Ancient Astronauts & Star Children

A New Cosmology for the Church, Part 2 
Alien Encounters: A Book Review 

Exhibit 1: Theosophical Magazine article on Genesis 6 giants, circa 1923 
“The copy of the Genesis Apocryphon discovered at Qumran dates back to the second century B.C…. When discovered in 1947, it had been much mutilated from the ravages of time and humidity…. When scholars finally made public its content, the document confirmed that celestial beings from the skies had landed on planet Earth. More than that, it told how these beings had mates with Earth-women and had begat giants.”—I.D.E. Thomas[1]
But Dr. I.D.E. Thomas, in his book, The Omega Conspiracy, suggests that Satan had even bigger plans at work in the sixth chapter of Genesis. He claims that Satan (as opposed to aliens) was trying to produce a race of mutant warriors by breeding fallen angels with women in an effort to exterminate the children of God. From a Christian’s point of view this could explain how people like the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, who were enemies of Yahweh, appeared out of nowhere around B.C. 3500, bringing with them a pantheon of deities, the first written language, and a superior knowledge of earth sciences. This may also explain why many of the religions that followed Sumerian mythology, including Greek mythology, emerged from the original idea that powerful beings, with names like “Zeus” and “Apollo,” visited the earth, intermarried with women, and fathered half human children. Dr. Thomas believes recent “UFO” abduction activity may point to the birth of a new race of anti-God warriors, as we approach the end of the age and the coming of Armageddon. – Tom Horn[2]

Exhibit 2: A classic example used in Ancient Astronaut Theory

By Sarah Leslie

Ancient Astronaut Theory

It was because of Chapter 2 that I embarked on this book review of Alien Encounters: The Secret Behind the UFO Phenomenon[3] by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman. When I read the second chapter I was immediately struck by its content – it was a subject with which I was quite familiar – “Ancient Astronaut Theory.” I first read Alien Encounters online,[4] which doesn’t include all of the footnotes, so in order to verify the sources I purchased a hard copy of Alien Encounters. The sources were as bad as I had suspected; even worse. How did I know? At one time in my life I had been deeply involved in this “Ancient Astronaut Theory.” This theory is a huge segment of the New Age Movement. My own personal testimony is recorded at the end of this post under “The Truth.” (Read Part 1 for an explanation of how this book review is being conducted.)

Under the first subheading of “Ancient Astronauts?” Missler[5] discusses the “ancient astronaut” theories of “Erich von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchin and others.”[6] “Ancient Astronaut Theory” promotes the idea that ancient earth was visited by extraterrestrials, and they left a record of their contact. Some advocates even believe that extraterrestrials “seeded” the earth with their DNA.

Proponents of ancient astronaut hypotheses often maintain that humans are either descendants or creations of extraterrestrial beings who landed on Earth thousands of years ago. An associated idea is that much of human knowledge, religion, and culture came from extraterrestrial visitors in ancient times, in that ancient astronauts acted as a “mother culture”. Ancient astronaut proponents also believe that travelers from outer space known as “astronauts” or “spacemen” built many of the structures on earth such as the pyramids in Egypt and the Moai stone heads of Easter Island or aided humans in building them.[7]

The first name in “Ancient Astronaut Theory” is Erich von Daniken, who is best known for authoring a book in 1968, Chariots of the Gods: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past.[8] This became a very popular counterculture book in the emerging New Age movement during the 1970s, and served as an entry point for many to become interested in ancient occult writings, mythology, evolution, UFOs and the spirit world. Von Daniken’s theories have been largely rejected by scholarly scientists and archeologists, and most of his theories have been debunked or disproved as both pseudoscience and pseudoarcheology.[9] Von Daniken, who has been in trouble with the law many times, has a checkered criminal history and even served jail time. There is evidence that some of his material was plagiarized from earlier works.[10] ‬Yet, despite all of this evidence, von Daniken’s writings form the core foundation of a huge segment of UFO lore.

Chuck Missler teaches all about “Ancient Astronaut Theory” in Alien Encounters by raising fascinating questions and suggestive speculations about this topic. Ancient Astronaut Theory theory was also promulgated by Zecharia Sitchin, who is cited by Missler on page 35, and repeatedly thereafter. Who is Sitchen?

Zecharia Sitchin’s… interpretation of ancient Sumerian and Middle Eastern texts, megalithic sites, and artifacts from around the world… theorizes the gods of old Mesopotamia were actually astronauts from the planet “Nibiru”, which Sitchin claims the Sumerians believed to be a remote “12th planet” (counting the Sun, Moon, and Pluto as planets) associated with the god Marduk.” Sitchen claims that “Anunnaki” from Nibiru created Adam.” “Modern archaeologists and experts in the ancient Sumerian culture and language reject every one of these claims insisting Sitchin had simply invented a non-existent Sumerian mythology, that the texts and tablets which Sitchin described do not actually exist, and that the texts of ancient Sumer, Akkad, and Ugarit do not contain any of these stories or even variations on them.[11] [bold in original]

