Part 3 of Fake Prophets 
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“And [Jesus] said unto them,

‘Why are ye so fearful?

how is it that ye have no faith?’”

(Mark 4:40) 
“…Elisha said, ‘LORD,

open the eyes of these men,

that they may see.’…”

(2 Kings 6:20) 
By Sarah H. Leslie


“Gaslighting is an insidious form of manipulation and psychological control. Victims of gaslighting are deliberately and systematically fed false information that leads them to question what they know to be true…. They may end up doubting their memory, their perception, and even their sanity. Over time, a Gaslighter’s manipulations can grow more complex and potent, making it increasingly difficult for the victim to see the truth.”[1]

Corrie ten Boom[2]


Personal Testimony 
Fifty years ago (1971) Corrie ten Boom wrote The Hiding Place[3]
describing her family’s work in the Dutch Resistance during WWII saving
the lives of Jewish people by hiding them in their unusual home. For
this “crime” Corrie was sent to a concentration camp. 
testimony would directly impact my life in 1976 when I recommitted my
life to Jesus Christ. At this pivotal moment in my life Corrie ten Boom
came to town. I followed her from venue to venue hungry to hear her
message based on hope, forgiveness and the simplicity of the Gospel. But
she also warned the church, sometimes quite sharply, to prepare us for the
days that lay ahead. 
Corrie proclaimed to the church in America that things were not as they seemed.
Already in 1976 she could discern a cloud of darkness coming into the
land. And she mentioned something significant that I filed away in my
brain for future reference. She said that within six short weeks after the Nazis imposed
their Regime over Holland that life changed dramatically. Outwardly
most things appeared normal, but there were insidious signs of a new

would spend the next four and a half decades of my life watching the dark clouds
as they arose. I would speak about the threatening clouds, write about them, and publish warnings about the impending storm. Meanwhile, I was awaiting with an inexplicable foresight that day that would
mark the beginning of the six weeks that Corrie had described.  

Exhibit 1: Note the last sentence

An Abnormal Darkness Descends
During the earliest days of the pandemic I would recall Corrie’s warning as we faced the initial eleven days of lockdown. Only eleven days? My brain flipped over to six weeks. Would life change forever after six weeks? Were the evil days of darkness finally coming upon us? 
Then it began to happen. People across the globe began to experience the heavy hand of the Global Regime as it superimposed itself over existing all societal and governmental structures, even including the church. 
I picked up my copy of The Hiding Place. Corrie wrote openly about the sequence of unfolding events! While Corrie reached back in time to tell her story, what were her carefully chosen stories telling us about our own future? Can you recognize the patterns too? Below in blue are quotations from The Hiding Place.
Exhibit 2: Deadly fake science in an earlier Regime

Foresight of the times by discerning believers, seeds of corruption sown, spiritual complacency, and the “terrible evil” of antisemitism arising. The church would not heed Corrie’s brother Willem’s early warnings, and he eventually left the pastorate. 

Oftentimes, indeed, I wished that Willem did not see quite so well, for much that he saw was frightening. A full ten years ago, way back in 1927, Willem had written in his doctoral thesis, done in Germany, that a terrible evil was taking root in that land. Right at the university, he said, seeds were being planted of a contempt for human life such as the world had never seen. The few who had read his paper had laughed.(p. 29) 

~ Patrick Wood [4]


Marking the 100 year anniversary of the clock shop, Corrie took note of early signs. Certain businesses were inexplicably closing. There were strange disappearances of neighbors, and a noticeable rise in street violence. Encouragingly, she testifies to God’s gradual preparation in the hearts of His people to ready them for the perilous times ahead. 
Now of course, well, people weren’t laughing about Germany. Most of the good clocks came from there, and recently several firms with whom we had dealt for years were simply and mysteriously “out of business.” Willem believed it was part of a deliberate and large-scale move against Jews; every one of the closed businesses was Jewish.(p. 29) 
And at that moment Willem entered the room. Behind him came Tine, his wife, and their four children. But every eye in the room had settled on the figure whose arm Willem held in his. It was a Jew in his early thirties in the typical broad-brimmed black hat and long black coat. What glued every eye to this man was his face. It had been burned. In front of his right ear dangled a gray and frazzled ringlet, like the hair of a very old man. The rest of his beard was gone, leaving only a raw and gaping wound….

