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Nephilim Subhumans

A New Cosmology for the Church, Part 6 
Alien Encounters: A Book Review 

Who are these children?

Not all of those, who appear human are in fact so.

Woe to him who forgets it! 
– Der Untermensch [1]

…what we find in abduction phenomena is that these powerful alien entities take people against their will, paralyze, probe, and inspect them with painful metallic objects. They plant thoughts in the abductees’ minds, perform sadistic sexual acts on them. They impregnate women, then re-abduct them only to “harvest” the fetuses for the purpose of creating a hybrid race! This sounds like a science-fiction thriller in which humans are nothing more than lab animals. 
– Chuck Missler[2]
The result of these ungodly unions was a race of very wicked and very powerful hybrid (half-fallen angel, half-human) offspring—the Nephilim—who corrupted, harassed, even killed mankind. Now, at the end of the 20th century, we have the return of “alien” entities with apparent supernatural powers. 
– Chuck Missler[3]
“Satanic forces are here and they are not friendly!” 
 – Chuck Missler[4]

By Sarah H. Leslie 

Why did Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman write a book about space aliens? Why do Christians need to be concerned about extraterrestrials? How did their book, Alien Encounters: The Secret Behind the UFO Phenomenon,[5] become such an important and foundational book for the rise of a postmodern prophecy movement within the evangelical church? What really is “The Biblical View”[6] about space aliens? Did Jesus talk about space aliens? How could the church have missed it for thousands of years? Why is it suddenly important now?

All these, and many more questions flooded my mind as I re-read Alien Encounters for the 4th time while preparing this final review of the series. I admit I already possess a bias because I know “the rest of the story.” I am aware that the next generation of teachers, who have built upon the foundational theses of Alien Encounters, have been publishing an expansion of these original ideas for well over a decade.[7]

Alternative Eschatological Scenarios[8]
The first time I read through Alien Encounters I was shocked by the content. I was especially appalled by the conclusions presented in the book’s later chapters. “The Biblical View” – the title of Section 3 – was not a biblical view at all. It was a presentation of an entirely new eschatology, formed by incorporating in extreme extra-biblical source material. By adding-to Scriptures, the authors create a fantastical scenario based on the idea that space alien creatures invaded the earth before Noah’s Flood and contaminated human DNA, thus corrupting the pure human racial line and creating genetic hybrids that God had to destroy with the Flood… and that this also happened again AFTER the Flood resulting in genetic giants that had to be physically destroyed in the Promised Land… and this genetic corruption of human DNA is happening now again in space alien abductions as they invade the earth!

The premise that it is happening again now (and in the future) is most alarming! The thesis of the final chapters of Alien Encounters is that there are genetic alien-human hybrids who possess inferior DNA, who are subhuman, and who are not redeemable. The unspoken implication is quite appalling – what should be done with these supposed hybrid alien-human children? Should they be destroyed? How does one identify and assess these purported alien-human babies whose genetic lines are corrupted? Am I over-reacting? No, I don’t think so – but read through to the bottom of this article and decide for yourself.

Once again, my own background intersected with this book’s contents. As a former activist in the Right-to-Life movement, I have a special aversion to any discussions of genetic purity. I read much of Margaret Sanger’s prolific writings – writings that were filled with terrifying racial purification theories. Relying on pseudo-scientific racism,[9] and based on Darwin’s “survival of the fittest,” Sanger helped to found a eugenics[10] and racial hygiene[11] movement that would perform forced sterilizations on the “feebleminded” and those profiled as “sub-humans”[12] – all of which ultimately culminated in the terrible atrocities against Jews in Hitler’s Germany,[13] as well as our modern-day abortion holocaust.

What will happen to these children?