Is Sitchen a credible expert? He is widely popular in the UFO communities. Nevertheless, Sitchin’s theories have been criticized and debunked by scholars and linguists who are knowledgeable about ancient Sumeria, and who “dismiss his work as pseudoscience and pseudohistory.” One of the most noteworthy criticisms is that Sitchin excessively attempts to literalize myths.[12] Many UFO advocates also believe in this mythological planet named Nibiru and it actually played a big part in the hype over the 12-21-12 Mayan Doomsday scenarios.[13] Sitchen’s beliefs have been so far off the map that even some Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm (PPP) teachers in evangelicaldom seem to distance themselves from him.[14]

Missler describes Ancient Astronaut Theory as “fascinating” and provides many details, including graphic images that purport to represent “flying ships”[15] and “winged humanoid deities,” and referring to the ancient god Ahura-Mazda,[16] who may have come “to Earth, interacted with and even interbred with mankind.”[17] Ancient gods or godlike creatures with wings are posited as evidence of “alien encounters.”

No alternative scientific, factual, archeological or scholarly explanations are provided to the reader. Why not? And why are these unconventional and controversial theories presented to evangelicals as if they were credible? One of the techniques used by Missler (as well as von Daniken) is that of “unfreezing,” that is breaking down the old way of looking at things, so that a new idea or worldview can be brought in.[18] Indeed, Ancient Astronaut Theory is a vast holding tank into which every insoluble archeological dilemma can be deposited – it serves to explain away anything mysterious, unknown, indecipherable, and inexplicable simply by asserting that space aliens must have done it.

“The Wonders of Egypt” 
The Great Pyramid of Giza is a perennial topic in the Ancient Astronaut lore. Missler cites Graham Hancock and two of his books, Fingerprints of the Gods and The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind.[19] Who is Graham Hancock and is he a credible Egyptologist? It appears that he believes in the powers of “altered states of consciousness” and that space aliens seeded planet Earth.

Hancock specialises in unconventional theories involving ancient civilizations, stone monuments or megaliths, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths and astronomical/astrological data from the past. One of the main themes running through many of his books is the possible global connection with a “mother culture” from which he believes all ancient historical civilizations sprang.[20]

Hancock speculates that the pyramids in Egypt were “built over 12,000 years ago.”[21] Missler entertains Hancock’s ideas – ideas which include “stories of the flying ‘gods’ who came down to instruct and guide the ancient Egyptians” who “flew on ‘celestial disks’ or ‘flying boats,’” and how these “ancient Egyptians were given [their] advanced technology by an advanced race of extraterrestrials.”[22] In a side remark to all of this, Missler delivers a sarcastic barb to a well-known scholarly critic: “The ‘official’ position of the Egyptian antiquities Organization and it [sic] director, Zahi Hawass, is that the pyramids and Sphinx were build by Egyptians between 1500 and 3000 B.C.”[23]

Exhibit 3: Sun Disk with Wings, Theosophical Temple

“The ‘Winged Disk’ of Ra” 
Missler gives credence to the mythological accounts of “winged disks” of Ra by quoting from an “inscription” from the “temple at Edfu, an ancient Egyptian city dedicated to the [god] Horus” which “deals with the activities of the gods long before the reign of the pharaohs.”[24] No mention is made of the Bible accounts of early Egypt, nor are their any biblical warnings about Egyptian idolatry such as Ezekiel’s warning: “defile not yourselves with the idols of Egypt: I am the LORD your God” (Ezek 20:7) Rather, Missler bolsters Egyptian idolatry by giving it credence:

With these remarkable records of the gods of Egypt flying on a winged celestial disk and the flying boat of Ra, it is easy to see why UFO researchers have embraced these texts as proof of ancient visitations by a technologically advanced race of extraterrestrial beings.[25]

Missler quotes from the Egyptian Book of the Dead as translated by Zechariah Sitchin,[26] describing, “these remarkable records of the gods of Egypt flying on a winged celestial disk and the flying boat of Ra.” The Egyptian Book of the Dead is ancient funerary texts that were used for spells, incantations, magic, rituals, etc. The magic therein was supposed to be used to control the gods, particularly as it gave power over the afterlife. These texts are considered to be some of the worst black magic on earth.[27] So why would an esteemed Christian author cite this as a source?

