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The original Reopen America Tour

By Sarah Leslie* & Gaylene Goodroad

The focus of these reports is on our spiritual concerns (the Church), not the political issues (the State). Yet, for the past several
years the State has been doing things that directly impacted the Church and this has provoked a response. 
We commenced a deep dive into researching the multiple unfolding political crises here in America and investigated how they were intersecting with Church matters. We were particularly intent
to discover what is true factually versus what is false, spin,
and narrative. The research was daunting due to the suppression of documentation and the clamp down on alternative voices across all of the political spectrum.[1] The very act of critically expressing a different point of view is now deemed suspicious. We learned that fact checkers are acting as fact suppressors. And we learned that conspiracy has been redefined to mean anything that falls outside the State-certified, Tech-sanctioned narratives. As someone cynically pointed out, Noah was a conspiracy theorist until it started raining.

The State of the State
We listened intently as salt-of-the-earth citizens raised serious political issues in public hearings and signed affidavits at the cost of losing their jobs, threats, stalking, doxxing, intimidation, lawsuits and smears to their good reputations. We were shocked to see highly qualified scientific and medical professionals, esteemed experts in their field, become targets — harassed, deplatformed, censured, fired, and worse, merely for suggesting alternate scientific paradigms. We have been saddened by the degradation of civil discourse, the loss of personal freedom and bodily autonomy, and the erosion of free speech. 
We ran into normal people in our daily lives — not radical kooks — who recounted how they had been cancelled, deplatformed, and frozen out of accounts, simply for expressing their opinion on social media. Through tears parents and grandparents in multi-ethnic families told us
how much it hurt to be falsely labeled racists, bigots, extremists, and worse terms we can’t even use. We were shocked at the grotesque mischaracterizations of Christian believers and ordinary citizens by politicians, federal officials, and a malicious press. Then came the scary reports that the State was ramping up to criminalize nonconformists, including local garden-variety parents. In sum, the civic State is teetering on the precipice of despotism:
[Source] Read the NTAS Bulletin HERE [3]


The State of the Church
At a time when it should be vibrant and strong, the state of the Church is quavering and faltering. Jesus Christ has been sidelined as an addendum to the faith, no longer our “first love” (Rev. 2:4). As injustices increase and persecution looms, the spiritual condition of the Church is Laodicean: “wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked” (Rev. 3:17), malnourished, starving, diseased, broken, lost and scattered (Ezekiel 34). For four decades prominent shepherds have neglected to issue clarion calls for solid biblical doctrine without compromise. Few have preached holy living according to Scripture. Psychology has replaced repentance. The evangelical media/publishing complex has spun a web of deceitful lusts, substituting sensuality for God’s Word. It is more lucrative to cater to the itching ear$$$ of sensationalism (1 Timothy 4:3). This is all happening at a time when many are praying for revival. Indeed,
we are sorely in need of a revival — a real revival in
Jesus Christ.[5]
We are sad to report that we have been encountering bedraggled sheep everywhere we go. Pitiful souls are grasping for truth amidst a hodge-podge of skewed beliefs. The leaven of fake gospels is permeated throughout the Church. So many have verged off track from Scripture to follow conspiracy theorists, psy-op pundits, church growth gurus, prophecy fear-mongers and science fiction purveyors. Countless saints told us that they, or their family members, are entangled in the prickly brambles of sensory and substance addictions. 
It is any wonder that wolfish shepherds and fake prophets can so easily con, fleece, manipulate, deceive and mistreat the feeble sheep? Fed on a diet of spiritual junk food for decades, some are so malnourished that they cannot stand, much less “stand fast,” as a time of persecution rapidly comes upon us (1 Cor. 16:13).
Editor’s Note
We have strong sympathies with the causes of freedom and issues of civic integrity that form the backdrop to this report. We spent considerable time digging into the dishonest political shenanigans that went on. But the focus of this article series is what is happening to the Church, especially as it veers off into dangerous compromises.  