The Madness is in the Method 
How can a Christian read to this point of Alien Encounters and not become persuaded to believe the crazy-sounding idea that there are alien-human hybrids lurking among us? The secret lies in knowing the method. How this material is presented to the reader becomes as important as the content itself. In order to introduce significantly new content into evangelical endtime theology, the “change process” developed by the social scientist Kurt Lewin[14] is utilized:

  • Un-Freeze the old beliefs, doctrines and theology by rethinking, questioning, arguments or by mocking and ridiculing the old. 
  • Change philosophies and theologies, reinterpret Scriptures, introduce new teachings, ideas, materials, and ways of thinking. 
  • Re-Freeze – establish a new worldview, a new eschatology, a new paradigm, a new foundation, etc.[15]

The “Un-Freeze” process is especially noticeable in the following introductory paragraph in Chapter 10, “The Return of the Nephilim”:

Most people, including serious students of the Bible, are unaware of the peculiar circumstances that led to the flood of Noah. This has been widely misunderstood (and mistaught) for centuries. The strange but critical goings-on are among the most controversial issues among serious scholars, and we should maintain open minds as we proceed through the murky mists of the deep past. [16]

We may have controversies about how to interpret obscure Bible passages. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a passage has been “misunderstood” or “mistaught.” Many of the evangelical change agents in the past two decades have employed this very same tactic – asserting that an old doctrine has been “misunderstood” or “mistaught” – and then introducing a new doctrine. Note that the authors ask the readers to “maintain open minds” as they present an entirely new doctrinal thesis in these next few chapters. Any time an author tells you to “maintain open minds,” beware. New theological concepts will likely be introduced. The Bible does not require believers to “maintain open minds.” Rather, God’s Word tells us:

Open thou mine eyes,
that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy law.”
(Psalm 119:18) 
 “To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light,
and from the power of Satan unto God,
that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance
among them which are sanctified by faith that is in Me.”
(Acts 26:18) 

Are Noah’s Nephilim Flying in Saucers
Abducting People? 

There is a step-by-step method the authors utilize as they attempt to change existing theology and establish a Nephilim eschatology paradigm. The process is one of discarding the old theology and integrating the new theology. Notice the gradual introduction of new content, one issue at a time. Be aware of how each new point builds on the previous one. Watch out for the incoming material that is not from the Bible. Below is a classic example of the transformation process as it works itself out in Chapter 10. 

