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Bridal Eschatology

Part 3 
The PASSION of the PRESENCE & the Purpose of the Passion 

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Joel’s Army

IHOP-KC sets an emotionally charged grand vision before their students that they are unique from every other generation and that God will use them for great end-time exploits….
The [IHOP] vision seemed attractive. We were to be used by God when His end-times plan began to unfold. Until then, we were preparing for that time.
“Simply put, the revelation of Jesus as the Bridegroom is the revelation of Jesus’ burning desire for His people,” Bickle says in an IHOP brochure. “As a Bride of Christ, we are to walk in revelation of Jesus’ emotions for us, to understand and rejoice in His commitment to share His heart with us, and to respond with wholehearted love and obedience to His will as we enter into partnership with Him….”[2]
The house of prayer is a house of His Presence where worship prepares the way for His eternal reign on the earth.[3]


IHOP and the “Presence” 
IHOP is on the rise in the evangelical world. Once an obscure church in the Kansas City area on the fringes of the Charismatic movement, it has now become a youth movement. The IHOP (International House of Prayer) is on the verge of engulfing youth ministry in this country with its methods and its doctrines. Through its aggressive recruitment efforts it is playing a leading role on college campuses. It is listed as an equal partner in many collaborative evangelical prayer and mission efforts. IHOP leaders are now openly associating with the upper echelons of evangelical leadership, including engaging in political activism.[4] And the leaven of IHOP doctrine is quietly seeping into the entire church world.

Few parents who send their kids off to IHOP-sponsored or connected events know what IHOP really stands for. This is because IHOP and its many associated offshoots market themselves as revivalists. Everyone wants youth to experience revival. But is this “house of prayer” experience a true revival? Is this a revival based on the Gospel of Salvation? The IHOP conferences and events are stage-managed to produce the maximum amount of visual, aural, psychological, sensual and spiritual stimuli—all of which can superficially appear to be revival. But is it biblical revival? When this movement began 25 years ago, one critic noticed its faulty framework:

What is perceived as spiritual is in reality soulish, contributing to a euphoric state of altered consciousness from repetitious choruses that follow one upon the other. The mesmerizing effect of the music creates a frame of mind open to suggestion by the subsequent preaching of dominionist teachers who build on the fervor of the moment with messages of future power and glory.[5]

The orchestrated commotion at youth events serves as fertile ground for inculcating a strange and different doctrine—a doctrine that has been taught by IHOP leaders for decades.

The original IHOP blueprint is still in effect.[6] The extreme praise and worship music is an essential component of their whole plan. It is based on the old Latter Rain cult “Tabernacle of David”[7] (TOD) heresy that taught that “before the Church can be perfected and establish dominion, it must restore praise and worship as a means to enter into the presence of God.”[8] TOD is based on an “endtime revival”[9] scenario in which the church will progressively become mature, sinless and perfect, culminating in a final generation of “New Breed”[10] youth of “elect seed”[11] who will possess superior spiritual abilities. These youth, as “the manifestation of the Sons of God,” will evolve/emerge into “overcomers”—“and step into immortality in order to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.”[12] As a perfected corps of elites they will become “the ‘man-child’ of Revelation 12” (also referred to as “the many-membered man child”).[13] A summary of these teachings explains:

Central to Manifest Sons of God doctrine is the belief that sonship to God comes through higher revelation. The Christian life, it is believed, is fragmented into stages of maturity… to become a son of God and, ultimately, gods ourselves.[14][bold added]

Some who have been infected by the Manifest Sons of God teachings even believe He will not return physically, but rather that Christ and the Church are becomine one in nature and essence, and that the Church, as the ‘on-going incarnation of God,’ is Christ on earth. [15][bold added] 

This doctrine of being able to attain spiritual elitism is both alluring and intoxicating to a generation raised on the witchcraft powers of Harry Potter. Youth are being told that they will be specially anointed with higher-order spiritual gifts that no generation on earth has ever attained previously. Possessing these superior powers, they are being told, will give them secret knowledge to become immortal. They will gain the ability to subdue their enemies and “rule over the nations with a rod of iron.”[16] They believe they can wield this spiritual power, much the same as is taught in the occult.[17]