The footnote citations for Missler’s Egyptian quotations are problematic. Footnote 49 states: “Heinrich Brugsch, Die Sage von der gelflugten Sonnenscheibe, 1870. English translation in The Wars of Gods and Men, by Zechariah Sitchin, Avon, 1985, p. 27.”[28] The literal translation of German Egyptologist Brugsch’s work is “The saga of the circle of the sun disk which has wings” according to Dr. Martin Erdmann, who observed that

at the end of the 19th century the capital city of the state of Prussia, Berlin, was the center of Egyptology. One of the reasons for this was the strong presence of Freemasonry in that city. The German Kaiser Wilhelm I. (he became “Kaiser” in 1871 of a united Germany) was a dedicated Freemason. Belonging to Freemasonry was a continue affair among the Prussian kings ever since Friedrich II (the Great) was inducted into the Lodge. Kaiser Wilhelm II (the son of Wilhelm I) was steeped in occultism. The Humboldt University of Berlin (founded in 1810) was always a hotbed of esotericism. It’s first president, J. Fichte, was known for his deep sympathies of mysticism; and then G.W.F. Hegel and Friedrich Schleiermacher lectured there (among others).[29]

Knowing this history, it is therefore disturbing that the symbol of a sun disk with wings is often associated with a swastika.[30] During the turn of the last century, Theosophy played a huge role in connecting “winged disk” and “swastika” images to their plan for the purification of the race:

…[I]n places such as Bavaria, Thuringia, and Asconia, German-speaking youths were on the march. They were hiking, singing German folks songs, reading Novalis, Goethe, Haeckel, Wilhelm Bolsche, Hesse, and Madame Blavatsky, wearing swastika pendants and runic rings, bathing nude in the sun, and dancing around bonfires on the days of the summer solstice—the ancient German festival of the “changing sun” (Sonnwendfest). They carried banners with the ancient Aryan “sun wheel” on them, a symbol of god that could be found in the ancient homeland of the Aryans—Iran and especially India—in the form of circular mandalas. And they sang hymns of praise to the sun.[31]

See Exhibit 1 at the top of this post. This winged disc imagery was used by Theosophists to preface an article that embeds the occult into the Genesis 6 account of giants. This research rabbit trail is relevant to the book review because human racial purification is a common theme found throughout UFO lore and is increasingly popular in the church via the PPP teachings.[32] This topic will come up again later in this review. While researching, I also found more current examples from Erich von Daniken’s 2010 book Twilight of the Gods: The Mayan Calendar and the Return of the Extraterrestrials that depicts several ancient sun disks.[33] Below (Exhibit 4) is an illustration used by current PPP teacher Tom Horn.

Exhibit 4: “the story of flying disks,the gods who flew in them,
and gateways through which the evil and benevolent influences sought entry.”

Other Strange Sources for UFO Sightings 
Missler quotes frequently from a 1975 book by John Weldon and Zola Levitt, UFOs: What On Earth is Happening?[34] It is outside of the scope of this review of Alien Encounters to examine Levitt’s book in detail, but it is considered a classic work in UFO lore.[35] Weldon and Levitt gave credence to the idea that “UFOs seem to have been around for a long time.”[36] And they claimed that the “writings of certain Roman historians… record incidents of unidentified objects in the skies over Rome in the third and fourth centuries B.C.”[37] Missler neglects to mention that the ancient Romans were very superstitious, and religiously watched the skies as a form of divination, ascribing supernatural meaning to any anomalies, even comets.[38]

According to a footnote in Missler’s “Ancient Rome” subsection, Weldon and Levitt cited Harold T. Wilkins, author of Flying Saucers Uncensored, as their authority on this information. When I researched him, however, I discovered that he was an unsolved mysteries expert in “the hollow earth theory,” the idea that “a vanished white race had occupied the whole of South America in ancient times” and the “claim that Quetzalcoatl was from Atlantis.”[39] This same footnote also references Ralph Blum and his book Beyond Earth: Man’s Contact with UFOs.[40] Blum is best known for advocating the use of “runes for answering life’s questions.” This a technique of divination, using the “ancient I Ching divination system of China.”[41] Ralph Blum, as quoted by Weldon and Levitt, is used as a source again regarding an incident where Christopher Columbus reportedly saw some strange lights, which is interpreted to be a UFO sighting.[42] All of these quotations from questionable sources are used to bolster the case that space aliens visited earth in the past.

Missler relies on Jacques Vallee heavily throughout his book, lauding him as “the world-renowned UFO researcher portrayed in the 1977 blockbuster movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”[43] Missler says that Vallee wrote a “fascinating book, Passport to Magonia,” and quotes him:

“…The folklore of every culture… had a rich reservoir of stories about humanoid beings that flew in the sky, used devices that seemed in advance of the technology of the time.” [44]

Who is Jacque Vallee and is he a credible source of factual information? He is an astronomist, venture capitalist and computer scientist who is most noted for his study of UFOs as well as his study of Marian apparitions. Vallee’s book Passport to Magonia is one of the leading works in “Paranormal and occult hypotheses about UFOs.” Vallee’s genre of UFO lore is characterized by mediums, mystics, ghosts, Jungian psychology, myths and fables, and occult metaphysics.[45]

Missler also quotes from Jacques Bergier’s 1974 book Extraterrestrial Visitations from Prehistoric Times to the Present. Bergier claimed that “practically every year of the Dark Ages saw reports of ‘luminous strangers’ being made.”[46] Who is Jacques Bergier and is he a reputable source? Bergier is most notably an occultist, an expert on New Age Mayanism,[47] Ancient Astronaut Theory,[48] and UFOs.[49] He is most well known as the author of The Morning of the Magicians, a textbook about magic, alchemy, metaphysics and the occult that has become a cult classic.[50]