  1. It is stated that “Widespread wickedness” is not “the only criterion” for Noah’s Flood.[17] This assertion comes by omitting verses 3, 5 and 6 from the Genesis 6:1-6 account which speak of mankind’s wickedness, as well as verses 11-13 which says the earth was “filled with violence.” 
  2. The extrabiblical apocryphal Book of Enoch is introduced as a new source to add new additional material to supplement the old biblical accounts. This inclusion is initially justified because it can “confirm the accepted beliefs of the period.”[18] Later on, more statements are made implying this work really should have been included in the Canon. 
  3. The authors make the astonishing claim that the “sons of God” in Genesis 6:2 are “errant supernatural ‘alien’ beings [who] mated with human women and produced unnatural, superhuman offspring!”[19] Take note! Space aliens are introduced into the Noah story at this point. 
  4. The authors assert that there were gigantic offspring of these space alien-human unions called Nephilim. These half-breed Nephilim creatures are called “monstrous,” “demigods,” and “partly terrestrial and partly celestial.” Supporting evidence for these assertions come from ancient mythological stories, not Scripture.[20]
  5. The authors then go on to say on page 207 there was a “Gene Pool Problem” from these alien-human unions. They conclude that Noah was the only “perfect” man in his generations – meaning perfect genetically. But an astute reader will recall that the whole verse (Gen. 6:9) doesn’t say anything about DNA or genetics. It talks about Noah’s spiritual walk: “These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.” Compare this with God’s remark to Noah in Genesis 7:1: “for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation.” 
  6. Note how Missler has just introduced the radically new idea that “Noah’s genealogy was not tarnished by this intrusion of the fallen angels.”[21] Suddenly the term “fallen angels” is inserted for space “aliens.” So now it begins to dawn on the reader that space aliens = fallen angels. Ah-ha! This explains this book’s fixation on space aliens! This semantic gyration becomes important as the new theology emerges. 
  7. Just to make sure that the new doctrine catches hold, the authors reiterate. The word “perfect” in Gen. 6:9 means DNA – that Noah was not “contaminated” by “the adulteration of the human gene pool.”[22] This genetic corruption contention significantly ignores other important contextual verses about Noah such as Heb. 11:7, Gen. 7:1, 5, 9, 16. Plus, it also disregards the many other uses of this Hebrew word tamiym (sometimes translated as “upright”) in Scripture. See 17:1; Deut. 18:13, 32:4, 2 Sam. 22:24; etc.[23]
  8. Readers must always be on the lookout for what is left out. Genesis 6:7 is significantly omitted from the authors’ discussion. Here the Lord specifies that He will “destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth.” It does not say anything about destroying half-breed creatures who are the result of space alien/fallen angels mating with human women. It says God will destroy man (Hebrew: adam) specifying – whom I have created – not alien-human hybrids. Likewise note the word “man” in verse 5 – “the wickedness of man was great on the earth.” 
  9. Lest the reader start doubting these strange teachings at this point – which is pretty easy to do – other extrabiblical sources are now hauled in to undergird this emerging doctrinal concoction. These other sources include The Testimony of the 12 Patriarchs, Little Genesis, The Book of Jubilees, and Josephus’ Antiquities.[24] Note: Alien Encounters enjoys appearing very scholarly and stating things very authoritatively. Normal readers may not be familiar with these obscure sources, and thus there is an aspect of intimidation by intellectualism. Don’t fall for this tactic! 
  10. More artillery comes to bear from a lengthy list of esteemed Christian scholars throughout the centuries who believed and taught that the “sons of God” meant that angels were procreating with human “wives.”[25] Many godly men have indeed taught this. But they are turning in their graves right now to hear this means extraterrestrial space aliens were procreating with human women! By the way, if an author points to “esteemed Brother So-and-So who said high-sounding such-and such.” Don’t fall for this tactic. If Brother So-and-So’s thesis doesn’t agree with Scripture, then discard it.
  11. Remember the method: in order to create a new theology, the old must be discredited and discarded. The old theology that stands in the way of the new Nephilim view is the so-called “Sethite” view. In order to denigrate this “Sethite” position, it is asserted that “substantial liberties must be taken with the literal text to support this view” and that it “flies in the face of earlier centuries of understanding… by both rabbinical and Early Church scholars.” Another long list of modern scholars is called upon to bolster this case.[26]
  12. Even though the Sethite view is the topic of an appendix in the book it is misrepresented and never clearly articulated.[27] The sophisticated authors hope that the average reader isn’t acquainted with the nuances of this old theology. But what does the Bible teach? The plain meaning of Genesis 6:3 is that the earth was destroyed by the Flood because of mankind’s sinful wickedness: “And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Man’s evil heart is reiterated continually throughout the Scriptures (e.g., Jer. 3:7, 13:10, 16:12, 18:12; Matt. 15:9: Heb. 3:12, 10:22, etc.) and it becomes an important part of the Gospel message because it shows us we need a Redeemer. 
  13. Now we get to the full-blown Change agenda. “Fallen angels” are re-defined as “’alien’ creatures [who] intruded upon the human reproductive process.”[28] Thankfully the authors don’t get specific about how this reproduction intrusion might happen. The reader is also reminded that these space alien beings allegedly possess “technologies” and have influenced mankind’s “arts and sciences.”[29] Note: this also happens to be a key tenet of UFO cults! 
  14. Angels are re-defined in physics terms. They “seem to have no problem materializing into our space-time.”[30] This becomes an incessant theme. Observe that there is a subtle implication that “angels” have an ability to materialize at will. Where is God’s sovereignty in this scenario? Rather than relying on what Scripture alone says about angels, the reader is being encouraged to think of them in terms of science, or worse, science fiction.[31]
  15. The case for a new eschatology is still being made, one small step at a time. Demons are defined as “desperate to seek embodiment,” and the authors teach that they are separate and distinct from fallen angels, although they seem to use the words interchangeably at times.[32] Again, notice that these demonic creatures are described as willful beings, so much so that they apparently are not under God’s sovereignty. And how does this belief limit the supremacy of Jesus Christ over all of creation?[33]
  16. We all know that giants existed after Noah’s Flood – Goliath, the sons of Anakim, e.g. But in Alien Encounters two entirely new theological constructs are proffered simultaneously: 1) the “fear of these terrifying creatures” was the real reason the Hebrews had to wander in the wilderness for 38 years (contrary to Psalm 78:40 and 106:14), and 2) “It would seem that in the land of Canaan there again was a gene pool problem.”[34] NOTICE: There is an allegation of genetic corruption AFTER Noah’s Flood. This is a significant adulteration of traditional biblical theology! Also notice how the old Bible teaching on the wickedness of man is once again substituted with this new idea of space alien genetic corruption. The doctrine essential to the Gospel – “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23) is effectually suppressed by the introduction of this DNA corruption tenet. 
  17. Now we come to the crux of the matter. Time to Re-Freeze. A brand new theology is presented: “The Nephilim” – “the unnatural offspring” of space alien fallen angel creatures and human women – “are not eligible for resurrection.”[35] WHAT?! This astonishing claim, that these alleged alien-human hybrids are outside of redemption, is fraught with difficulty. This is an alarming proposition because of the teaching that came directly before it – that there are currently (or in the future) creatures on earth that possess contaminated alien-human DNA. Is Missler saying that there are subhuman creatures extant on earth that “are not eligible for resurrection”?! 
  18. One bad theology begets another. A new theological concoction is brewed up – the authors assert that the “spirits” that were part of the Nephilim hybrids became the “demons” of the New Testament era, and they “may be recurring through the UFOs of today.” Huh?! Just in case you didn’t get it, the authors re-state it: “the increasing number of ‘abduction’ reports a recurrence of this kind of intrusion.”[36] To re-phrase this preposterous premise – the spirits of these gigantic Nephilim hybrids who are the result a union of space aliens and human women, go on to become “demons” when these Nephilim creatures die. Where is this in the Bible? It isn’t! But when an esteemed Bible scholar presents it to you in very intellectual garb, it may seem quite convincing. After all, he seems to know more than you do. 

