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Before The Foundation Of The World

Giving Understanding Of God's Plan From Before Creation
Until The Posttribulational Return Of Christ

Links to other web pages on this site are presented as having informative material that might be of interest to you. Discernment should be primary in all cases where spiritual realities are discussed, so we encourage you to do so in all that you read. Because of the nature of the internet, listing on this site, and those who link to this site, does not mean we wholly or even partly agree with everything that is presented, written, believed or pursued by those sites. What I believe is written on this site.

God's Plan Was Finished Before The Creation Of The World

"...although [Gods'] works were finished from the foundation of the world" (Heb 4:3)

Paul knew God and His Plan because God revealed to him that which was in Himself before the world was created. Creation is God working out His Plan, which will culminate in the posttribulational return of Christ. But, for us to know what God has been about for the past 6,000 years, we too must look back before creation to the wisdom and the foreknowledge and the power of God. We, too, must know that His "works were finished from the foundation of the world." All that we know of the Gospel in Christ today was established in God Himself before the world began. This series will look into all the scriptures using such terminology as "before the world began," "before the foundation of the world," etc.

The Thessalonian Letters (Five-Part Series) Rome Leading Christianity Into The Global Church
The Two Restrainers Of 2 Thessalonians 2 The Deceptive Latter Rain Doctrine
Posttribulationism vs The PreWrath Doctrine Kundalini Rising (The Phenomena In "Revival")
Posttribulationism vs Pretribulationism "Strange Fire" (Gnosticism), Prayer Circles
Posttribulationism vs Preterism Other Important Teaching Concerning The Revival
Other Pertinent Posttrib Points Midi's, Links, Books, My Other Web Site
The Posttrib Doctrine Is Not "Latter Rain" Software Age 9 to Adult
The Church And Israel In The Last Days Statement Of Faith
Chronological Order For The Book Of Revelation
Download Early Church Fathers
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Early Church Fathers v2.0 (Public Domain Files)
Information On Early Church Files
Spiritual Preparation For The Expected Tribulation
The Seasons Of God And Revelation
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Our Lord Jesus Christ And His Church

THE THESSALONIAN LETTERS - Biblical Study Of Pertinent Verses In The Thessalonian Letters (Five-Part Series)

THE TWO RESTRAINERS OF 2 THESSALONIAN 2 - This series decribes the 2 restrainers, "what" (v. 6) and "he, it" (v. 7). A Five part series.

OTHER PERTINENT POSTTRIB POINTS: Posttribulational files on the various apsects of Christ's Second Coming

POSTTRIBULATIONISM vs Pretribulationism

POSTTRIBULATIONISM vs The PreWrath Doctrine: In Search Of The Origins Of The PreWrath Doctrine



SEEKING A CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER For The Book Of Revelation (Six-Part Series + 3 Addendums)

THE CHURCH AND ISRAEL IN THE LAST DAYS: There are many deceptive doctrines regarding Israel and the Church in these times. A look at the "revival" as Israel as prophesied 300 years ago in the light of what scripture says regarding the Church and Israel in the end-times.

THE SEASONS OF GOD AND REVELATION: Many files looking at the timing of Chirst's return in regards to the feasts in Israel and other info on various other endtime subjects. Deals with seals, bowls and trumpets and like material.

SPIRITUAL PREPARATION FOR THE EXPECTED TRIBULATION: These are also files to prepare today's Christian spiritually for the expected Tribulation. We need to be ready, because we were are seeing signs that hard times for Christianity are fast approaching.
APOSTASY AND MISCELLANEOUS FILES: Files on the intrusion of the Catholic, New Age and Occultic agendas into the Church of today. These are compared to God's original purpose before creation.


During the past ten to fifteen years, the end-time Apostasy announced in the Scriptures has come forcefully upon the Church. For the sake of global unity, doctrine was set aside, and denominational walls fell at a rapid rate. Meanwhile, the Roman system was picking up the rubble and rebuilding the Church into Babylon of old under the guise of it being the "new" Israel. The division caused by this so-called "move of God" not only divided the Church into two main groups, but also caused much suffering in families, friendships, and fellowships. But the very suddenness of the Apostasy's arrival can only point to another major event long prophesied in God's word: The wrath of God after the seven year tribulation carried on by the antichrist.

Only time will tell how much closer the Apostasy has drawn us to the period of time the Bible calls the Great Tribulation, and many Christians believe that just before this time of "Jacob's Trouble," our Lord Jesus Christ is going to return to earth in the clouds to catch up His Church to Himself. But Scripture clearly says He returns "immediately after the tribulation of those days" (Matthew 24:29). That day will be announced by the blowing of trumpets that will unleash fire upon the earth in the fiery return of our Lord Jesus Christ when He throws the antichrist and false prophet into the lake of fire. The devil, who deceived the nations and fostered the apostasy, will be thrown into the bottomless pit for 1000 years. This Web Page is presented to give Christians insight into the return of Christ, who will not return prior to the Tribulation, nor in the middle of it, but immediately after it.

The building of the Jewish Temple, the time of Jacob's trouble, the gathering of the armies at Armageddon - so much must still happen before He comes to the Rapture of the Church and gather the remnant of Israel to Himself. So much is being said nowadays and the Christian must lean on the Lord for discernment as he studies the Word. Whether we want to admit it or not, there is much speculation going on in many areas, but, yes, we can have a good idea what is truly coming about as we hear what the spiritual and political leaders in the world are saying. So, be discerning in all that you hear, but realize a new world order is in process and we will be sure of the intricacies of it only as it manifests in our world today.

Why do we say such things? Because the world is saying it is time for global unity and the religions of the world are saying that it is time for spiritual unity. These facts, and that Israel has again returned to her land, give us an indication that we are on the verge of entering the times when Christianity and the Jewish people will enter a time of global persecution. The Bible says that this fact and the drive for global unity in all areas of life are the indicators that the Christian should be watchful and prayerful. What is the attitude of the Christian to be? To be prepared to share Christ, to be conformed to Christ in our daily walk with the Lord Jesus and to be prepared to endure so the gospel of grace, mercy and an eternal salvation will be shared when we do begin to feel the effects of global unity.

Jesus will return "immediately after the tribulation of those days" (Matthew 24:29). It is at that time that Israel as a nation will see Him and accept Him as their Messiah. Of course, any individual, Jew or Gentile, can believe on Christ before that time through the preaching of the Gospel. That God has not cast Israel away for good is an important point in the life of the Church today. Many false movements and doctrines have risen that attempt to usurp the place of Israel in our day. But, through all the deceit that is rampant today, the true hope of all who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ is His return according to the will of the Father. Yet, the Church remains confused as to the timing of His coming and this has resulted in many verbal exchanges regarding the various views of Christ's return. Most recent exchanges have attempted to tie Posttribulationism to the various movements that usurp Israel's place in God's plan, i.e, the Manifest Sons doctrine or the doctrine of the lost 10 tribes. But a true Posttribulationist wants no part of such deceptions but believes he will go all the way through the tribulation and be glorified at the end of Daniel's 70th week, not before. He will not reach sinless perfection during the tribulation period as some have proposed. Some also purport that the Posttribulationist will incarnate Christ and prepare the earth for His return by setting up the Kingdom for Him first. Though there may be those who believe in these deceptions and have mixed the Posttribulation doctrine of Christ's return into their beliefs, a true Posttribulationist believes no such thing.

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Our Lord Jesus Christ And His Church

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