arose as a counter-reaction when the Big Secular State began to assert its increasing dominance over family life and education, encroaching on religious freedom. This aggressively rising Global Civic State was also perceived, rightly, to be oriented towards a New World Order. As such it set itself in opposition to individual rights and freedoms, and it became intentionally corrosive to national autonomy. This launched the culture wars in the 1980s – more ethnos vs. ethnos.

So, in order to assert their own counter-Dominion, the ethnos of the Christian Right was born. Most of these groups sought their own brand of Dominionism, and some even wrote elaborate plans about how they could impose their Civic Church order upon society.[50] For example, the Coalition on Revival’s (COR) Church Council Steering Committee letterhead, dated May 1993 and signed by Jay Grimstead, announced that ”personal neutrality before King Jesus,” whomever they deemed him to be, constituted “sin and treason in this universe.”[51] “Treason” is a capital offense!

Evangelical leaders from these groups were well-funded, heavily promoted, and built large media platforms upon which to spread their messages. There was a love-hate relationship with the Republican and conservative Right, each group seeking dominance over the other. The political Left loves to hate them all, sometimes for valid reasons.[52] As we have pointed out throughout the years, there are many fair criticisms about how all these interconnected Right-leaning groups have conducted themselves.[53] And we haven’t yet scratched the surface of the secular Conservative Right, which has its own disturbing strata of anti-Semitism.

There is one major caveat. Not all Christians who have become engaged in political action, join causes, vote in elections, or support the issues popular in the Christian Right are aware of the true nature of radical Christian Dominionism, the “hard Right,”[54] or its lurking anti-Semitism. For example, many Christians have strong convictions about the right to life of unborn babies. These Christians simply believe that they can have an important role beyond the call to pray for those in authority (1Timothy2:1-2). They hope that, in a free society, the state can be

influenced for good by God’s program of redemptive grace. In fact one of the duties of each believer and of believers corporately is so to influence the state for good…. 
This is to be done through what has been called “the percolation method,” a kind of spiritual osmosis. Christians are called to influence public opinion in word and deed, because public opinion plays an important part in the life of every state.[55]

The mere act of influence is not Dominionism. It is persuasion, a principle (2 Corinthians 5:10-11, e.g.) rooted in the Gospel of salvation in Scripture. Dominionists, in contrast, seek to wield “kingdom” power and their “influence” is coercive, manipulative, deceptive and man-centered.

Dominionism & Anti-Semitism
Evangelical eschatology is not monolithic. It is extremely diverse and there are very difficult nuances to navigate. Racism and anti-Semitism have been intertangled in Civic Church doctrines. Christians should not seek dominion over Jewish people; but rather they have a special love for God’s “chosen people” in Scripture (see Romans 11). But Dominionist camps, of which there are many varieties within evangelicalism, have been susceptible to a disturbing undertow of not only anti-Semitism, but also racism.[56] There have been notable professing Christian leaders throughout the church ages who have been anti-Semitic.[57] Some recent leaders have even revivified old Civic Church heresies about the Jews and Israel.[58]

Al Dager in his groundbreaking 1990 book Vengeance Is Ours: The Church in Dominion, pointed out that many evangelical Dominionists hold to some variation or another of Postmillennialism, an eschatology that the Church will “build the kingdom of God on earth” before Jesus returns. (Some Postmillennialists believe that there must be a true revival before Jesus returns, but they are in the minority.) These adherents believe that Jesus will only return if they use political action and/or force to enact the “kingdom.” Dager summarized the theological ramifications of Postmillennialism, especially for Israel and Jewish people:

Since there will be no bodily catching away—or rapture—of the Church (at least, some say, until the Church has taken dominion in the face of adversity), there will be no restoration of the nation of Israel. Dominionists essentially deny that God has a future plan for Israel. They say the Church is now Israel; there will be no seventieth week of Daniel for natural Israelites.[59]