Missler references Aimé Michel, a self-described “pathological rebel” who published a 1954 book about a wave of UFOs in France (Mystérieux Objets Célestes). Aimé Michel and Jacques Bergier (mentioned above) devised a theory called orthotenie’ – “that UFO sightings could be concentrated along… grid lines” on the earth.[51] Michel also co-wrote many things with UFO advocate Jacques Vallee. The list of Aimé Michel’s writings indicates he was deeply involved with the occult. His orthotenie’ concept is said to be connected to the esoteric idea of “ley lines” representing “hidden earth energies” that have “hidden power,” or “mystical energy fields,” i.e. geomancy.[52] These are very popular ideas in the New Age movement, which have also been imported into the New Apostolic Reformation.[53]

Star Children
By this time it is obvious that a pattern is developing. Missler is heavily relying on New Age and occult sources to bolster his contention that UFOs are real. I kept hoping as I read along that this would cease, and I expectantly anticipated that Missler would soon introduce credible research scientists and biblical scholars. But things went from bad to worse….

Under the subheading “The ‘Star People’,” Missler reports at length on a “landmark conference called the “’Star Knowledge Conference’” which was “convened by Lakota medicine man Standing Elk to share secret tribal traditions about the ‘Star People’ (Extraterrestrials) with a prestigious group of prominent UFO researchers.”[54] The footnote for this conference references “Richard Boylan’s Star Knowledge Conference Report.”[55] I could not locate a list of attendees at this conference, but the glowing report in Alien Encounters actually seems to be made in the first person. Did Missler (or his co-author Eastman) attend this Star Knowledge Conference?

When I first googled the name of the man who published the conference reports, Richard Boylan, I found his official website[56] which “contains reports, articles, and other information on the Star Visitors, on their starcraft (UFOs), and on the advanced-Human Star Kids and Star Seed Adults so numerous now in our population.” Boylan, who says he is a “retired Clinical Hypnotherapist,” holds some elaborate conspiracy theories about “Star Nations,” and on his website he offers to teach children “Psychic Exercises.” He also posts articles such as “Effects on Human Consciousness and Spirituality of Upcoming Announcement of UFO Reality.”[57] His website had plenty to be concerned about so I kept researching him, especially since Missler covered the Star Knowledge Conference for many pages in Chapter Two.

In an address he delivered at New Mexico State University on May 8-10, 1998, Richard Boylan explained that he had held previous “Star Knowledge Conferences,” particularly near Indian reservations.[58] He explained, “These Conferences are also occasions to deepen the skills essential for living in the dawning ‘Fifth World’, as Earth becomes a cosmic society, and learns to live the Native American truth…,” which includes an example of “astral travel” by a Mayan.[59]

One of Richard Boylan’s reports on what transpired at this 1996 conference, titled “Transition from Fourth To Fifth World: The ‘Thunder Beings’ Return,” is a New Age soup of agendas including a “Great Purification” of the planet, a sustainable lifestyle, and “the use of psychic and spiritual gifts.” Boylan divulged that at this conference some “grandmother elders… declared that this new Fifth World would have as its hallmark the attributes of positive feminine energy.” He wrote, “The next morning, a major Colorado newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News, carried the story that ‘a bold group at Estes Park Center [Star Vision Conference] had declared an end to the current era and the beginning of a Fifth Dimension [World] reality.’” This statement was a classic reference to the New Age belief about the changing epochs. Boylan also asserted that extraterrestrial “Thunder Beings” will “dissolve the existing order and fashion a new arrangement from the pieces.”[60] Concerning alien encounters Boylan wrote that

in encounters, the Star Visitors frequently effect upgrades in the experiencer’s consciousness, so that following a contact, the experiencer finds him/herself with psychic, or more intensified psychic, abilities…. [61]

Missler didn’t divulge the strong anti-Christian sentiments of the participants of that conference but did reveal that this “Star Knowledge” conference was led by medicine men, i.e., “shamans.”[62] Are shamans reliable sources of accurate and truthful information?! Boylan provided extensive details about the occult nature of the conference proceedings:

Standing Elk talked about meeting another Sioux Medicine Man who confirmed that there are ETs. Some are like ants, with big black eyes and long fingers and toes. Some live out in the cosmos and some on the other side of the Moon. Sioux legends relate that they came from the Pleiades, with others coming from the Sirius and Orion systems. He related about having visitations in the sweat lodge from the “Grey” ETs, who bear messages and provide answers to questions. Standing Elk talked about being visited by a five-foot-tall, orange-skinned extraterrestrial with large eyes. He also mentioned blue and green Star People, and “a hundred other races you don’t know about.” He asserted that “the Way of the Stars is in every culture.” 

Moving to a religious theme, he said that Jesus was a Star Man…. 