“He got out of Germany on a milk truck,” Willem told us rapidly in Dutch. “They stopped him on a streetcorner—teen-aged boys in Munich—set fire to his beard.” (p. 30) 

And so the shadows fell across us that winter afternoon in 1937, but it rested lightly. Nobody dreamed that this tiny cloud would grow until it blocked out the sky. And nobody dreamed that in this darkness each of us would be called to play a role: Father and Betsie and Mr. Kan and Willem—even the funny old Beje with its unmatching floor levels and ancient angles….

I knew that the experiences of our lives, when we let God use them, become the mysterious and perfect preparation for the work He will give us to do.”(p. 31) 


Exhibit 3: We were told it would be resolved in 5 weeks!

Increasing strange disappearances and more businesses were closing. Rather than hearing actual news, there was propaganda. People who believed the false stories more easily denied what was coming. There was a great desire to retain appearances of normalcy, and yet… 

And while Haarlem and the rest of Holland strolled and bowed and swept its steps, the neighbors on our east geared for war. We knew what was happening—there was no way to keep from knowing. Often in the evening, turning the dial on the radio. We would pick up a voice from Germany. The voice did not talk, or even shout. It screamed….

And yet, in the interludes, we forgot. Or, when Willem was visiting and would not let us forget, or when letters to Jewish suppliers in Germany came back marked “Address Unknown,” we still managed to believe that it was primarily a German problem. “How long as they going to stand for it?” we said. “They won’t put up with that man for long.”(p. 74) 

Exhibit 4: 1940


There was a marked escalation of propaganda, lies and spinning narratives. Promises that things would return to normal shortly… 

Then the Prime Minister’s voice was speaking to us, sonorous and soothing. There would be no war. He had assurances from high sources on both sides. Holland’s neutrality would be respected. It would be the Great War all over again. There was nothing to fear. Dutchmen were urged to remain calm and to— (p. 78) 

Five Hours Later: After the Prime Minister’s speech, Corrie hears bomb bursts. She and Betsie exclaim in unison,  
“War.” (p. 79) 
Five Days Later: 

For five days Holland held out against the invader. (p. 80) 


Exhibit 5: The New York Times covers up the Holocaust


Forced isolation, hunkering down. The media instructs the people to obey the authorities. The existing government falls apart, and the New Regime easily conquered. 

The first morning over the radio came instructions that ground-floor windows must be taped.

A few nights later the radio carried the news we dreaded: the Queen had left… In the morning the radio announced tanks advancing over the border. (p. 80) 

Exhibit 6: First the velvet glove… then…

Deceptive peace, illusion of a return to normalcy, food and supplies still available, minor adjustments in routines. The “velvet glove” approach effectually worked to deceive people.

But during the first months of occupation, life was not so very unbearable…. With no new shipments coming in, people bought up everything we had in stock…. (p. 81)

Curfews, new laws, travel restrictions, identity cards, checkpoints, ration cards. News completely filtered, censorship and suppression of speech People struggle to learn facts in the midst of the propaganda. Technological social communication avenues shut down. 
The curfew too, at first, was no hardship for us, since it was originally set at 10:00 P.M., long after we were indoors in any case. What we did object to were the identity cards each citizen was issued. These small folders containing photograph and fingerprints had to be produced on demand. A solider or a policeman—the Haarlem police were now under the direct control of the German Commandant—might stop a citizen at any time and ask to see his card; it had to be carried in a pouch about the neck. We were issued ration cards, too, but at least that first year, the coupons represented food and merchandize actually available in the stores. Each week the newspapers announced what the current coupons could be exchanged for.

That was another thing it was hard to adjust to—newspapers that no longer carried news. Long glowing reports of the successes of the German army on its various fronts. Eulogies of German leaders, denunciations of traitors and saboteurs, appeals for the unity of the “Nordic peoples.” But not news that we could trust.