Amillennialism has its own anti-Semitism history.[60] It is also influenced by some form or another of the doctrine of Replacement Theology (also called “supercessionism”) which teaches that the church “replaces” Israel in promise and prophecy. Replacement Theology “states that the church is Israel and the promises given Israel were primarily for the church.”[61] There are many variations of this, most steeped in high-sounding theological verbiage – and people who disagree with its zealous teachers have often found themselves attacked, or, at best, mischaracterized. Much anti-Semitism within the Church has been attributed directly to these doctrines, particularly when they flare up and begin to agitate.[62] Dager explains:

All of the prophecies regarding future Israel—both in the Old and New Testaments—are made to apply to the Church…. 
The error of dominion theology is in believing that the Church is now Israel because of faith. The Church is not Israel; we are grafted into Israel (Romans 11:7-27).[63]

Civic Church eschatology is a messy hodge-podge. Some Dominionists believe they can actually bring heaven to earth, restore paradise and renew creation.[64]

Medieval Jews burned at the stake[65]

Dominionism & Racism
Racism is being fiercely condemned in the United States right now. In fact, the political agenda to slap labels on people for being racist is so excessive that people are being falsely accused. Real racism should be condemned. So it is terribly significant that the only racism that is getting a pass is anti-Semitism.

Historically the Civic Church has also been compromised by racism, which continues to this day. In Vengeance Is Ours, Dager discusses Identity, a Dominionist-offshoot movement that “teaches that the Anglo-Saxon race and their kin… are destined as God’s chosen people to rule the world.”[66] This sort of “Kinism” thinking[67] is flagrant racism despite attempts to sugarcoat it. Dager has stated this is based on the idea, “Blacks and other non-whites are looked upon as inferior beings who may be allowed to enjoy the benefits of the kingdom as long as they remain subject to their Anglo-Saxon superiors.”[68] Such egregious ethnos vs. ethnos heresy must be strongly condemned! Here is an example from the 1800s:

[In a] short article in The Methodist Review in 1890… [t]he author, O.B. Super… asserted that God had elected a modern chosen people analogous to ancient Israel. Jews had “forfeited their high privilege by their rejection of the Christ”; to the Anglo-Saxon “has passed the privilege as well as the responsibility of civilizing as well as Christianizing the world.”[69]

Previously we have written extensively about the incipient racism of the New Apostolic Reformation which revived the old Latter Rain cult Dominionist eschatology. These doctrines were originally taught by the “Kansas City prophets” who spawned the widely popular IHOP (International House of Prayer)[70] and the Bethel[71] youth movements. Their esoteric doctrine of a “new breed” of “elect seed” to rule the earth with a “rod of iron” included a graphic of a lily white baby, their “manchild.” A separate graphic depicted a white man dressed in military armor holding a blonde blue-eyed baby[72]:

The “new breed” of “elect seed.”[73][74]

Some so-called “apostles” and “prophets” in the New Apostolic Reformation movement have sought to revivify the old Crusades, and claim to be members of the Knights of Malta.[75] They have studied Hitler and met with Saddam Hussein.[76] Their intention for Israel is to replace it with a Christian theocracy so that they can bring in their own “king” they claim to be Jesus (this sounds like an antichrist scenario). They teach a doctrine that the church is an army, a spiritual but also a literal military “Joel’s Army,” based on their misapplication of theology from the Old Testament book of Joel.[77] It is a huge blot on evangelicals that its more mainstream leaders have not condemned this “New Apostolic Reformation,” but have rather shared big profitable platforms with their popular leaders.[78]

There are variations of eschatology that also deny, in whole or in part, that Jesus is literally coming back in the flesh.[79] Some go so far as to teach that the church incarnates Christ, “empowered to act as agents of Christ on earth, crushing His enemies and building His Kingdom.”[80] Aberrant eschatologies from the New Apostolic Reformation include Mike Bickle’s Forerunner Eschatology[81] and now “Presence” eschatology,[82] both of which require the church literally walk out the book of Revelation as an instrument of God’s judgment. (This is truly abhorrent Dominionism!)[83]