The next speaker, Oglala spiritual advisor Floyd Hand, continued the religious theme, speaking about the Avatars (world religious teachers), such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and White Buffalo Calf Woman, (the Star Person who gave the Sioux their spiritual history, health practices and ceremonies.) “The Avatars are Star People.”… 

Norbert Running, a Lakota Medicine Man, was one of the first to participate in the revived Sun Dance of modern times. He chastised latter-day Native American “neo-traditionalists” as contaminated by Christian missionaries, believing in devils, and making up bureaucratic religion rules. Norbert Running said that most Indians on the reservations believe in the Natural Way of spirituality. He urged everyone to “cultivate Spirit Guides to help you in the life path.”[63][bold added]

This is disturbing information. It is obviously a mixture of New Age and Native American spirituality. Why did Missler go on and on about this conference in his book as if it were a good thing that Christians should be interested in? In fact, Missler put the best face forward, stating that this conference was attended by a “prestigious group of prominent UFO researchers.”[64] Something wasn’t adding up. Seeking for answers, I researched further and located an extensive report about Boylan. I learned that the man has been at the center of all sorts of controversy over the years:

Richard Boylan… describes himself as Earth’s councillor on the High Council of Star Nations, an interplanetary peace group…. Boylan describes the group as an organization of the 1,438 “intelligent advanced civilizations” in the Milky Way galaxy. 

Boylan has worked as a social worker and psychologist and was previously a president of the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association. But in 1995, the California Board of Psychology revoked his license, saying he had “abused his role as a therapist when he imposed his personal views on the existence of extraterrestrials into the dreams and memories of two patients.” Boylan had specialized in treating patients who had allegedly survived encounters with aliens. 

He founded the Star Kids Project in 2003. On his website, he explains that Star Kids are the biological children of human parents, but the reproductive system of a parent has been modified by visitors from other planets to create advanced human children. 

“These Star Kids carry extraordinary abilities, such as telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, clairvoyance/remote viewing, ‘downloading’ information from afar, cross-species communication, penetrating intuitiveness, affecting electrical devices, remote-influencing others, inter-dimensional viewing, aura-reading, psychic diagnosis, bioenergetic healing, connecting with one’s Star-Visitor and other guardians, and many other advanced abilities,” Boylan writes on his website.[65]

Boylan has had many such alien encounters, which he wrote about in February 1993, long before he was cited by Missler in 1997.[66] In 2008 Boylan went on Coast To Coast radio with George Noory to announce that “12 environmental scientists from the planet Altimar arrived in January to help deal with Earth’s environmental crisis” and that “A total of 1,483 star races have made contact with Earth.”[67] Boylan is reportedly “the convicted abuser of female patients,”[68] and his professional psychologist license was revoked.[69] Some reports say he is a former Catholic priest, who was defrocked, and also has an arrest record.[70] One webpage documents the controversies of Boylan’s unorthodox activities in the 1990s,[71] and republished an “Open Letter to the UFO Cover-Up” by “Caerulean Adeptus Exemptus & Friend of the Martians Richard Boylan, Ph.D” that is a tirade against anyone who doesn’t believe in UFOs. It uses such graphic language that none of it is reproduced here.[72]

Curious about the reference to children, I then discovered that Boylan’s has devised a “Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire,” an actual assessment test to ascertain if children have space alien DNA.[73]This horrific tool includes occult questions that even ask bodily characteristics such as:

  • 3. The child’s birth was notable for there being a strange presence or figure in the delivery room. or an aura (glow) noted around the child or their crib. 
  • 9. The child mentioned recalling his/her “other parents” out among the stars, or expressed a longing to go back to his/her “real home” out in the cosmos. 
  • 14. The child exhibits mental telepathy (silent mind-to-mind communication). 
  • 17. The child can mentally see something going on at a different location, or in the past, or in the future (clairvoyance/remote viewing). 
  • 21. The child affects certain electrical appliances repeatedly by his/her mere presence, (such as a TV changing channels, a radio turning on, a wristwatch not working any more, or a lamp turning on or off without touching it ) 
  • 37. The child has served at times as a communication channel for off-planet intelligences, and has some awareness of which Star Visitor is speaking through him/her.  
38. The child reports visits by the Star Visitors (ET’s).
  • 42. The child has demonstrated the capacity to summon one or more Star Visitors or their spacecraft (UFO) successfully, and they later show up as requested. 
  • 47. The child has an unusual eye iris color, or iris pattern, or pupil shape, or overall eye configuration in the head.[74]

I was terribly alarmed to discover that such an offensive questionnaire like this exists. How could anyone devise an assessment test to determine a child’s psychic abilities and/or corrupted DNA?![75]  I was reminded of the words of Jesus in Mark 9:42: And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

I sadly noted that despite the ease to which one can find disturbing information about this man, we found references to Richard Boylan as recently as this past January in a NewsWithViews article by PPP leader Cris Putnam,[76] in which he cites Boylan’s article in UFO Digest, “Vatican Official Declares Extraterrestrial Contact Is Real.”[77]