And so we depended again on the radio. Early on in the occupation, Haarlemers were ordered to turn in all private sets. Realizing it would look strange if our household produced none at all, we decided to turn in the portable and hide the larger, more powerful instrument in one of the many hollow spaces beneath the old twisting staircase.(p. 82) 

Like most private telephones ours had been disconnected early in the occupation.(p. 87) 
The power grid goes down. Electricity is rationed. People live in the dark. 

evening’s activity had to be kept brief because the city now had
electricity only a short while each night, and candles had to be hoarded
for emergencies.(p. 124) 


Exhibit 7: Street violence an effective strategy


Open violence on the streets, attacks via social media (graffiti), with people becoming fearful to speak against the controlling regime. 

The true horror of occupation came over us only slowly. During the first year of German rule, there were only minor attacks on Jews in Holland. A rock through the window of a Jewish-owned store. An ugly word scrawled on the wall of a synagogue. It was as though they were trying us, testing the temper of the country. How many Dutchmen would go along with them?

And the answer, to our shame, was many…. (p. 84)


Exhibit 8: Identification for extermination
Segregation of one group by ethnicity and religion, denial of their civil rights, public humiliation, and a special identification required in public. Other groups also targeted. Travel restrictions on all citizens. 

On our daily walk, Father and I saw the symptoms spread. A sign in a shop window: JEWS WILL NOT BE SERVED. At the entrance to a public park: NO JEWS. On the door of the library. In front of restaurants, theaters, even the concert hall….

One noon… the sidewalks were bright with yellow stars sewn to coats and jacket fronts. Men, women, and children wore the six-pointed star with the word Jood (Jew) in the center…. (p. 84) 

Exhibit 9: A table of marks to identify targeted groups


People were being systemically identified, targeted, and deleted, their voices gone, their livelihoods shut down. Then began the lootings, arrests and incarcerations. 
Worst were the disappearances. A watch, repaired and ready, hanging on its hook in the back of the shop, month after month. A house in Nollie’s block mysteriously deserted, grass growing in the rose garden. One day Mr. Kan’s shop up the street did not open….

We never knew whether these people had been spirited away by the Gestapo or gone into hiding before this could happen. Certainly public arrests, with no attempt to conceal what was happening, were becoming more frequent.(p. 85) 

The rabbi had been one of the first to vanish from Haarlem.(p. 90) 
It was a drizzly November morning in 1941, a year and a half after the invasion, as I stepped outside to fold back the shutters that I saw a group of four German soldiers coming down the Barteljorisstraat. They were wearing combat helmets low over their ears, rifles strapped to their shoulders…. At Weil’s Furriers… the group stopped….

Inside we could hear glass breaking. Soldiers began carrying out armloads of furs.(p. 86) 


Exhibit 10: Arrests


Food becomes scarce. Peripheral persecutions commence on those who are guilty by association. Farms run out of supplies. The supply chains break down. Food is confiscated for the armies and elites. The starving resort to stealing. 
“The Bulldog” (Harry DeVries) puts his bulldogs down, due to “rationing” and because he is Jewish ethnicity, despite being a Christian.(p. 89) Later on his shop was closed “in the interest of national security.”(p. 108) 

Willem pressed his fingers to his eyes and I noticed suddenly how much white was in his beard. “It’s getting harder,” he said. “Harder every month. They’re feeling the food shortage now even on the farms… they won’t take anyone without a ration card.”

“Without a ration card! But Jews aren’t issued ration cards!” [Corrie replies]…..

“Ration cards?” He gestured vaguely. “You steal them.”(p. 95) 


Exhibit 11: Jewish refugees fleeing Germany

Patriotism (“nationalism”) becomes a crime punishable by imprisonment. Refugees flee from one country to another.
It was Sunday, May 10, 1942, exactly two years after the fall of Holland….