This charismatic movement has been successful in popularizing an end time narrative… [that] is significantly different than the rapture-based scenario of dispensational fundamentalism. The result is a story line in which born again and “Spirit-filled” Christians are not raptured, but remain to fight evil and cleanse the earth themselves.[84]

Just to show how confusing it gets within evangelicaldom, it has also been charged that John Hagee, who established a pro-Israel advocacy organization, is inherently anti-Semitic due to his “dual covenant” eschatology and beliefs that Jews do not need to confess Jesus Christ as Savior to be saved.[85] In fact, Hagee’s use of the term “Christian Zionism” has semantic issues that indicate an agenda that is more complicated than simply supporting Jews living in the Promised Land.[86] One critic has protested:

The attacks on Judaism by those who most loudly pronounce their love for Israel are bound to increase in intensity as theological changes are unleashing a more aggressive Christian Right. The results of this shift are beginning to be visible in many facets of Religious Right activism, but it is already apparent in the remarkable and rapid changes in the prophecy literature of Christian Zionism. The traditional fundamentalist (dispensational) narrative, with its underlying anti-Semitism,[87] has been giving way to a more aggressive charismatic story line in which there is a mandate for humans to move the hands of the prophetic clock themselves. The conversion of Jews is the new trigger to bringing about the millennial “kingdom on earth,” and “Rabbinic Judaism” is being openly denigrated as the obstacle to this earthly utopia. These attacks on Judaism, as well as on several Protestant denominations, Roman Catholicism, and Islam, are taking place under the auspices of Christian Zionism, and are part of a larger attempt to undermine separation of church and state in order to bring about the “kingdom” on earth.[88]

In the sweeping description above, note how sides are being pitted against each other in high stakes religious-political ethnos vs. ethnos battles. All of this significantly muddies the waters for humble saints with sincere motives who simply wish to support and defend the Jewish people and the land of Israel. Many have a genuine burden to simply share the message of the Gospel of salvation with the Jewish people, but this act of simple speech doesn’t make them Dominionist, nor does their support for the nation-state of Israel.

Exhibit: The Federalist, 6/18/19[89]

III. The Civic Church & its “Social Justice” anti-Semitism 
Secular Social Justice is the handmaiden for ethnos vs. ethnos divisions. It intends to establish its own brand of Civic Church by changing society’s values, morals and codes of conduct. At its most blatant,

Social Justice is needed to gut historical religions to the point where they are empty of any value, and replace them with an amalgamated religion of Gaia worship, pantheism, New Age mysticism, Theosophy, Universalism. And Social Justice is needed to rid our schools, libraries, and stores of politically incorrect history, our town squares of statues celebrating our great forebears.[90]

Leading evangelicals are jumping off the deep end into the “progressive” Social Justice movement. This is a problem because Social Justice is offended by any attempt to convert people the old-fashioned way, especially by preaching the Gospel from Scripture. Social Justice takes the stance – How dare you even talk to me about Jesus?! This can go so far as attempting to shut down free speech. So theological engineers have concocted a new form of the Social Justice gospel that is supposed to be inoffensive. But inherent in the true Gospel of Salvation is the indisputable fact of the offense of the Cross: see Galatians 5:11 and 1 Peter 2:8.

The “progressive” Christians do not like to consider themselves – or others – as sinners. Many mistakenly think humans are basically good, but just have a few problems to correct.[91] Some no longer even believe in the story of Adam and Eve in early Genesis which is an account of man’s fallen state.[92] These leaders seem to naively hope to avoid persecution by compromising stands, softening beliefs, discounting sin, and watering down the Gospel.[93] But all this error makes them exceptionally vulnerable to being corrupted. Their concessions to altering fundamental doctrine open the doors to other ideologies, agendas and philosophies that compete with the simplicity of the Gospel (2 Corinthians 11:3).[94]

Social Justice is the group that we have referred to previously as “Dominionism Lite.”[95] They brandish “influence” over culture, recently referred to as “culture shapers.”[96] In fact, they were at the forefront of adding in the Corporate leg, creating a “3-legged stool” upon which to build their new Society.[97] (Note that “Society” and “State” can be interchangeable terms in their model.[98]) This group is actively forging alliances with both Corporate monetary interests and State partnerships, thereby wielding a larger, more profitable $word with which to exercise oversight over people’s private lives, especially via psycho-social intrusion, databanking, assessments and monitoring, and by enforcing compliance.[99] They believe they can prescribe responsibilities and mandate obedience. But for what purpose?