Before they can gain this supreme ascendancy, though, they must first undergo zealous works of purification and deprivation—activities which seem super-spiritual at face value, but which have nothing to do with the Gospel of Salvation. The IHOP call for extreme asceticism (referred to at times as the “Nazarite”[18] and/or “wilderness lifestyle”[19]) is held up as the exemplary model for becoming “mature.”[20] This model can best be performed by unencumbered youth. It cannot be replicated by those who are living typical lives in Christian families, nurturing small children, caring for the elderly, visiting the sick, working at normal jobs, doing mission work and attending church regularly. Rather, the most demanding rigors of this 24/7 prayer work can only be performed by those who have left behind “natural affection” (Rom. 1:31; 1 Tim. 3:3) and chosen a radical manner of life akin to monasticism.[21]

It is not a matter of IF the IHOP is teaching the old Latter Rain/Manifest Sons of God (MSOG) doctrines. It is HOW they have repackaged them for mass-market appeal. Before getting bogged down in their semantic gymnastics, keep in mind that IHOP uses inventive spiritual-sounding terminologies laden with secret theological meanings known only to their initiated elite. One IHOP critic cautions:

You don’t have to be around the IHOP movement very long before you are exposed to a large glossary of insider terms and phrases…. A cautionary red light should go on whenever we discover any church or Christian movement creating, and extensively using, their own exclusive language.… This becomes especially disconcerting when most inside a Christian movement begin to “talk alike” and parrot the same terms and phrases in their prayers and songs….[22]

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this report, we examined the history and context of this “Presence” theology. What follows is an in-depth examination of IHOP’s specific teachings, methods and practices as they relate to the eschatology of a coming “Presence” that will indwell and empower the IHOP “Bride” to “to contend, to wrestle with and throw down [her] spiritual adversaries.”[23]

Exhibit: IHOP’s Blueprint: http://beyondgrace.blogspot.com/search/label/Joseph%20Company

Fleshing Out the “Presence” 

Mike Bickle, in 1982, received a prophetic word that said “I (the Lord) will change the understanding and expression of Christianity in one generation.”[24]

In what Mike Bickle has called his “Forerunner Eschatology”[25] we can see evidences of the early Latter Rain/Manifest Sons of God cult teachings. Bickle alters the doctrine of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to focus on the preparation of a corporate “Bride” for a “last-day divine war to drive evil from the earth and cleanse it.”[26] The term “forerunner” itself implies an elite role. It is linked to John the Baptist and preparing the way. Preparing the way for what? The coming “Presence.”[27] Forerunners act in a manner similar to change agents, functioning as early adopters who are marketing IHOP’s doctrines and practices.[28]

Similar to the old Latter Rain teachers, Bickle’s eschatology differs from both Premillennialism and Postmillenialism:

Bickle distinguishes his apostolic premillennialism from dispensational premillennialism by rejecting a pretribulation rapture for a conquering church that prays and ministers through Revelation’s Great Tribulation…. 

He believes he is preparing an army of Christians who will triumph during the soon-coming crisis of the Antichrist’s global rule and the Great Tribulation. He preaches a self-identified apostolic Christianity characterized by intimacy with Jesus as bridegroom…. 

He declares that… Jesus is waiting for the church to prepare itself as the pure Bride of Christ and to ready itself to launch the last-day divine war to drive evil from the earth and cleanse it so that it can be filled with God’s love and glory.[29][emphasis added] 

Bickle’s “Forerunner Eschatology” teaches that the endtime church will experience an infilling of the “glory,” thus manifesting itself as a corporate Bride who is “mature”[30] in the faith. This “Bride” must rev up passion.[31] She must “possess the keys of the kingdom through prayer that will drive hell off the planet”[32] :

Based on Bickle’s end-time teaching, Jesus’ second coming has preconditions. He teaches that Jesus will not return until the global church is crying out “Come, Lord Jesus” with a full understanding of her identity as the Bride of Christ. Jesus will only return when the church is functioning in the unity of the Spirit and is anointed in prayer to release the destructive end-time tribulation judgments.[33][emphases added] 

The IHOP “Harp & Bowl” radical worship style is the approved method for increasing the Bride’s perfection. “Harp & Bowl” is based on the old George Warnock “Tabernacle of David” teachings:

“In May 1983, [when Bickle met Bob Jones] the Lord gave a promise to the church at Metro Christian Fellowship that He would release in the midst of their city, a 24-hour a day, citywide ministry to the Lord in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David (Acts 15:14-18). This prayer ministry now includes continuous worship, intercession and warfare.[34][emphasis added]

IHOP’s plan has been to establish a 24/7 “citywide, House of Prayer (in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David) established in every major city of the earth before the Lord’s return.”[35] They believe that their radical fervent prayer will “release God’s power” to transform the church into a “living corporate Son of God on the earth.”[36]

This will be accomplished by the descent of “the glory” in a final overwhelming event that will transfigure all those who receive it.[37][emphasis added] 

An IHOP document explains their particular eschatology of creating a “dwelling place” for the “habitation” of “His presence”:

God wants to establish a dwelling place or habitation of His presence on the earth in His Church…. More than a spirit of revival. God’s looking for a place to manifest His presence. 

