The “7-M Mandate”

“Our theological bedrock is what has been known as Dominion Theology. This means that our divine mandate is to do whatever is necessary, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to retake the dominion of God’s creation which Adam forfeited to Satan in the Garden of Eden. It is nothing less than seeing God’s kingdom coming and His will being done here on earth as it is in heaven.”
–C. Peter Wagner, letter, May 31, 2007, red added.

C. Peter Wagner is writing a book with the title of Dominion! It appears that everything he has been working on will be culminating in his forthcoming book. For several decades he has been the architect of many new heresies which have been widely disseminated and infused throughout the global mission movement, leadership training, and charismatic mass media.

Bluntly stated, Wagner describes this dominionism:

“Our goal, in a word, is transformation. The first stage in this goal is personal transformation because each saint must be prepared to do his or her part in the process of taking dominion. . . .

“Our assignment. . . is to help as many people as possible move their primary focus from self or church to kingdom.

“Which leads us to the second stage of the goal of transformation, namely corporate or social transformation. We want to see whole cities and regions and states and nations transformed to support the values of the kingdom of God.”

There is a new motif for describing the transformation, which Wagner has borrowed from Lance Wallnau, who once had his own apostolic network but is now a member of Wagner’s International Coalition of Apostles. Rather than use the term spheres for describing the elements of society which must be transformed by dominionism, these men are now using the term mountains. Wagner writes:

“In my view it is not possible to get an operational handle on how to initiate corporate action toward social transformation without taking into account the seven mountains or what I like to call ‘molders of culture.’ The seven are religion, family, business, arts & entertainment, government, education, and media.”

These “spheres,” now renamed “mountains,” which focus dominionism’s activities into different arenas of society, are based on the teachings of Abraham Kuyper and his theory of “sphere sovereignty.” This influenced the Coalition on Revival’s dominionist “sphere documents” produced during the 1980s. Some of these “spheres,” and the corresponding dominionist plans for a revolution of society, are described in Al Dager’s book Vengeance Is Ours: The Church in Dominion (Sword, 1990). Kuyper’s theologies undergird the “worldview” movement, which is promulgated by the political dominionists and Reconstructionists.

In a recent action related to dominionism, C. Peter Wagner posted his new Global Apostolic Network online. Here one can see his downline network structure, which accounts in part for his widespread influence in the church. This global conglomerate will facilitate the further dissemination of the revolutionary doctrines of dominionism.

The Truth:

“Shall they therefore empty their net, and not spare continually to slay the nations?” (Habakkuk 1:17)