Consider the big picture. Modern-day political progressivism believes that our rights come from Big State. Big State wields centralized power over private lives. When it intersects with Big Corporate Tech it now can utilize surveillance to exercise dominion over the private lives of citizens. Already Big Tech is censoring and shutting down voices it has deemed dissident.[100] It is acting like a religion – it demands uniformity to new social mores, and compliance to “acceptable” new forms of speech. Social Media on Big Tech platforms operates in the affective realm – touchy-feely, peer-driven and operating as the new confessional booth. Consider what people share about their private lives!

Social Justice Civic Church
David Horowitz published his book Dark Agenda to warn Christians about the dangers of this sort of progressive ideology. He makes the case that “progressivism” in the United States is a code word to soft-pedal outright Socialism. Socialism is perfectly compatible with Dominionism because it believes in a Big State of centralized government. Social Justice progressivism in partnership with Big Corporate and Big State creates a Global Civic Church. What will this church do about the Jews? There are ominous signs on the near horizon.

Christian leaders who are progressive-wannabes are falling head over heels in love with Cultural Marxism.[101] Meanwhile some of them are playing footsie with Islam.[102] They are engaging in the faulty divides of ethnos vs. ethnos that are raging in society’s identity politics, pitting people against each other in cultural divides, sexual camps, political parties and “tribal” groups. Gospel doctrine is no longer the final authority – how people groups feel and identify is the evolving criteria. This creates a mish-mash of feuding parties, each vying for power.

Just what sort of Civic Church are these “progressive” Christians attempting to build? Many are working on a new “social gospel,” which in many ways is historically related to the original Social Gospel movement.[103] In criticizing recent changes in the Southern Baptist Convention, one expert explained how the foundation of this this group’s faith has been substantially corroded by worldly philosophy:

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a bit of a misnomer. CRT doesn’t only apply to race, but to any so-called “identity group,” the most prominent of which is race, but others include sexual orientation, victimization, gender, and students. Critical Race Theory expounds upon the Critical Theory of the Cultural Marxists, and is responsible for the phenomenon known as “identity politics.” 
The ties between Critical Race Theory and Marxism are not fanatical. Anyone asserting that we should be donning a tinfoil hat for saying so betray their own illiteracy. The claims that CRT, Cultural Marxism, Liberation Theology, Black Liberation Theology, and Intersectionality have roots in classical Marxism are not far-fetched. The connections are factual and undeniable….[104]

This is a classic example of ethnos vs. ethnos. It represents a shifting off the base of solid biblical foundations for major portions of the evangelical church. This so-called “social justice” movement is rewriting theological doctrines to ignore, discount, minimize or even dispute the fact of original sin and our need of Jesus Christ as Savior, dying on the cross and shedding His blood in atonement for our sin.[105] Their new theology is transforming the church into groups, blocks, and tribes – ethnos vs. ethnos that can be pivoted in a dialectic maneuvering to facilitate change.[106] Situation ethics enables theology to be re-written to accommodate various sins.[107]

Situational ethics or situation ethics takes into account the particular context of an act when evaluating it ethically, rather than judging it according to absolute moral standards. With the intent to have a fair basis for judgments or action, one looks to personal ideals of what is appropriate to guide them, rather than an unchanging universal code of conduct, such as Biblical law….[108]

Sinners formed into “justice” groups are now claiming their right to be included under the definition of evangelical Christianity – despite their flagrant immorality. Here is a distinguishing point:

Moral relativism was needed to make all people, cultures, and religions of equal value. Social Justice was needed to then make certain people and cultures more equal than others; to prop up ‘lesser’ religions to be equal or better than others; and to denigrate anyone who would want to be a sovereign individual, to stand out from the group.[109]

Following this script there is a new evangelical moral relativism code rapidly being written to replace the “old-fashioned” Bible. This newly arising branch of the Civic Church embraces a form of contextualization with popular culture.[110] It has adopted the narratives coming out of higher education, the political Left, Big Media, and profitable pet projects of its own compromised leadership.[111] This group is attempting to transform itself into the image of Liberal Protestantism, including Liberation Theology,[112] in order to conform to new cultural norms.[113] This is happening rapidly before our very eyes. Reports are pouring in about the adoption of controversial resolutions at the Southern Baptist Convention:

The largest Protestant denomination in North America, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), officially adopted “critical race theory” and “intersectionality” as “analytical tools” to be used in fostering racial reconciliation in the church. These key drivers of identity politics, however, are more likely to produce racial discord and strike at Christianity itself….
The Southern Baptist Convention is being infiltrated by an ideology that is antithetical to the Christian religion. Sadly, that infiltration is happening right under the noses of SBC members. If they care about their part of the church and want it to continue, Southern Baptists need to investigate these matters for themselves, understand the implications, then work to mount an informed opposition to this activism in their church body.

Exhibit: Jewish martyrdom[115]

Social Justice anti-Semitism
Social Justice sets itself up as the hip brand of evangelicalism designed to appeal to a new generation. Many are jumping on the bandwagon. But there are ominous indications that it is cherry-picking some of the old Civic Church doctrines and revivifying them with an anti-Semitic taint.[116] The extent to which the rapid transformation of the premier evangelical association, the Southern Baptist Convention, results in an open merger with the ideologies of Socialism, indicates that their longtime support for Jewish people and Israel may quickly be coming to an end. How quickly will they adopt the lingo of a broadening spectrum of hate groups? It is inevitable once they adopt the ethnos vs. ethnos divisions of Identity Politics.

When it comes to Israel and its enemies there are two sides of the story. People groups who have populated that area have been at odds for thousands of years and there is no peace. It is a classic example of ethnos vs. ethnos, and neither side is perfect. There is much distortion, revisionist history, and propaganda. Evangelical leaders have entered the fray suppose they can wield “peace.” But they may be exacerbating division. Lynne Hybels, wife of the now-disgraced Bill Hybels formerly of Willow Creek megachurch,[117] made headlines a few years ago because of her leadership in support of the Palestinian causes. She was widely criticized for her controversial endeavors.[118] Her works paved the way and opened the door to evangelical “social justice” warriors engaging in more glaring anti-Semitism, especially via the advocacy of anti-Israel BDS activities. One article explained what transpired:

[Lynne] Hybels is among a small number of influential evangelicals who are challenging a decades-long stance of blanket evangelical support for Israel’s government. They are taking trips to the Middle East, not only to visit biblical sites but to engage with modern-day Palestinians and Israelis in conversations centered more around modern politics than ancient texts. They are organizing conferences and writing publicly in an attempt to discern a new role for Christians in bringing an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Gradually, their ideas are taking hold, especially with young evangelicals…. 
Evangelicals have long been influenced by dispensationalism, a theology that promotes a literal reading of biblical prophecy. Many dispensationalists believe Israelites’ return to the Holy Lands is a requirement for the Second Coming of Jesus. When Israeli troops captured the Old City of Jerusalem in June 1967, some saw it as a sign that Jesus was coming. However, dispensational teaching has been waning in mainstream evangelical circles, even as support for a state of Israel has remained strong. 
While some evangelicals subscribe to Christian Zionism, others support Israel’s existence as a place where Jews can live in freedom and security. On the other end of the theological spectrum, several mainline Protestant churches have recently passed resolutions to divest money or boycott products made in Israel because of its occupation of the Palestinian territories.[119]