This expression of God’s manifest presence transforms the Church, thrust [sic] workers into the harvest and brings God’s power to work through His people on the earth in a way few have experienced in history. This has been reserved for the End Times church.[38][emphasis added]

This isn’t talking about the indwelling Holy Spirit in the life of an individual believer. Rather, they believe in a separate “filling” by a coming “Presence.” God’s sovereignty is diminished as He is portrayed as waiting helpless in the heavenlies until their “bowl of prayers” reaches “fulness.” It has been described as:

“We along with all of creation are longing for the unveiling of Gods power as God waits in heaven for the bowl of the prayers of the saints to be filled up so He can show His power. Prayer is directly related to the release of Gods [sic] power in scripture….”[39][emphasis added]

Exhibit: IHOP’s attempt to set up the Tabernacle of David in Washington, D.C.

IHOP teaches that “God will again raise up and restore the fallen Tabernacle of David” based on 24/7 “music, praise, worship, dancing, and prayer.” Why David’s Tabernacle? They believe there was “NO VEIL separating the manifest presence of God” from the people in the tabernacle that David built for the ark in Jerusalem. Therefore, they believe that just as “the church established these ‘prayer/worship furnaces” of IHOP that “the glory of God will begin to emerge in our region and within each local fellowship” and “the power of God” will be “released in fulness.”[41] In other words, resurrecting the Tabernacle of David music worship system will permit them access to God’s Presence without a veil. But we already have access to God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross: “Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh” (Heb. 10:19-20). Nevertheless, they believe that a fully operational David’s Tabernacle will “draw His manifest presence into our midst” for “tremendous authority and anointing.”[41] Similarly they believe their continual aggressive prayer interacts with the heavenlies to change things on earth; that their prayer “opens up a fountain of life, an open heaven, a Jacob’s ladder.”[42] Thus again they discount the shed blood of Jesus Christ whereby we can draw near to God without the necessity of performing works and rituals: “Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water” (Heb. 10:22).

Bickle’s “Forerunner Eschatology” teaches that the church will release endtime judgments. IHOP’s passionately praying “Warrior Bride”[43] is said to be readying herself to literally walk out the book of Revelation “to release the destructive end-time tribulation judgments.”[44] She has been referred to as “Joel’s Army,”[45] a Latter Rain army charged with wreaking a literal judgment on earth as Christ.[46] IHOP teaches:

The Book of Revelation gives us a stunning picture of the dynamic relationship between the intercession of the end-time church and the release of the judgments of God. There is a clear picture throughout the book of agreement in heaven and on earth as the purified, mature Bride interacts with the heavenly realm and a God stirred in His zeal to judge wickedness and reveal His delight in righteousness.[47][emphasis added] 

…The coming global harvest will have more than uncountable numbers but unmatched corporate devotion, purity, and depth of commitment to Christ before His return.[48][emphasis added] 

They believe their corporate Bride is able to interact with the heavenlies to release judgments, and that the “harvest” (or “cleansing”) of the earth takes place before Jesus returns. According to these doctrines the “Bride” wields the sickle and is in charge of the harvest.[49] This despite Jesus’s clear explanation in Matthew 13:39 that “the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.” This explains the purpose of the radical 24/7 worship style in evidence at all the IHOP prayer furnaces across the world—their “Bride” plays an essential role in the coming judgments! The more fervid and frenzied her prayers, the closer the judgments are to being actuated. An IHOP document asserts:

The interplay of the prophetic church participating in the government of God and His judgments through intercession in the ultimate concert of prayer is vital for us to understand if we want to grasp the critical role of the Bride on the earth at the end of the age. The heavens shift and angels move in response to an anointed Bride united with the heart of Jesus partnering with Him to release judgment through prayer. [50][all emphasis added] 

There is an elitism that comes with this kind of theology. Faithful followers believe they will gain great personal spiritual power—quite an intoxicating idea.[51] History teaches us that anytime someone claims divinity (becoming Christ incarnate, e.g.) it serves to legitimize their grab for absolute power.[52] Note the elite sense of superior spiritual power evidenced in the following statements:

Bickle envisions that the end-time forerunner church will be an advanced “apostolic” movement. They will experience “greater things” than the apostles themselves. They will function as the last day Moses who through prayer releases God’s plagues on the Antichrist, the end-time Pharaoh.