ETs from the Pleiades?  
Missler continues writing about the “Star Knowledge” conference, revealing that “Chet Snow of the Hopi tribe” had “shared his belief that modern day ‘Crop Circles,’… are messages from the Star Nations and that the same ‘glyphs’ are found in ancient Hopi hieroglyphs.”[78] This statement may explain the current fascination with crop circles[79] amongst PPP leaders.[80] Missler explained,

The conference climaxed with the prediction that the “Star Peoples” from seven different galaxies will return to Earth in the late 1990s…. Then the White Buffalo Calf Woman, an Extraterrestrial who birthed the native peoples, will return to Earth and a new age of peace and harmony will emerge! Time will tell.[81]

Note this last little sentence, “Time will tell.” There is no rebuttal here. Just speculation. There is no presentation of the alternative, the biblical view. Instead, this mystical prophecy by a tribal shaman is considered to be a future scenario of a “new age of peace and harmony.” But it gets worse. Missler also states:

A curious aspect to the conference was the fact that the Native American conference participants who have allegedly been contacted by Star People did so by parapsychological means such as telepathy, channeling, out-of-body and near-death experiences. [82]

Once again there is no solid biblical refutation of these clearly occult techniques. I worry that an undiscerning and undiscipled reader could be left thinking that this is all perfectly okay. One could easily be deceived into thinking that it is permissible to use these occult techniques if one is trying to communicate with a space alien for the higher good of mankind. Yet again, in Missler’s report on the “Star Knowledge” conference, he seemed to give credence to “Nordic type” extraterrestrials” and “Pleiadians” who “have had emissaries among us who have assisted in our ‘spiritual development’.”[83] Are space aliens assisting mankind’s spiritual development?! This totally guts the Gospel of salvation, that Jesus shed His blood on the cross for our sins, and that men must believe in Jesus Christ to be saved. Are ETs now humanity’s salvation?! Missler comments,

Standing Elk, the Star Knowledge Conference organizer spoke of a Sioux medicine man who allegedly has regular visitations by Star People from Pleiades.[84]

“Nordic types”?! Visitations from “Pleiadians?! Missler provides an extended quotation about “celestial beings who arrived on Earth from the Pleiades” and “bearded white men who were giants from Taurus, the constellation of Pleiades” who “descended from the clouds” to have “sexual intercourse with Incan women.”[85] This disturbing quote, laden with racial implications, is attributed to Robert Stanley’s 1995 UNICUS Magazine article, “ETs from the Pleiades.”[86] Stanley’s bio says he “has passionately researched UFOs and ETs for over 30 years.” His website is full of New Age themes.[87] The particular UNICUS issue cited by Missler[89] with the article “ETs from the Pleiades,” is shown below at the bottom.[88]

 Exhibit 5: Two UNICUS Magazine covers

More INcredible Experts
Next on the list of Missler’s incredible experts is Peter Tompkins, whose book Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids claims the “massive pyramids” in Teotihuacan were “built by giants!”[90] When researching Peter Tompkins I learned that he is best known as the pseudoscientist who wrote a 1973 book about how to talk to your house plants! It was a New Age classic, introducing people to eastern mysticism. He has also authored The Magic of Obelisks and several other New Age books.[91]

Missler next describes “the “flying machines” of the Hindu gods.[92] Once again he cites Zecharia Sitchen, whom he refers to with a blanket statement, “According to some scholars….” I had to look at the footnote to see who the “scholars” were. Here Missler was citing Sitchen’s 1985 book The Wars of Gods and Men, which is the third book in the Earth Chronicles series. An online book review summarizes its strange contents, some of which completely rewrites biblical accounts by adding in space aliens:

[Sitchin] restates his earlier theories which… is that the Anunnaki, inhabitants of a 10th planet now on the far side of our sun, came to earth millennia ago and eventually created modern man by means of genetic manipulation. These “gods” were anything but divine, constantly fighting amongst themselves for power and prestige. Inevitably, the warring gods turned to man as new instruments of warfare against their enemies. Men such as Sargon the Great were granted kingship in Mesopotamia and surrounding areas and encouraged to wage war on whomever their gods commanded them to fight. With gods often fighting alongside men, brandishing powerful weapons of destruction, warfare became a common, increasingly destructive way of life. 

Sitchin… virtually rewrites the history of the pyramids of Giza in terms of the construction and usage of the monuments, the sentence of a god to imprisonment in the Great Pyramid…. Next, he identifies Abraham of the Bible as the noble son of a Sumerian priest and not a Semite at all; more incredibly, he argues that the real purpose of Abraham’s ordained trip to Canaan was to stop an invading army of eastern kings from capturing the Anunnaki control center and spaceport in the Sinai peninsula. Finally, Sitchin argues that Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as the Sinai space port, were actually destroyed by nuclear weapons and that the tragic disappearance of the ancient Sumerians is to be explained by the radioactive fallout of the explosions drifting over the area.[93]