Another writer, Jim Fletcher, had a completely different take on the situation based on his firsthand research. After naming names of prominent leaders lured into the new anti-Israel theologies and activism, and watching Lynne Hybels in action, he wrote:

And, for a long time, highly influential leaders like Bill and Lynne Hybels have been befriended by Islamists and specifically, Palestinian propagandists. I’ve sat through several of Lynne Hybels’ presentations about the Arab-Israeli conflict, and each sounds like a Hamas PowerPoint. I’m not kidding.[120]

Exhibit: the influence of Lynne Hybels[121]

Social Justice church people, immersing themselves in the indoctrination of popular culture and higher academia, are susceptible to being influenced by the following abhorrent ideology:

…Jews in Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere are regularly blamed for Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians—a minority within one country being held accountable for the policy decisions of the government of another. Sometimes this dynamic can take on softer forms, such as when Jewish students on American college campuses—where the movement to boycott Israel is strong—face pressure to repudiate any connection to the Jewish state. Sometimes, it can become violent. During the 2014 Gaza war, some pro-Palestinian protesters in France—unable to attack Israeli interests—burned down several Jewish-owned businesses instead. “When you diabolize the state of Israel, you end up diabolizing the Jews,” Mr. Kalifat said.[122]

Another expert has summarized the extent of the intermingling of groups and agendas that all have some opposition to Israel. To this list we might add “social justice” evangelical leaders involved in international NGO globalist causes[123]:

There are many… who incite against Israel. These include a number of Western institutions and politicians, many media, the United Nations and associated organizations, a variety of academics, some church leaders, manifold Muslim groupings and individuals in Western societies, many on the extreme left and the extreme right, numerous Social Democrats and Laborites, various trade unions as well as numerous high school teachers. A variety of racists in the antiracist camp such as certain political and pseudo-humanitarian NGOs have already been mentioned. These and many other factors together produce a new system of propaganda warfare.[124]

It is staring us in the face – “a new system of propaganda warfare.” Is this the face of the rising Global Civic Church? There are many alarming signs. We are sounding the warning.

The Truth:
When evangelical Christianity restructures itself to fit into the postmodern ethnos culture, by shutting down key components of the Gospel, and by silencing voices that preach the truth, it will quickly lose its salt and light. Dr. Francis Schaeffer warned of the dire consequences of this serious compromising several decades ago:

Accommodation, accommodation. How the mindset of accommodation grows and expands…. For the evangelical accommodation to the world of our age represents the removal of the last barrier against the breakdown of our culture. And with the final removal of this barrier will come social chaos and the rise of authoritarianism in some form to restore order.[125]

It is to our shame that evangelical leaders do not speak out about the real ethnos vs. ethnos persecutions around the world. It is shocking that they remain silent when Christian saints are being crushed in other countries.[126] It is devastating when the rise of anti-Semitism is met with utter silence.

It is time to call out anti-Semitism for what it is – hate filled. But, the evangelical subculture, especially in America, is its own ethnos, and a very self-absorbed one. It conveniently buries its head in its navel when it comes to sounding out about disturbing doctrines held by those on its fringe. Its popular leaders, who scratch each other’s backs, do not warn about the scary developments or condemn the racist stuff, possibly because they are already deeply compromised. They desire this rising Big Civic Church because to them it is all about being hip in the pop culture, the fame and stardom, and monie$ pouring in.

Isn’t it about time that Bible-believing evangelical pastors wake up and speak out? Are there any leaders of conviction left who have a backbone to warn about these things? The times are quickly coming upon us. There are ominous signs that the outright violence of physical persecution is quickly coming upon us.

“For the time is come that
judgment must begin at the house of God
and if it first begin at us,
what shall the end be of them that obey not the Gospel of God?”

(1 Peter 4:17) 


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Part 4: The Perfectly Obedient Bride;
Part 5: The 2nd Coming of the “Presence”;
Part 6: The Battled Bride

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A special thanks to Leon Good, Susan J. Conway, Dr. Martin Erdmann and Gaylene Goodroad for their research assistance with this massive post.