Bickle emphasizes that during the end times, Moses’ miracles and the miracles of the Book of Acts will be combined and multiplied on a global level as the praying church looses God’s judgments on the earth. This is why Bickle calls the Book of Revelation the “End-Times Book of Acts,” meaning that the Book of Revelation reveals the acts of the Holy Spirit that will be demonstrated through the end-time praying church. 

Bickle imagines that millions of praying Christians will one day be unified in prayer by knowing exactly how and when to pray next because the judgments and events in the Book of Revelation are numbered and in sequential chronological order…. [T]he end-time church will be able to loose or bind God’s judgments exactly as they unfold in history…. 

By praying Revelation’s Great Tribulation events into existence, this will result in billions of men, women and children being killed.[53][emphasis added] 

According to its own training documents, IHOP arrogantly believes it will “be a central reality in the age to come as the primary governing strategy of Jesus as He interacts with both heavenly and earthly realms simultaneously.”[54] This IHOP Bride will receive special revelation. The Bride will be informed by the “prophetic messenger” in the “unfolding of the Word” as Jesus “imparts deeper truths and understandings of His heart” to them, proclaiming “His desires and intentions.”[55] As a result, the Bridal church[56] then become empowered “with great signs and wonders in the heavens and on earth” that will “authenticate the message.”[57] What astounding claims! In sum, IHOP believes it plays an exclusive powerful role in orchestrating the endtime judgment states:

God is continually calling IHOP to “do IHOP” because He longs for an active partnership with human beings in full agreement with His methodology to bring about change and transformation.[58][emphasis added]

What is this “methodology” being spoken of? Below we will examine several key methods employed by IHOP to purify and perfect the “Bride” for this coming elite role.

Exhibit: An advertisement for the David’s Tent DC event

How to Manifest the Presence 
“Pray-Reading (Meditating)”[59]
One of the primary methods of inculcating IHOP doctrine is called “Pray-Read.” This is a method of reading Scripture and talking it back to God by “praying promises from His Word that we are to believe.[60] Bickle explains: “Using the Bible and speaking the Word back to God…. Simply speaking its truths back to Him as we read it.”[61] He also describes this technique as “spiritual disciplines of prayer and meditation.”[62] This rote repetition of verses “back to God” is essentially a form of Word Faith, i.e., name-it-and-claim-it. It is a scripted method of “encountering God.”[63] Bickle says, “We actively dialogue with God by praying truths back to Him that exhort us to obey His Word.”[64] While it is commendable that the person praying is committing themselves to obey God, this whole effort can become a formulaic ritual. In fact, it seems to have a bad case of tunnel vision— parroting words back to God is a one-dimensional way to learn the Bible. Bickle asserts,

It is not enough to study the Word, we must give our heart to God and receive from Him as we read it. We allow it to create an active dialogue with God as it gives us the “conversational material.” We must actually speak the Word back to God and against Satan’s attack on our lives.[65]

Note: reading God’s Word isn’t just in order to claim promises for one’s self. This seems self-centered. Studying the Bible is an intellectual exercise of the sober-minded believer that will stimulate further knowledge of God and His holiness.[66] Various methods of Bible study can be profitable. Believers can study words in a passage and delve into related Scriptures for context. Through studying the Bible they receive edification, become convicted of sin, learn how to walk with the Lord in closer obedience, and apply the Word to their various life circumstances. God’s Word is alive, a two-edged sword, that reaches deep into the heart of a believer (Heb. 4:12). The Word is part of our spiritual armor, equipping us to stand in adversity (Eph. 6:17). It has the power to convert an unbeliever (Luke 8:11; John 4:41)). It also permits the believer to have a close and intimate relationship with the Lord (see “word” in Psalm 119, e.g.).