RAT leader Mario Murillo on awakening the 7 mountains[6]

A Messy Mixture Corrupts the Message
Our narrow focus in this article series lies in the nexus of the
Christian Right with
grassroots political action. The political world is filled with snakes, fakes,
spies, and betrayers. Political gamesters have their own insidious agendas for power. Novices who have entered the political realm may be unprepared for its
traps and snares. Treachery is lurking everywhere. We ask: if
Christians cannot discern the errors of their own errant shepherds how
will they ever be able to spot liars, political plants, controlled
opposition, false flag instigators, tricksters, and slick propagandists in the political
realm? How will they resist infiltration, subterfuge, deception and corruption?!
Likewise, we are concerned for the
earnest folks who are working side by side with evangelicals. These ordinary citizens may not
realize that some of these evangelical groups hold very different endgame goals. American patriots are working
to return
to representative government and the constitutional freedoms
exemplified in the Bill of Rights. The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and Word of Faith (WOF) spokesmen proclaim they are for the same thing. But these leaders also hold a contradictory agenda. They want to build their own Church/State “kingdom on earth.” They also desire a “Christian America,” which they envision as a prosperous utopia where they will rule. Below is the mystical eschatology taught by NAR self-proclaimed “apostles “and “prophets“ for decades:[7] 
RAT leader Kent Christmas’s deathly eschatology[8]

Ron Gatlin on cleansing the planet[9]

Herein lies the messy mixture. Patriotic folks desire a return to a
national Republic. But the NAR/WOF looks forward to a
theocracy. To sincere freedom-loving patriots
this eschatological goal should be an anathema — just as
unconscionable to them as a coercive government run by Progressives. So how
can these groups find genuine common ground? And how will they expand their coalition when there is such incongruity in objectives? Sooner or later they will find themselves incompatible. Our fear is that the Church is already exhibiting signs of sidelining the Gospel in exchange for political gain.
Reopen America agenda launched [Source]

Few know that the current “awakening” agenda actually began as a
false revival in the mid 1990s and was
left to fester unchecked. It was revivified over a decade ago with the addition of a political agenda.[10] It
is now re-launching as a “re-awakening.” This time it is piggy-backing on potent political causes, accompanied with pomp,
pizazz, new platforms and a professional promoter.
The ReAwaken America Tour (RAT) was originally called the Reopen America Tour. It touted itself as a Health & Freedom Conference, indicating a civic cause that appealed to many people. By late last Spring a year of lockdown had gone by and everyone was chaffing at the restrictions on freedom. People began clamoring for states and businesses to reopen so that they could return to normalcy. When it became painfully clear that governments were using the crisis to expand their powers more permanently, grassroots citizens objected. Here is the story of how the Reopen America Tour was rebranded as ReAwaken America Tour
Rebranding Reopen as ReAwaken[11]


When the first Health & Freedom conference was held in Tulsa we watched it on livestream. It was held at Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma, noted for its
Word of Faith teachings popularized by its founder Kenneth Hagin.[12] We immediately recognized there was a big problem: Word of Faith and New Apostolic Reformation teachings were prevalent, mixed in throughout the proceedings. It wasn’t just a civic event, it was a spiritual event spreading WOF/NAR doctrines on its platform (explained in the previous post). We wondered how many citizens watching were “turned off” by the eclectic mixture of religion and politics in the proceedings.
In mid-June there was another Reopen America Tour event in Tampa, hosted at the church of the pastor Rodney Howard-Browne. Howard-Browne had become a folk hero in some circles during the pandemic when he was arrested for
violating public health measures. These credentials enabled him to establish himself as a high profile pastor in support of the reopening of the country.[13]  Here is how the Tampa event was advertised on Rumble, with our highlighting:

The Giggle Revival
Howard-Browne’s involvement brought in yet another unwelcome dynamic —  a highly controversial idea of what constitutes spiritual revival. Rodney Howard-Browne is credited with being the source of a bizarre uncontrollable laughing phenomenon in the
1990s.[14]  Howard-Browne’s most famous, or infamous, credential is that he is a master at orchestrating pseudo-revivals. He branded himself the “Holy Ghost Bartender” who could create intoxication-type experiences for people attending his events. The grotesque spectacles that ensued were marketed as an authentic revival. Many claimed that this was a move of God’s Holy Spirit.
Ed Tarkowski began to address this development as it unfolded. Here is how Ed reported on it in February 1995 in a groundbreaking The Christian Conscience magazine article titled “Laughing Phenomena: Its History and Possible Effects on the Church”:

Those who attend his meetings or tune into the broadcasts encounter a ministry like they’ve never seen before. Rodney Howard-Browne paces heavily around the sanctuary, sometimes mumbling in tongues. He waves his arms at a section of seats and all of the occupants fall down. Sometimes he stands in place, chuckling to himself. He makes his way between rows of fallen bodies, and on at least one occasion stopped to have a conversation with a woman flat on her back beating her arms frantically on the floor. He deliberately asks questions of people struck by the spirit, holding the microphone to their mouths for agonizing minutes while they stutter and stare glassy-eyed into space. Invariably, the audience is convulsed by hysterical laughter at the sight, and Rodney Howard-Browne chuckles. Pointing to a group of people, he announces that the fire of God is on them, and they obediently go forward into the sanctuary where most fall down.[15]


Ed went on to write a 6-part series with assistance from a team of discerning researchers on four continents. He covered Rodney Howard-Browne’s events and documented its man-child doctrines. By this time we were receiving reports that women were
obscenely acting out birthing scenes on stage. Discerning pastors, Bible college professors, writers, reporters and researchers viewed Browne’s popular excesses as a fundamental crisis to the faith. 
Those who attended laughing events reported that they were instructed to shut down their minds and abandon reason in order for this “spirit” to move. Some recognized this as a tactic that was used by the cults in the 1970s. This laughing “spirit” reportedly induced people to bark like dogs, writhe uncontrollably, shake violently, laugh uproariously, and generally act quite insane. Some of this connected directly to the Promise Keepers men’s movement. Many of these eyewitness reports from the 1990s onward can be found on the Rodney Howard-Browne archive of articles posted at the Deception in the Church website.


Holy Laughter or Strong Delusion?
Warren B. Smith made contact with Ed’s group as the laughing events took off. He had authored a key article about Howard-Browne in 1994, noticing its similarities with the occultism he had found in the New Age Movement. He was concerned about Pat Robertson’s high profile endorsement of the movement as a “revival.” Smith delved into the extrabiblical aspects of Howard-Browne’s “anointing” which Howard-Browne claimed was “plugged into heaven’s electric supply.” Smith also noticed that the anointing was oddly “transferable from person to person. Those ‘anointed’ by Howard-Browne can now ‘anoint’ others.”[16]
Smith’s original report was updated into a booklet form and posted online after Howard-Browne launched his
“Global Awakening” conferences in 2014.  The introduction explains:

Today there is much talk in the church about revival. Some leaders, citing God as their authority, state they have been told that a great “outpouring” of God’s Spirit is about to occur. Other leaders are describing this imminent “move of God” as another “Great Awakening”—a “second Pentecost.” What is immediately troubling to us is that some of the church figures who are leading the charge for this coming “revival” are the very same ones who gave us the “holy” laughter “revival” back in the 1990s—a move of God that was dubiously dubbed “The Toronto Blessing.”[17]

Rolling on the floor laughing [Source]

A Pseudo-Spirit
Those of us who raised concerns about Rodney Howard-Browne’s activities in the 1990s were accused of being opposed to God’s Holy Spirit. This was a false characterization. There were Pentecostal pastors who expressed grave reservations about calling this movement a revival, and some suffered damaging repercussions for questioning it. The Pentecostal movement as a whole suffered a serious loss of the respect as it morphed into this new style of frenzied Charismania. Rather than preaching about our need for salvation in Jesus Christ, pastors switched their focus to an ill-defined receiving of “the spirit.” “Fire” replaced born-again salvation during Jesus-less altar calls to invoke “the spirit” (1 Kings 18). 
Reports continued for several decades about the strange proceedings, bizarre practices, sensationalized signs and wonders, errant prophecies, and way-off-base doctrines as “the spirit” moved from one location to another. When C. Peter Wagner launched the New Apostolic Reformation in the late 1990s he piggy-backed off of the craziness that had gone on. By this time most Charismatics were quite desensitized to the outlandish spectacles and zany doctrines. Much of what transpired has been documented here: New Apostolic Reformation page.
The saints on Ed’s research loop faithfully reminded people that genuine revival is always about Jesus Christ and His death on the cross, shedding His blood for our sins, and
His resurrection, “In whom we have redemption through His blood, the
forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace”
(Eph. 1:14). Many of us had experienced a real revival in the early 1970s, which called us to repent of our sins, to turn from our wicked ways, and be led by God’s Word, the Bible. We could recognize the authentic ministry of God’s indwelling Holy Spirit: “In Whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the Word of Truth, the Gospel of your salvation: in Whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise” (Eph. 1:13). We could bear witness to God’s Spirit in our lives. And we testified this new phenomenon was not Him. But our witness was not appreciated. Warren Smith explained what happened to us[18]:

Warren Smith raised several other pertinent issues in his report. Howard-Browne’s experiential-based “spirit” cased people to exhibit unusual behaviors which many testified were uncontrollable. It was also oddly contagious, passed on from one person to another. These exhibitions do not fit any of the doctrinal descriptions of Spirit-filled believers, nor do they fit the biblical criteria for conducting New Testament worship. Nevertheless convoluted justifications for these unscriptural anomalies have become firmly established narratives in both the Pentecostal and Charismatic realms.
There remains one lurking question that has never been satisfactorily answered — If this wasn’t God’s Holy Spirit, as He is clearly defined in Scripture, what then caused people to laugh hysterically and behave so manically? Was it psychological manipulation? A demonic influence? Or, as Ed Tarkowski ominously suggested —  after literally fleeing a laughing event he was attempting to research — was it some sort of high tech device in operation? He reported that the room felt weirdly “electrical.” These are legitimate questions, especially since it is painfully obvious that the popular prophets on the NAR/WOF circuits utilize the same crooked methods as fortunetellers. Today they are all aided by technological and data enhancements.[19]


Why the Past is Relevant
This background history is why we raise concerns about how the ReAwaken America Tours are being launched. Just what type of “awakening” is intended? It is hitched on the wagon of the New Apostolic Reformation which connects back to the old Rodney Howard-Browne laughing phenomena. And why was the name changed from a call to Reopen (civic) America to a call to ReAwaken (spiritual) America? 
There is no indication that the organizers of the RAT will separate themselves from the New Apostolic Reformation or Word of Faith movements. It is very lucrative. By spiritualizing its cause as a great awakening, a national revival, it creates the aura of a God-sanctified endeavor.
But is this a Gospel revival? How can there be revival without repentance? How can there be a revival without preaching Jesus Christ? In fact, after three decades of these unhinged NAR “awakenings” it now feels like a worn-out theme. Each new so-called revival brought in new-fangled hustle and guilded pageantry, but the holy fruits exhibited by people’s changed lives has been sadly missing. 
Make no mistake about it. This is a political movement which believes it needs the Church to bolster its ambitions. Calling it a spiritual re-awakening adds the imprimatur of God’s blessing to an agenda which may not be godly at all, especially if hidden ambitions lie behind it. In fact, there is a need to be very wary — things may not be what they seem. Everywhere we turn these days we encounter deception upon deception. Finally, bear in mind that the ReAwaken America Tour is being orchestrated by a professional promoter whose name brand is attached to every single thing. 


“A Fraudulent Understanding”
A decade ago Dr. Orrel Steinkamp, a retired minister and missionary who spent decades researching the rise of the New Apostolic Reformation, wrote a number of articles warning about the political ambitions of the New Apostolic Reformation. He looked at it from the perspective of a spiritual movement in search of a political cause to propel it to power. Below are just a few excerpts:
the other day I listened Wagner teach about the 7 Mountain Dominionism
on GodTV. The NAR will never be satisfied to become a political action
committee and share power with more generic cultural warriors on the
Christian Right. They want absolute control no mater how long it takes
to gain apostolic control of each of the 7 mountains/spheres. They
believe the powers that now control these mountains are
 demonic to the core. NAR Dominionists intend to confront and destroy not just the demons at the top of the 7 mountains of culture on Earth, but to destroy the related principalities and powers that
are related in the heavenlies. All of this is based on a fraudulent
understanding of the so called cultural mandate, based on their
heretical teachings of 
Genesis 1:22-28 and the Great Commission
 in Matthew 28:18-20.[20]
Christian Dominionists have become the Christian Right on steroids.
They are found in one party but they are also political squatters who
ultimately will have no allegiance to any party whatsoever.