So, after reading chapter 10, the reader finally gets it. Space aliens are demonic – a premise that many would agree with. But, that’s not what the authors are really saying. Not at all…. Read on….

These children were determined to be subhuman. What was their fate?

The Bible: “An ET Message Authenticated”? [37]
Several key re-definitions are posited in Chapter 11 of Alien Encounters. First, the authors re-define the Bible so that readers will now think of it variously as a “message of extraterrestrial origin,” a “message from outside of our dimension of time,” and a text with “hidden” messages embedded in it.[38] The Bible now becomes a book of psychic physics and UFO encounters. The reader is told “the Biblical record shatters the comfort our preconceptions about time, our universe, and our physical reality.”[39] In fact, once again, Jesus is described as a being possessing the attribute of “hyperdimensionality.”[40] And, when “Satan showed Jesus the glory of the kingdoms on earth” he was using “holographic projections.”[41]

A re-defined Bible helps to create a space alien mindset in the readers. Missler claims that one of the “Hidden Messages in the Text” is that “alien ‘space beings’ (fallen angels) are believed to have begun in the days of Jared.”[42] Of course, this preposterous statement isn’t found in Scripture. Fallen angels are again made equivalent to space aliens. Here and earlier in chapter 10[43] the authors assert that Enoch “was the first ‘astronaut’,” thus recasting the early chapters of Genesis into a UFO mold.[44] This inclusion of non-canonical apocryphal material such as the ancient Book of Enoch has a corrosive effect on how people view plain Scripture.[45] Why would an esteemed and reputable Bible scholar such as Chuck Missler enlist so many strange and extrabiblical sources? It strains his credulity!