I was disturbed to find another quote concerning race; this time concerning Hopi Indians awaiting their “True White Brother.”[94] The source of this statement is yet another New Ager, Timothy Green Beckley, who authored The American Indian UFO-Starseed Connection.[95] I discovered he also wrote a heretical-sounding book called A New Book of Revelations – A Harvesting Of Souls At Earth’s Final Moment. This book actually lists one of its authors as “Ashtar Command,” which is the name given to the channeled telepathic transmissions from space aliens to earthlings, this one going by the name of “Tuella.”[96] Beckley also wrote other occult books such as Levitation and Invisibility—Learn to Use The Incredible SUPER POWERS Within You!, Heaven Sent Money Spells – Divinely Inspired For Your Wealth; Kahuna Power: Authentic Chants, Prayers and Legends of the Mystical Hawaiians; and Gypsy Witch Spell Book: Ritualistic Secrets Of Sorcery, Shamanism, Witchcraft, Magick And Fortune Telling among many others.[97] Beckley founded the UFO Investigators League in the early 1970s[98] and has been a frequent guest on Coast to Coast radio where he discusses his many paranormal interests.[99]

“The Mingling of Men and ‘Gods’”
 This phrase above is the subheading for the next subsection in Chapter Two.[100] It begins with an overview of the “world’s religious texts” where “we find a number of common threads regarding ancient visitations of beings from the heavens.”[101] This syncretic statement alone should raise a few red flags. But it is also referring to ancient mythological gods as though they were real beings! Instead of issuing a warning about the heresy of ancient pagan idolatry, Missler jumps right into “the mythology of the Greek and Roman Empires.”[102]  Indeed, ancient mythology is the most potent source of material for Ancient Astronaut theories, as evidence by its widespread use throughout the writings of Erich von Daniken. This revival of ancient mythology serves as a convenient melting pot for all world religions, especially when mixed with New Age future scenarios.

Missler then asserts, “In the Bible, in the sixth chapter of Genesis, we read that giants were born” which are “widely interpreted in modern UFO literature as a race of extraterrestrials.”[103] This could have been his chance! Missler could have used this opportunity to rebut all of this “UFO Literature” he has been citing in the first two chapters. But instead he expands on the topic of “hybrids” who “[a]ccording to numerous authors… were the ‘third party’ who assisted mankind in the building of the monuments of Egypt, Stonehenge.”[104] Here is yet another claim of space aliens assisting mankind.

By this time I was beginning to suspect that all of this UFO material in Chapter Two was simply paving a way towards a rethinking (“refreezing”)[105] of the “giants” thesis of Genesis 6. In fact, the extended quote that appears next comes straight out of Erich von Daniken’s 1972 book Gods from Outer Space, who gives us a preview of the new eschatology[106] that would be come to be developed in the evangelical world.

“The records of ancient Sumeria tell of gods descending from the stars and fertilizing their ancestors. Like the gods of ancient Greece, the ‘sons of God’ in the sixth chapter of Genesis, and the Pleiadians of pre-Inca mythology, the flying gods of India begat children with women of Earth. These offspring possessed the supernatural skills and attributes of their extraterrestrial fathers.” 

“According to the legends of South Sea Islanders, one of the ‘gods of heaven’ visited them in an enormous gleaming egg and fertilized human females, producing Earth’s first offspring. A similar story is found in the Epic of Gilgamesh and Book of Enoch, where the ‘Watchers,’ a group of supernatural beings, lusted after human females and begat giants. An ancient Persian myth alleges that demons had corrupted Earth and allied themselves with women!”[107]

Astonishingly, Missler concludes this chapter by asserting that there is a “nugget of truth” to these “myths and legends of old.” And he bolsters his case by stating, “This is confirmed by author Zecharia Sitchen, an expert in Semitic languages….”[108] Sitchen’s expertise, as mentioned previously, is very debatable.

In the final subsection of Chapter Two, “Ancient Visitors, But From Where?” Missler leaves open the possibility that even though there is “great controversy, even among experienced UFO investigators,” there are other “researchers” who “speculate that UFOS and their occupants may not be extraterrestrial, but extradimensional beings from beyond the four dimensions of our space-time domain!”[109] And indeed in the next chapters Missler expands on his quantum physics/spirituality speculations.

I sadly note that Missler never once disputes the accuracy or veracity of these UFO stories. Instead he entertains their premise by cleverly raising questions and offering further speculations. Chapter Two relies almost exclusively on some of the most controversial and occult UFO leaders extant, and it treats them as though they are credible experts. Some of these men were well-known disreputable characters long before Alien Encounters was ever published. It is upon this very shaky foundation in Chapter Two – pseudoscience, pseudoarcheology, pseudohistory, paranormal, New Age, shamanism, occultism, channeling and parapsychology – that the rest of this book’s premise is built.

Erich von Daniken: A Personal Testimony 
I have had prior experience with von Daniken. I know all about his teachings. In the summer of 1974 as a college student, I embarked on an archeological dig because of his books. Before this I had been a hippie, deep into Hindu mysticism, Transcendental Meditation and many other occult practices. I had accepted Jesus into my heart in 1971, but I was not being taught Scripture nor was I being discipled, and so I continued on as a very carnal and immature believer. I also continued to believe things I had been taught in public school, e.g., evolution. In the summer of 1973 someone gave me a copy of von Daniken’s book, Chariots of the Gods. I read and re-read his book, and soon began devouring every other book I could find on the topic. I thought it was fascinating to read about the ancient gods and goddesses—winged creatures who had influenced mankind.