Passionate Praying 
An IHOP document asserts that “Sustained, fervent prayer is necessary to bring about an awakening and to sustain [sic] revival.”[67] This is heady stuff. “The prophetic song” is said to be “one of God’s most powerful weapons.”[68] And “Prayer Rooms” are said to function as a “Special Ops unit.”[69] The IHOP passionate prayer is a vehicle to attain the high level of spiritual power necessary “to establish justice in the earth” and a “breatkthrough in authority to change a nation,” as well as to “change the spiritual atmosphere of cities and nations.”[70] With such extraordinary promises as this, prayer becomes more than direct communication with God. It has nothing to do with humble petitions. Rather, prayer is viewed as a powerful weapon wielded for warfare over the spiritual (and physical) world. In this sense, prayer is a dagger to wield against anything construed to be an “enemy” (is this anything like a curse?). Thus the mercy inherent in the grace of the Gospel of Salvation message is completely lost. IHOP prayer is based on an “us vs. them” worldview in which anything deemed to oppose itself to Christ must be conquered, not saved.

Love is redefined to mean emotional passion. It is far removed from its biblical context of mercy and kindness. As a result, there is often very little difference between IHOP’s “passionate” love and carnal “passionate” lust—both are emotion-centered. Mike Bickle teaches that God passionately will release “the Presence of the Holy Spirit working in us to tenderize and exhilarate our spirits in love.”[71] Thus there is a stated goal to “experience godly emotions” which will provoke a “divine encounter” of “Jesus manifesting His presence (dwelling) in us.”[72] This is speaking of a separate experience from the Holy Spirit indwelling the believer promised in Eph. 3:17 (“that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith…”).

Rather Bickle asserts there is a secondary indwelling experience that “had not yet happened to the Ephesian Christians”—where “Jesus will release His Presence.”[73] The person praying must “profoundly encounter God’s affection” so that they can realize that “God has ‘volcanic desire.” They need to become “exhilarated by God’s affections” and “lost in love.” Such vivid passion language is common throughout IHOP documents.[74] The simple Gospel love message of salvation in 1John 3:16 has been lost: “Hereby perceive we the love of God, because He laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.” 

Decrees and Declarations
The IHOP movement issues “decrees” and “declarations”[75] in the same way it is practiced by C. Peter Wagner and his associates in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). These decrees are essentially demands, assertions or pronouncements. These are based on a belief that it the church must emphatically and forcefully state that God will accomplish something. It is believed that fiercer their assertions, the more God will be “released” to act. This practice encompasses “binding” and “loosing” spiritual warfare.[76] The implication is that God is stalled and stymied in heaven, totally helpless to act until they utter their “prevailing prayer” with enough collective fervor, zeal and repetition.[77] Hence their propensity for 24/7 prayer and huge stadium rallies.[78] 

IHOP cohort and Nazarite advocate, Lou Engle, insists on a re-definition of ekklesia that makes the church “responsible for declaring war, developing military strategy and electing military generals, chief magistrates and other officials.” He said that when Jesus said he was going to build His church, “He meant He was going to establish His governmental center, His house of prayer to contend with every other house.”[79] Engle explained the practice of decrees and declarations in this context:

The ekklesia does not just ask God for answers; it makes authoritative declarations at His direction. As His house of prayer—those who send the “rod” of Christ’s authority forth in the midst of His enemies (see Ps. 110:2)—we do not pray as if we are beggars but decree the Word of the Lord as priests.[80][emphasis added]

In fact, this whole scenario of a “house of prayer” contending with other houses was inspired by a dream Lou Engle had in 1996 in which he saw a Christian church “flipped from its inferior position to dominate [a] Buddhist house of prayer.”[81] Engle explained the significance of this dream in terms of Dominion:

The Lord gave me my marching orders through this dream: to join Him in establishing His church as a house of prayer contending with every other house that exalts itself above the lordship and supremacy of Christ. 

A threat to every corrupt government, institution of oppression, rebellious leader and demonic stronghold, the ekklesia of Jesus is a council of war at the highest level. With Christ as our Head, we are bringing heaven down to earth and barring hell’s invasion.[82]

Notice that nowhere is there a mention of reaching out to Buddhists with the Gospel of Salvation. Rather the focus is on supremacy over them. In the Dominionist worldview it becomes more important to wield power over one’s foes than it is to share the message of the forgiveness to sinners that is freely offered by Jesus Christ. How sad! What a missed opportunity!