The agenda to forge a new eschatology is further divulged at the conclusion of Chapter 11. Here the reader is informed that when Jesus taught His coming would be “as the days of Noah” what He really was referring to was the “current spate of UFOs and alien intrusions” which “appear to be a key part of what’s coming.”[46] So now “days of Noah” is re-defined to mean a space alien invasion![47] Duh! Reader, smack yourself on the head! How could we have missed it? Jesus was warning us about space aliens all along! Obviously, this incredible alternate eschatology has nothing to do with what Scripture actually says. But by now this phrase has now become a repetitive mantra for the entire Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm movement.

“Aerially Adept, Shape-Shifting,
Interdimensional Beings”

Chapter 12 is titled “Chariots of the Frauds”[49] and it begins with this amazing declaration:

The material we’ve examined to this point is indeed bizarre and in some cases unbelievable. And yet, we have seen that there is compelling evidence to believe that we have been visited, some would say “invaded,” by aerially adept, shape-shifting, interdimensional beings.[50] [bold added]

Missler reverts back to his earlier controversial sources – the magazine Flying Saucer Review, physics, UFO advocates and mystics, and mythology – to state the following thesis that goes far beyond anything Scriptural:

Because of the interdimensional nature of UFOs and their occupants, many researchers suggest that the phenomenology that generates UFOs is also responsible for the historical reports of angels, demons, fairies, fauns, sylphs, incubi, succubi, and any number of aerially adept supernatural entities.[51] [bold added]

…angels and aliens have the power to defy the laws of physics.[52]

These types of statements are repeated throughout the text.[53] How can the reader be persuaded to adopt (Re-Freeze) this strange new eschatological paradigm? Their old beliefs have been challenged and disparaged. New theories have been put forth. It is time for the reader to be enlisted. Readers must sign on the dotted line and join up with the new prophecy paradigm. The authors have to be especially persuasive at this point. The reader must undergo a dicey paradigm shift in their theology. Here are the next steps in managed change for transforming their eschatological worldview:

  1. The reader must accept the premise of “alternate dimensional realities” in order to break out of the “prevailing scientific and religious paradigms.”[54] Think outside the box? In this case, it is literally think outside this universe! This type of thinking, however, as was shown in earlier chapter reviews of Alien Encounters, is influenced by the occult and the psychic, not physics. Scripture simply states for the humble believer: Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” (Heb. 11:3)
  2. The reader is informed that the old religious paradigm – the “the Judeo-Christian world-view” – is problematic “because the Bible makes no mention of extraterrestrials.”[55] Thus this disparagement of the old way of thinking then leads to the next proposal…. 
  3. And here is the punch line: Missler reiterates his contention that these half-breed alien-human hybrid creatures can’t be redeemed! He states that Jesus didn’t come to save “aliens” because they are not “our kinsmen (i.e., fully human beings),” and therefore “the substitutionary, sacrificial, atoning death of Jesus Christ on the cross is not (as far as we know) efficacious in blotting out the sins of aliens.”[56] Think, reader, think! This offensive concoction has terrifying implications. What if church leaders decide that an alien-human hybrid offspring – a child – is not eligible for Christ’s salvation?[57] What will happen to this child? Will church leaders decide that they need to eradicate these mutant children before they grow up to become menacing “giants”? Will prophecy leaders cite the Old Testament accounts of the Hebrews going into the Promised Land to justify destroying these children? This is a terrible thought! But it is the logical extension of this this bizarre corrupted DNA hybrid thesis. 
  4. The authors harp on the point that Demons and Fallen Angels are not the same, saying: “The nature of demons is entirely different. They are disembodied spirits that seek embodiment.” This assertion is not based on Scripture, but on what the authors vaguely claim was believed in “ancient times.”[58]
  5. There are extended discussions comparing angels to space aliens: they “have the ability to manipulate matter… they share the ability to change their external physical form…. [they] share the ability to control human events…. They share the ability to manipulate and control he minds of human beings.”[59] Who are the cited experts in this space alien/angel discourse? Jacques Vallee, John Keel, Dr. Pierre Guerin, “Science fiction writer Whitley Strieber” – all noted UFO researchers, not Bible teachers![60]
  6. By page 240 the reader must come to believe that “demons are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim.”[bold added] Huh?! Where is this in the Bible? It isn’t! Missler says it comes from the Book of Enoch! Note the progression of indoctrination…. 
  7. Previously the authors claimed Fallen Angels mated with human women creating a hybrid race called the “Nephilim”? To this they now add the very weird theology that “when the Nephilim died their spirits became disembodied and roamed the earth, harassing mankind and seeking embodiment!” To justify this assertion the authors cite the Book of Enoch – which they confidently describe as “an authoritative book.”[61]
  8. The new doctrines all come rushing in such rapid succession that the reader may be reeling at this point. The authors point out that the Book of Enoch also says that the fathers of these Nephilim hybrids are creatures called “Watchers.”[62]
  9. Note the switcheroo in authority! The Book of Enoch now becomes the reliable source for this NEW DOCTRINE that “evil spirits [i.e., “demons”]… proceed from the flesh of the Nephilim.” The authors state that this happens after the Nephilim dies. But others may not so be careful to adhere to this premise. If someone spots somebody they think could be a Nephilim will they assert that it contains an “evil spirit”?[63] And what should be done to these “hybrid (half-alien, half-human) offspring”[64] thus identified as possessed by a Nephilim “evil spirit”? Astute readers will note the word “offspring” and wonder again…. Isn’t this really talking about children?
  10. Well, it gets worse. The reader is told that “these evil spirits will ‘oppress, corrupt, fall, contend, and bruise those upon earth.”[65] Uh-oh. So, again, ask what happens if you spot a Nephilim “evil spirit” lurking nearby. Should you destroy it? See our article 101 Questions about the Nephilim for more questions you can ask if you spy a Nephilim lurking about.
  11. In case the reader is still disbelieving all of this amazing new theology, the authors confidently assert that the extrabiblical Book of Jubilees gives “further confirmation that demons are disembodied spirits of the Nephilim.”[66] The authors busily haul in more apocryphal artillery and begin assaulting God’s Word with it.
  12. Why didn’t Jesus tell us? The reader is probably asking this question at this point in this lengthy transformative devolution of the doctrine of the Gospel of Salvation. Well, you poor unenlightened readers! You just didn’t understand what Jesus was actually saying. These “fallen angel” entities have “abducted humans for thousands of years” and they can manifest “in a humanoid form.” How can the authors can authoritatively assert this? Because “the Reptilians, Pleiadians, [and] Grays”[67] have all reported this! Such bona fide sources of truth!
  13. Next: the ultimate twisting of a verse! 1 Timothy 4:1, which warns believers to not give “heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils,” is subjected to a bit of semantic gymnastics with technicalities over the Greek word prosecho. Here is Missler’s stunning re-interpretation: “The scary implication of this verse is that in the last days, human beings will have contact with physically embodied Satanic spirits.”[68][bold added]

Covering the Tracks 
A key element of all change methods is the necessity of utilizing the dialectic process – two steps forward, one step back. All transformation agendas include this ingredient. Why? Because the dialectic two-step is a proven method of fooling people. Here’s how it works: A teacher can make a slightly biblically “off” statement, and then backtrack and sound right once again. But the new idea has been deposited in a person’s mind, and so when he takes the next two steps forward, one step has already been introduced previously, so it doesn’t seem quite so alarming or off-base anymore. In this way a new idea, doctrine, belief, tenet, etc. can be propelled forward in a spiraling process of thought manipulation. After a time, when enough people adopt a full-blown new idea, a paradigm shift occurs. At that point peer pressure takes over and many more people are persuaded to adopt the new doctrine simply because “everyone else is doing it.”[69]

