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(Jeremiah 6:10a)
There is a treasure trove of articles, some published before Herescope was a blog, that will soon become accessible on the Internet. This is thanks to Sandy Simpson over at Deception in the Church who has kindly offered to post a collection of our earlier articles that have stood the test of time.  
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Two Important 2005 Articles Now Restored

Exhibit: TIME cover December 2005

Two important articles we wrote during the summer of 2005 have been recovered and are now posted. These articles are particularly relevant in light of events over the past two years. In 2005 we witnessed the rise of a global ecumenical evangelical movement who formed partnerships with entities that had definite anti-Christian motives, ambitions and agendas.

This all came to a head when in December 2005 TIME magazine released a glowing report on the activities of Bono and Bill & Melinda Gates, praising their globalism and honoring them as the “Persons of the Year.” Their laudatory articles mentioned how they were forging relationships with key evangelical church groups and leaders. 
This marked the significant launch of a massive shift that is still going on within evangelicalism to this day, amplified by the ongoing global crises.
Exhibit: TIME, 12/26/2005, pp. 40-41,
depicting the globalism of Bono and the Gates.

We first published “The Global Day of Prayer: Part 1” which examined an global initiative  purportedly for prayer, that laid the groundwork for Dominionism. This movement launched coalitions of Church, State and Corporate interests — not for evangelism mission work, but rather for global civic “transformation.” Key players involved included Rick Warren, Bob Buford, C. Peter Wagner, Luis Bush, George Otis, etc. 
In Part 2 “The Second Reformation” we detailed how select evangelical church and mission leaders were cooperating on finding ground with the worldly agendas promoted by globalist/internationalist icons such as Peter Drucker, Bono, Bill Gates, etc. 
Exhibit: TIME, p. 45, paragraph detailing Gates’ involvement
with evangelical leaders. Note the other partners.


Follow-up Articles on Herescope
For the next sixteen years we went on to document the developments of these
unsavory coalitions. We warned that the day would come when
evangelical officialdom would turn on the remnant. The Discernment Research Group would publish several hundred posts on the Herescope blog alerting believers about these burgeoning church-state-corporate endeavors. We expressed our concerns about how this was compromising the Gospel of salvation and corrupting the integrity of the churches. 
Key posts based on these two 2005 research articles included:
There is an additional compilation of relevant articles concerning the globalism activities of Rick and Kay Warren and Bill Gates on the 2015 Herescope article “Covenant-Driven.” Articles linked to from this post detail some of the controversial activities going on in Africa with partnerships between Church, International agencies and Big Corporate interests.
Also, our landmark article “What Is Dominionism?” was written during this time in order to try to describe how the church world was following heretical doctrines to justify these mergers. It is now accessible on the Herescope Archive.

“When Johnny Takes the Test” 
This vintage 1995 article from our old The Christian Conscience magazine is now posted at the Herescope Archive HERE. This is a key article referenced in many of our posts, including the most recent post “FAKE CHOICE.” The article graphically illustrates the state of the art at that time of tech surveillance of a child’s most intimate psycho-social data and explains how it was being marketed. 
These intrusive mechanisms were later picked up by Big Tech social media, which has continued to controversially exploit children. It also continues in the schools to this day. After 1995 we published numerous articles and helped to edit the writings of others to warn about this abuse.

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We are actively engaged in the process of recovering materials. We thank the Lord for opening this door for us to re-post important older articles “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14).


 And what I say unto you
I say unto all,

(Mark 13:37)

The TIME magazine photographs in this post were taken from the author’s copy of the December 26, 2005-January 2, 2006 issue (Vol. 166, No. 26).