Fasting For Fullness 
In 1946 Franklin Hall wrote a book titled Atomic Power With God Through Fasting and Prayer. It had a significant impact on the Latter Rain movement, Pentecostals and the later Charismatics. Hall taught that fasting was a “means of bringing about revival and the ‘restoration’ of the Church.’”[83] Hall’s teachings have now gained a second life in the IHOP movement. IHOP fasting is done for the purpose of “a greater release of power” and “for an open heaven” that will “release angels” on earth. The IHOP “Bridgroom Fast” is taught as a way to “encounter the Bridegroom God” and attain the “nearness of God’s presence.” Significantly, those who fast are promised “greater measures of revelation at an accelerated pace.” All of this fasting is believed to be “preparing the Church for the greatest revival” coming in the endtimes.[84]

Fasting exacerbates the spiritual elitism that is being taught by promising the “experience” of “deeper encounters with God’s power and presence” and a “new ability” and “new level” of “fullness.”[85] This “extravagant fasted lifestyle… fuels passion for Jesus and justice for the poor.”[86] Thus fasting is seen as a method of gaining great spiritual power.

But only the healthy need apply. Even though there are disclaimers for those who cannot fast, the peer pressure is on. This fasting isn’t done in the context of a quiet sedentary life. In addition to normal life duties, there is a heavy expectation of commitment to a “wilderness lifestyle.” So what little physical strength remains after extended periods (up to 40 days) of food deprivation is spent in activities such as described below:

Of the 75 departments that make up IHOP, more than three-fourths are dedicated to action outside the prayer room—everything from orphan care to crisis response to inner-city ministry to training marketplace leaders. This is in addition to a thriving worship label, music school, conference ministry, media institute, Israel initiative, children’s and high school ministries, and an ever-increasing list of other ministries making their mark.[87]

100% Perfection
“100-Fold Obedience” is a frequent phrase in most IHOP documents. Bickle teaches that believers must be 100% obedient in their Christian walk.[88] He says Jesus is not happy with those who come up short by 2%. Only 100% will please Him. Bickle asserts, “The 98% pursuit of obedience has a limited blessing on it. The last 2% is what positions us to live with a vibrant heart.”[89] Only the mature IHOP Bride will master this level of perfection.[90] Bickle teaches:

Jesus promises to manifest God’s presence to those who obey His commandments… the Father loves everyone in the sense of valuing, caring for and pursuing them. However, He only loves the lifestyle, choices, sacrifices and fruit of those who pursue 100-fold obedience.[91]

Power in our Christian life is found only in pursuing 100-fold obedience. There are powerful dynamics that occur in our heart when we soberly aim at walking in total obedience. The 98% pursuit of obedience has a limited blessing on it. The last 2% is what positions us to live with a vibrant heart…. The call to be perfect… is a key to living vibrant.[92]

This 100% perfection teaching is simply an updated version of the old Latter Rain teachings about the “perfected” body on earth. In 1988, Bickle’s associate, Bob Jones, stated this teaching as a prophecy:

…There is a ministry after the five-fold called the ministry of perfection—the Melchisedek Priesthood… your children will be moving into the ministries of Perfection… coming into that Divine Nature of Jesus Christ… they themselves will be that generation that’s raised up to put death itself underneath their feet…. because the Lord Jesus is worthy to be lifted up by a church that has reached the full maturity of the GOD-MAN! [93]

Sleep Deprivation
When sleep deprivation is thrown into this mixture of fasting, along with hefty ministry obligations, the psychological and spiritual vulnerability of IHOP members is substantially increased. The 24/7 prayer furnaces require personnel to man their midnight-6 am shift. This means sacrificing sleep. Sleep deprivation can create disorientation, even leading to an altered state of consciousness (just ask any mother who has stayed up through the night with a sick child). In fact, sleep deprivation is a proven effective torture method.[94] It has often been used by cults as part of their brainwashing, indoctrination and training.[95]

Sexual Deprivation
No, we are not advocating sexual sin by including this as a sub-category. Rather, we wish to point out that Mike Bickle has developed his “Bridal Paradigm” based on his own allegorical rendition of the Bible’s Song of Solomon. As such, Bickle has ignored this book’s plain meaning in favor of an extraordinarily evocative endtime scenario. This “Bridal Paradigm” scenario requires that IHOP youth generate passion—extreme passion. Bickle’s  “Bridal Paradigm” is a graphic portrayal of a sensuous Jesus encountering a passionate Bride; they develop an intense intimacy with each other which is spelled out in vivid detail. This prurient imagery is being taught to a hormonally-challenged age group, which is already attempting to abide by the rugged demands of an ascetic lifestyle. This voluptuous, and sometimes salacious, teaching obviously creates a pressure-cooker situation. It even became necessary to issue a disclaimer about the “passion” that is being generated.[96] As one critic has noted:

I am not claiming that IHOP intends to promote a sexual Jesus, their motives may be pure. It is inescapable, however, that Mike Bickle paints such a sensual picture of Jesus through his allegorizing of the Song of Solomon that he feels obligated to warn us saying, “We are not to think of kissing Jesus on the mouth.” This warning is like the legal statements following television drug commercials – this may cause death or injury and the cure may be worse than the disease. The warning itself paints the picture. The Bible doesn’t need to warn Christians “not to think about kissing Jesus on the mouth” because the true teaching of Jesus doesn’t provoke these lusts. True biblical intimacy with God doesn’t provoke these lusts either. The fact that IHOP feels it necessary to give this warning is proof that their teaching is doing exactly that – creating lustful appetites for a sensual Jesus. Their Jesus is an imposter and the spiritual experiences they enjoy are not “intimacy with God” but spiritual fornication. Let us be clear; passions, desires, emotions, and feelings are sensual and creating an appetite for sensual spiritual experiences is the goal of IHOP’s Passion for Jesus Conference.[97]

Shaming for Obedience 
All of this drummed-up passion is in reality a works-oriented focus. Indeed, this is exacerbated by the emphasis on spiritual levels (stages) supposedly attained by those practicing these methods. One eyewitness account admits that

…IHOP leaders urged the students on to the grand vision by any means possible; and that includes shame. In the instances I have outlined above, shame was used as the motivator for us to stop what we were doing (theology, biblical languages) and comply with their vision. “Become like us or we will shame and ignore you,” was the message.[98]

Notice that this shame is based on a fear of man. It has nothing to do with biblical shame leading to godly sorrow. “For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death.” (2 Cor. 7:10).

Exhibit: from article “What Rolling Stone Didn’t Tell You About Tyler Deaton.”

The Violence of the Passion 
The IHOP movement frequently uses the words “violent” or “violence” in the context of their prayers. In addition to ramping up fervor and zeal, this “violence” language acts as a way to shore up the community so that they all members act in one accord:

  • There is a violence that goes with keeping our word…. 
  • Keeping our word is violent, and difficult! 
  • We must be violent about presenting ourselves truthfully to one another when we stumble on a commitment…. 
  • We are going to war against the pride that would look to justify or excuse our unfaithfulness to our word, or treat it like it was not a big deal. Lack of follow through is a big deal – it hurts the integrity of the team and its commitment to one another.…[99][emphasis added] 

The Bible admonishes us to “flee” temptations such as fornication, idolatry and youthful lusts (1 Cor. 6:18; 10:14; 2 Tim. 2:22), and to “resist the devil” (James 4:7). But in IHOP documents resisting sin is referred to as a “violent war” and a “violent clash.” The flesh is said to be in “violent opposition to the Holy Spirit.” Therefore the believer must “declare war on everything that quenches the Holy Spirit” by putting their “cold heart before the bonfire of God’s presence.”[100] This strong language belies the simplicity of the Gospel message of grace (See: Rom. 12:8; 2 Cor. 1:12; 2 Cor. 11:3.).

Because IHOP focuses on “prayer furnaces” as a literal location where they believe this “Presence” can descend (thus recreating the Tabernacle of David) there is an emphasis on “keeping charge” of the sanctuary. This is referred to as “the violence of the charge”[101]:

It is a daily fight to do this, and we have signed up for something that is unbelievably hard – a lifestyle of prayer in conjunction with building this house in an hour in which the nations are going astray. 

This is our sacred trust from the Lord and our commitment to one another. It is about location – we as a community are committing to one another in regards to coming to a sanctuary and a prayer furnace.[102] [emphasis added] 

Even the term “prayer furnace” is an example of violence in IHOP language. The prevalence of “violence” language, in combination with the “warfare” language about “enemies” could be dismissed as symbolic rhetoric. But maybe it isn’t. What if this aggressive rhetoric turns into real military zeal? What if some leader turns on the switch and announces that there are real enemies that need eradicating? Such events have historically occurred with destructive and doomsday cults.[103]

IHOP believes their weaponized music[104] can “release new levels of power” in the spiritual realm as “a new song at the end of the age”[105] for judgment:

  1. The prophetic song is one of God’s most powerful weapons He utilizes to release His power on the earth, particularly in the end of the age…. 
  2. The key feature of the new song at the end of the age to understand is that believers are standing in unity with the heart of God, singing in agreement about Him as a judge preparing to loose judgments. This is profound – the end-time church is led by prophetic singers (in concert with the Holy Spirit) to sing about the coming judgments of the Lord in full agreement with His methodology and leadership…. 
  3. Anointed prophetic singers… usher in a new level of union with the heart of God and the people of God, which is directly related to a release of new levels of power to usher in the Great Harvest of souls at the end of the age.[106] [emphasis added] 