Each month the occupation seemed to grow harsher, restrictions more numerous. The latest heartache for Dutchmen was an edict making it a crime to sing the “Wilhelmus,” our national anthem. (p. 91) 
Peter courageously plays the anthem on a famous organ at church. This act was reported to the Gestapo. A few days later he was “taken to the federal prison in Amsterdam.”(p. 93) 

Exhibit 12: On the way to the camps

Betrayal from the inside, arrests, imprisonments, physical beatings, torture, food deprivation, sleep deprivation, medical deprivation, and eventual death. CAMPS, confinement, torture, starvation and death… Do you know the rest of this story?
If you don’t know this story you need to read The Hiding Place and/or watch the DVD. Do it soon. This story will likely be repressed because of its accurate portrayal of the downward slide into the barbaric evil that comes from marking certain political, ethnic and spiritual groups for hatred, persecution and extermination on a genocidal scale.[5]
Exhibit 13: Dreadful consequences of Regime Occupation


Marking the Six Weeks 
How was it that Corrie and her family stayed awake and alert during a time of great deception? Why hadn’t the ten Boom’s been filled with FEAR? Why didn’t they hunker down and hide themselves? What emboldened them to stand firm on FAITH, risking their own lives to hide the targeted Jews who were sentenced to death? (Proverbs 24:11) 
Why didn’t the ten Boom family drink the poisonous propaganda? Because for several generations they had steadfastly stood on God’s Word. When the time of testing came this family rejected the programmed narratives coming out of their media. They refused to be desensitized to compromise, accept and participate in the hatred and fear that led to the persecution and slaughter of the Jews. 
They were not silent, they acted on their faith. 
And this day I testify that I heard with my own ears Corrie ten Boom state that all this time of trial would someday in the near future come again upon the church world. She stated she could already see the dark clouds arising again. And she warned that each one of us would be tempted to fear, to hate, to compromise. She admonished us not to hide ourselves in fear rather but stand in the Light of God’s Truth, and by His grace be enabled speak openly, and emboldened to defend those who are vilified, persecuted, imprisoned, and sentenced to die.
A friend penned the following words a few weeks ago: 

The Nazis in Nuremberg stated they were only following the” laws of the land,” and that their own legal system protected them. Even Adolph Eichmann said, “I was simply following the laws of war and my flag.”

Romans 13:1-14 tells believers to “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.” Paul belabored the point that we are to be at peace and submit ourselves to governing authorities since all authority comes from God.

Judeo-Christians believe in the one true God and know that abortion is evil and against God’s law. We battle this evil, despite it being the law of the land.

In Egypt, the midwives refused to murder the newborn Jewish babies, lied to Pharoah and allowed them to live… against his edicts.

According to the Book of Joshua, Rahab, a woman who lived in Jericho in the Promised Land, assisted the Israelites in capturing the city by hiding two men who had been sent to scout the city prior to their attack, against the law of the land. She knew these two men were God’s people and she ultimately took her place with righteous converts.

When the law of the land contradicts God’s command, we are to disobey the law of the land and obey God’s law. We are again at that precipice.

Make your choice.[6]


Exhibit 14: Death camp locations

“To open their eyes,

and to turn them from darkness to light,

and from the power of Satan unto God,

that they may receive forgiveness of sins,

and inheritance among them

which are sanctified by faith

that is in Me.”

(Acts 26:18)[7] 
“Whose fan is in His hand,

and He will throughly purge His floor,

and will gather the wheat into His garner;

but the chaff He will burn with fire unquenchable.”

(Luke 3:17)
1. Gaslighting definition with bold and a capital letter added, link removed: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/gaslighting. Beware that gaslighting is being done by the mainsteam media, the establishment medical/scientific realm, political pundits, social media, etc. on a daily basis. 
2. There are several
places on YouTube that show the entire movie The Hiding Place which
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Apologies to our readers for a lengthy delay in publishing this article. As a longterm consequence of the pandemic we now have a household of nine. Thankfully it is not at the moment a hiding place, but for now it is a godly refuge in a time of trouble. May your homes be blessed as havens of God’s holiness and Light as you serve the Lord with integrity, truthfulness and courage in these perilous times. (1 Kings 8:56-61).

Exhibit 15: Emerging United States camps

Watch therefore,

for ye know neither the day nor the hour

wherein the Son of man cometh.”

(Matthew 25:13)