it amazes me most that these dominion advocates can actually suggest
that God, the August All-Powerful Sovereign of the Universe, would need
to sneak back into a so-called regained dominion of all the earth on the 
coattails of political operatives! Isn’t this demeaning to pronounce that our Sovereign God needs political endorsement and financial gifts from the world’s Uber-Rich
Isn’t God capable to openly placard to the world his own Dominionist
aims (if indeed that were His will before He returns)? Isn’t God
sufficiently omnipotent to take dominion in His own name and authority
— without being beholden to common variety politicians and clerical



The Truth:
Former Assemblies of God pastor, John Marston, dealt forthrightly with the crux of the spiritual issue surrounding the laughing phenomena after over a decade of creating chaos in the Church. He spoke at a Discernment Ministries conference in 2004 and we published his talk. By that time there was a group of AOG pastors in attendance who had experienced the personal, professional and ministerial fallout from questioning Howard-Browne’s “revivals” and their aftermath. Their stories were sad to hear as they recounted their efforts to return the Church back to scriptural Truth. Here is an excerpt from Pastor Marston’s exhortation:
“For the hour cometh, and now is,
when the true worshippers shall worship the Father
in spirit and in truth:
for the Father seeketh such to worship Him.
God is a Spirit:
and they that worship Him must worship Him
in spirit and in truth.”

(Jesus, John 4: 23-24)
We now come to the second principle connected with worship. All worship
of God is in response to truth about God. Or at least it should be. It
is not an emotional exercise, filled with spiritual sounding words and
induced feelings. It is a response that is built upon truth….

Since the
Word of God is truth,
and acceptable worship is according to or in
truth, we must worship God based upon a proper understanding of the Word
of God
. If we are to worship God, we must understand who God is and the
only place we can find out who God is in the Scriptures. Only there has
God been revealed to us. God has revealed himself in His Word.
True worship can only be based upon the truth of the revelation of Jesus
That is why the heart’s cry of the Apostle Paul was, “That I
may know him” (Phil. 3:10).

The truth worshiper cries, “O that I may
know him, that I may have an intimate relationship with God.”
Man was
created to fellowship with his God. That fellowship was broken in Eden
and ever since man has longed for God— longed to fellowship with Him.
But without the knowledge and the revelation of the truth of God,
worship is impossible, indeed fellowship is impossible.[22]  

To Be Continued….
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Part I:
From South Africa To St. Louis To Toronto To Your Church

Part II: The Impregnation Of The Church: The Man-Child Of Joy
Part III: The Abrahamic Covenant And Joyous Feast of Tabernacles
Part IV: Laughing: Deeper Realities
Part V: The Consummation: Where Are We Headed?

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For additional reading on the New Apostolic Reformation’s foray into the political realm see the Herescope posts by NAR expert Dr. Orrel Steinkamp:
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*Some of this post is written by Sarah Leslie, an active participant on Ed Tarkowski’s original discernment loop, and a chronicler of many accounts of these unfolding pseudo-revivals. Sarah’s personal testimony connects back to some of the factual details in this post, particularly as a political activist in the 1980s during the rise of the Christian Right. For additional documentation on the subjects discussed in this post, see the previous post, Part A of FAKE AWAKEN and its links and footnotes, and also follow the research posted here: https://herescope.net/2020/09/the-return-to-what.html and https://herescope.net/2016/02/7-mountain-politics-and-theology.html.

So they feared the LORD,
made unto themselves of the lowest of them
priests of the high places,
which sacrificed for them in the houses of the high places.
They feared the LORD,
served their own gods,
after the manner of the nations
whom they carried away from thence.”

(2 Kings 17:32-33)