Knowing this bit of methodology, it shouldn’t surprise the reader that at this point in the book Missler attempts to re-integrate all of these new teachings back into the old Rapture teachings. By taking this one step back, he appeals to the many evangelicals who are already acquainted with endtime teachings. By doing so his new ideas don’t sound quite so alarming or offensive. In fact, people can read into the book what they want to hear because sometimes it can be quite confusing and murky.

There is also another method at work here – the use of conspiratorial theorizing. This draws the reader into some wild speculations. For example, Missler states that “we believe that the stage is set for the worship and reverence of alien entities as our 20th century technological saviors in a global religion which will culminate in the greatest deception in the history of mankind.”[70] A theme is reiterated throughout the remainder of the book that “we believe that the deception will involve a worldwide series of physical manifestations by Satanic forces in a convincing display….”[71]

Satan’s Offspring & Mengele’s Children
Towards the end of the book on page 275 another new racial doctrine is introduced based on an entirely new space alien interpretation of Daniel 2:43 where it says “they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men.” Missler asserts that the “they” are “Non-seed” (i.e., space aliens). This also gets very conspiratorial. Missler believes that “’aliens’ and their hybrid offspring [are] part of the political makeup of this emergent world empire,” that “UFO incidents” would be “part of a carefully orchestrated program to lead us toward a political agenda,” and that there is a “Coming World Leader” who “will boast of a connection with the
powerful, god-like alien entities” and who “will be a hybrid,
half-human, half alien Avatar.”[72] Missler then asks:

Is the alleged “hybridization program” on which John Mack and others expound part of a Satanic plan to infiltrate the coming global government with “alien” Satanic forces? Are these aliens or their offspring part of the move toward a global government that we already see in motion, both here in the U.S. and in Europe? [73]

Note the phrase “or their offspring” above. Once again these children, the alleged mutant alien-human hybrids “offspring” are the focus. Missler then leaps to the horrifying concept that “Satan is going to have seed!” He claims that “Satan, as a fallen angel himself, must also have the ability to cohabit with a human female. By definition any offspring produced by such an ungodly union would be the seed of the serpent and the son of perdition!”[74] This teaching reinvigorates a bad old false doctrine known as the Serpent Seed heresy. (Read our Herescope report: “The Serpent Seed & the Nephilim.”)

The “serpent seed” premise in Alien Encounters also borrows from medieval Catholic teachings.[75] These Catholic teachers taught that there were children born from the unions of demons and humans in their time period, and described “children generated in this manner… are tall, very strong, very daring, very magnificent and very wicked.”[76] What was the fate of these children in history? The authors are talking about demonic hybrid children here! It gets worse. Missler also re-published this offensive statement:

“If the body of these children is thus different from the bodies of other children, their soul will certainly have qualities that will not be in common to others;…”[77]

So, this whole discussion is about children after all…. In the middle of all of the Nephilim eschatology, there is an embedded teaching that there are extant subhuman children with the racial characteristics of both space aliens (Fallen Angels) and human beings. And these children are not capable of being redeemed, and they may not even have souls. Hmmm…. Where have we heard this before? (In case you are curious about the occult origins of this teaching, just look at this Wikipedia page: Cambion.)

