God is Downloading New Strategies?

Below is a compilation of diverse voices from the evangelical community that are calling for great change, a paradigm shift, a tipping point, a transformation, etc. required to build the kingdom of God on earth, i.e. dominionism.

So many of these “prophecies” or predictions carry the implication that God Himself is changing His plan, His strategies — even His doctrines — in order to accelerate this transformation. This would sound silly, if it weren’t for so many people who are totally captivated by this new false gospel of the kingdom.

In this emerging view, the ‘new heaven and new earth’… means, not a space-time universe, but a new way of living that is possible within this universe, a new societal system that is coming….

This is our call to action, our invitation to move mountains and so reshape the social and spiritual landscape of our world. Yes, change is impossible through human effort alone. But faith brings God’s creative power into our global crises, so the impossible first becomes possible and then inevitable for those who believe.

Mountains can be moved and everything can change. . .

Brian McLaren, Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope (Thomas Nelson, 2007), pp. 296, 300-301 [link added]

Our Heavenly Father has shifted to a higher gear, and He is inviting His people to join Him in this ride.

Awareness. This is the renewing of our minds (Rom 12:2). It is a paradigm shift. It is agreeing with the dominion mandate.

–C. Peter Wagner, letter dated May 31, 2007.

Change is inevitable in revival and reformation. The future will be marked by those that will change and those that will not. One will move forward the other will move backward. There is no middle ground. Forward is the future and backward is what is comfortable and convenient. Which road will we choose?

The vision was cast during this event. We have a world to win and their is [sic] divine strategies God is downloading currently to make this possible. Lance [Wallnau] talked about the seven “mountains” that rule the minds of the nations. Some of those are “arts and entertainment”, “business”, “family”, “governments”, “sports”, etc. If we capture them we capture the people.

Yet there is something more that will mark you. It involves a certain shift that has come to pass concerning the secret place. Namely, there is a whole lot more involved in the secret place than just coming into God’s presence to rest, soak and marinade, as good as that is. We’re shifting! In fact we need to shift; and it’s into something much deeper…being transformed…to the point that we actually become a resting place for the Lord.

–Todd Bentley, “Prophetic Directions for 2008,” The Elijah List, 1/24/08 [bold in original].

The secret of Pastor Sunday’s success is to release church members from the pew and send them out of the four walls of the church to find their own Promised Land. In their correct sphere where God called them, they reign as “kings and priests,” according to Scripture. They don’t all become the most famous or noteworthy person in that sphere, but they all impose Kingdom values and principles upon their area of influence. Because of this, people are attracted to them and want to follow them to church.

When this CHURCHSHIFT message is embraced by leaders in America, and by church members who are working in these seven spheres, it will change America. Churchshift will help American Christians not be a self-serving but to be society-serving so we can bring about change in our society.

–Promo piece for Pastor Sunday Adelaja’s new book CHURCHSHIFT [links added]

Is this the “Emergent Moment”? Is this this tipping point, the time for us to really have an impact on the future of the church? It sure seems so. The interest continues to build, and the pressures continue to mount. The cries of “Heresy!” continue to come from one side of us, as we push into some new theological territory.

–Tony Jones, “The Emergent Moment,” Emergent Village Weblog, 11/6/07 [bold added]

We are seeing a megashift in the basic direction of human history….

For reasons we know only in part, God has handed down a somewhat revised set of rules, delegating greater authority to more people. He has apparently decreed that plain folks like you and me are now a central part of an accelerated plan for a total transformation of the world.

James Rutz, MegaShift: Igniting Spiritual Power (Empowerment Press, 2005), p. 2 [bold added].

The Truth:

“My Son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change; for their calamity shall rise suddenly; and who knoweth the ruin of them both?” (Proverbs 24:21-22)