By the spring of 1974 I was so interested in the hypothesis of von Daniken’s book that I enrolled in a college course to study Teilhard de Chardin, whom I had been told was a great paleontologist who had integrated evolution with Christianity. That semester I learned about Teilhard’s worldview, that humanity must be evolving to a higher order species. I didn’t have a biblical foundation upon which to question this. At that same time in my other courses I was being steeped in a type of humanism that taught me that mankind could change his destiny via psychosocial and educational methods. I was even trained in encounter group facilitation to assist with this process. All of this appealed to me – a former “flower child” who wanted nothing better than “peace and love” on earth. So when the opportunity arose to spend a whole summer on an archeological dig I jumped at the chance!

That summer I would end up going back into eastern mysticism. At one point I seriously considered the Bahá’í faith,[110] which eerily seemed to speak on exactly the same spirituality as Teilhard’s book Hymn of the Universe. What had started as a passionate interest in the archeological propositions of von Daniken had quickly put me right back into the occult. Where was Jesus? I was surrounded with the occult teachings that He had simply been a great man, a “god,” like the others who had come and guided mankind. But something was amiss. I could feel a terrible darkness all around me.

But God did not abandon me, and one of the most gracious things He did for me was to seriously humble me – enough so that it stopped me in my tracks. I had been foolish enough to speak my opinion that summer, telling archeology students and professors about my beliefs in von Daniken’s theories. They laughed me to scorn! Many of them had been on digs in Central and South America, and also in the Mideast and Egypt – even sites mentioned by von Daniken. “Don’t you know that von Daniken is a kook and a quack?!” they snickered. But they then patiently explained how and why his theories were unscholarly pseudoscience – based on their firsthand knowledge of the sites. When I mentioned that I also believed in Teilhard de Chardin, more eyes rolled. I learned that his faulty paleontological ideas were dismissed as the fanciful imaginations of a defrocked Jesuit priest.[111] God used these chastening rebukes and chuckles from non-Christian scholars to teach me to question everything I had so gullibly believed. It is a lesson I carry with me to this day. Ironically, during this book review my penchant for documentation had led back to von Daniken!

Believing in von Daniken’s theories lured me into the same old morass of eastern mysticism. And because I had blended von Daniken’s ideas with those of Teilhard, as many others also do, it endowed me with a perfectly formed evolutionary worldview that combined past with present, and present with future – in fact, the same esoteric paradigm held by most UFO advocates.

 In 1976, I would ultimately repent of what I had been involved in and return to my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. But would not be until May of 1982, when I first heard Constance Cumbey speak on Southwest Radio Church, that I learned the truth – that what I had been involved in all of those years had actually been an orchestrated effort to corrupt my beliefs. It was called the New Age Movement.[112] Stunned, tears pouring down my face, I sat in my car outside a shopping center, riveted to Connie’s message on the radio. I finally understood what had happened to me. And then I realized God’s amazing grace to pull me out of this!

As I worked on writing this book review, I once again recalled that terrible darkness that overtook me in 1974. Why, I pondered, would a highly revered Christian leader like Missler lead people into this darkness? Yes, it is fascinating, even intoxicating, to ponder these ancient myths and what they might mean. But – BUT – scholarly archeologists employ the methodologies of science, forming a hypotheses about what they are finding on their digs, and then testing their hypotheses with other hard facts and documentation. They don’t resort to “medicine men” or channeled space alien communications, and they don’t rely on “experts” who teach them how to talk to ET or their house plants. Good archeologists are supposed to speculate, but it always leads them back to research. And for an archeologist this means the hard work on a dig, sifting, sweating, shoveling, scraping, washing, and then exhaustively cataloging data. Archeology is not a glamorous profession, although it can be at times. It is hard work, being covered with mud, standing waist deep in a pit that feels like baking in a hot oven.

Missler took an esoteric shortcut and arrived at von Daniken’s conclusions. He wasn’t using science, he was relying on pseudo-science. And there were no warnings in Chapter Two about his unsavory and occult sources. He shares their information as if it were factual. And that is the crux of the problem. Missler missed every single chance in these opening two chapters to warn Christians that these teachings were from the occult. Instead, he promulgated the esoteric worldviews of these occultists, shady characters and shamans. And by the time the reader has finished the first two chapters, they could easily be hooked into von Daniken’s new worldview without any warnings whatsoever.[113]

Let the wicked forsake his way,
and the unrighteous man his thoughts:
and let him return unto the LORD,
and He will have mercy upon him;
and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon.
For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways My ways, saith the LORD.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are My ways higher than your ways,
and My thoughts than your thoughts. 

 (Isaiah 55:7-9)

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ideas–guardians that were often accompanied by winged spirits holding
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