And lest the reader think that this is histrionic, below are some images and quotes about “Black-Eyed Children” from L.A. Marzulli, who has based his genetic corruption of children theories on the writings of Chuck Missler:

The Watchers series has reached new, extraordinary heights, presenting one thrilling segment after another. LA Marzulli and Richard Shaw’s ongoing adventures continue with the story of black-eyed children who appear at hotels and car windows, even on boats at sea! They appear with a singular purpose—they want to be invited in! Demons? Alien hybrids? [77] [bold added]

 …children are recalling being abducted, by aliens, and taken aboard space ships. Afterward they begin to exhibit “trans-formative changes, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and healing. They also are inspired to draw complex artwork, scripts, symbols and sometime speak in strange languages. Needless to say, this is disturbing. Are we now beginning to see hybrid children mixing in with the general population?[78][bold added]

LA Marzulli and Gary Stearman discuss Black-Eyed Children[79]

Lest we forget the lessons of history, we remember that there was recently a dark and terrifying time when people believed that some children were subhumans and profiled them… and exterminated them. I included images of some of these children in the first half of this post.[80] So…. Who are these children? What was their fate?

children Romani children (20 boys and 19 girls) at St. Josefspflege
orphanage in Mulfingen, Germany were purposely kept from their parents
as part of a study. Eva Justin of the Institute for the Study of Racial
Hygiene studied them for her doctoral dissertion titled
“Lebensschicksale artfremd erzogener Zigeunerkinder und ihre Nachkommen” The fate of Gypsy children and their offspring raised in alien
environments) was accepted by the Mathematics-Science Faculty of Berlin
University in 1943 and was published in 1944. In the preface Justin
explains her hope that her “study will serve as a basis for future race
hygience laws regulating such unworthy primitive elements.” The children
were then sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau where most perished (USHMM 1994,

 Eva Justin checking the facial characteristics of a Romani woman as part of her “racial studies”.[82]
Justin’s dissertation was approved by the German ethnologist Richard Thurnwald. After the completion of her studies, the 41 children used in the study were deported to the “Gypsy Camp” at Auschwitz. Soon after their arrival Josef Mengele arrived at Auschwitz. Some of the children were subjected to his experiments and most were eventually killed in the gas chamber. In the mean time Eva Justin was awarded her Ph.D., on May 9.[83]

What led to this horror? What were the esteemed leaders teaching that led others to commit these children to their awful fate? The leaders taught that

the subhuman [is] the greatest enemy of the dominant species on earth, mankind. The subhuman is a biological creature, crafted by nature, which has hands, legs, eyes and mouth, even the semblance of a brain. Nevertheless, this terrible creature is only a partial human being. 

Although it has features similar to a human, the subhuman is lower on the spiritual and psychological scale than any animal. Inside of this creature lies wild and unrestrained passions: an incessant need to destroy, filled with the most primitive desires, chaos and coldhearted villainy. 

A subhuman and nothing more! 
Not all of those, who appear human are in fact so. Woe to him who forgets it![84]

It is time to seriously separate from the so-called Bible prophecy teachers who are promoting the heresy that there are hybrid space alien subhuman children. This teaching is an anathema to the Gospel. It has no basis in Scripture, and it has no place in the church that calls itself by the name of Jesus Christ. May God have mercy on us all!

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD,
choose you this day whom ye will serve;
whether the gods which your fathers served
that were on the other side of the flood,
or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell:
but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

(Joshua 24:15)

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This post is the last of a
6-part series reviewing Alien Encounters, titled “A New Cosmology for the Church.” 

Part 1: Alien Encounters 
Part 2: Ancient Astronauts & Star Children 
Part 3: Flying Saucers and “Interdimensional Visitors” 
Part 4: Quantum Metaphysics 
Part 5: Entertaining ET 
Part 6: Nephilim Encounters 

Publisher’s Note: Since our article “Without Attribution” was published, Chuck Missler has now stepped up to the plate and apologized. You can view his remarks HERE. While this is commendable, we remain concerned about Missler’s reliance upon the content of Michael Talbot’s book The Holographic Universe, which was incorporated so heavily into Cosmic Codes.
Talbot’s book is not about physics, but rather it is a primer on the
New Age and an in-depth look into psychic phenomena. We also remain
concerned about this content in Missler’s Alien Encounters, which
also contains UFO lore and UFO cults, pseudo-scientists, shamans, psychics,
and numerous other extrabiblical sources.