Passionate worship is a weapon wielded as a weapon by this militant Bride who is charged with singing in the coming judgments of the Lord. What an odious job! It is insanity to sing in the horribly violent deaths and judgments described in the book of Revelation! In order to master the cognitive dissonance required for this dastardly duty, IHOP redirects focus to the passionate sensual intimacy of the Bride with evocative music and lyrics.[107]

Monitors show a band playing under undulating lights. The acoustic guitarist raises an arm in praise, barely strumming when the camera focuses on him…. Misty Edwards stands behind a keyboard and belts out praise with impressive range…. 
The repetitive choruses — really, the songs are nothing but choruses — show up on the monitors like a karaoke machine as images of young people in the crowd, with eyes closed, air-drum and raise their hands. And they sing: I’m in love with God/And God’s in love with me. 
 Edwards uses a break in the music to preach. 
“Our God is an all-consuming fire,” she whispers. “He burns with desire.”[108]
Exhibit: from article “What Rolling Stone Didn’t Tell You About Tyler Deaton.”

The “Manifest Presence of God”[109]
Mike Bickle heard an audible voice from the Lord in 1988. This voice told him that the Bible’s Song of Solomon was the key to encountering Jesus and develop a “mature love for God.”[110] Bickle developed his own unique allegorical interpretation this book, creating an endtime template he calls the “Bridal Paradigm.” This paradigm is about a spiritually superior race of “mature” believers who “will be like Jesus.”[111] Bickle’s “Bridal Paradigm” is about the “Manifest Presence of God.”[112]

It is only within the context of the “Bridal Paradigm” that we can understand their insistence upon generating “passion.” The following description and quoted excerpts come from Bickle’s 149-page treatise “Studies in the Song of Solomon: Progression of Holy Passion (2007)” at the GOD School with the Forerunner School of Ministry (IHOP).[113]

First, it must be asked: who is the Bride? In Bickle’s allegory, the Bride is defined as “all those who are mature in love.” How is “mature” defined? “Maturity” is defined as “the revelation of His glory and His ravished heart for us.” In his Song of Solomon allegory Bickle says this mature Bride will be blameless (perfect) in the Endtimes:

I define the Bride as the Church becoming mature in love for God and people. This has never happened. The Church in the Book of Acts was not fully mature. It had moments of glory in several cities. Before the Lord returns the worldwide Church will be mature or spotless and blameless…. The End-Time Church that survives the Great Tribulation has a unique honor in history being the only generation to walk blameless before Jesus returns…. 

The End-Time Church will enter into the measure of the stature of maturity that belongs to the fullness of Christ…. 

The Church throughout all history did not walk in maturity.

The redeemed through history will praise God for the End-Time Church as it prevails in love while still on earth… God has brought to pass a people that are mature on the earth. 

So Bickle’s definition of Bride does NOT include all those who are born again! His Bride is the only those perfected mature believers who are sold out to the requirements of 100-Fold (100%) Obedience: “A life of total commitment is foundational for all who are to be mature in ministry.” In Bickle’s allegory, the mature Bride is contrasted to the “Daughters of Jerusalem” who, according to Bickle, “personify immature believers.” So immature believer are not included in his definition of the Bride. These “less spiritual” ones don’t quite measure up to the high standard of 100% obedience. Even though it is denied that this is teaching the doctrine of “sinless perfection” it is hard to see any difference.

This perfected Bride will rise as “the generation in which the Lord returns,” which Bickle believes is now. She will possess “a greater measure of power” in her maturity—she will become the Tabernacle in which the Presence can dwell. She will host and manifest the Presence in her corporate body. She is quite full of herself, too—“The Bride has a revelation of her own spiritual maturity before God.” It is easy to see how a sense of spiritual elitism can accompany a teaching that promises such extraordinary perfection and power. It is utopian to think that we can overcome our base sinful nature and attain 100% obedience. This teaching ignores the biblical reality that while we remain in our carnal fleshly bodies we are continually tempted to sin (see Romans 7 and 8). In 1988 Bickle and his cohort Bob Jones taught the beginnings of this endtime sinless generation template:

The children are the best of all the generations that have ever been upon the face of the earth…. those ELECTED SEEDS that will glorify Christ in the last days… they will move into things of the supernatural that no one has ever been in the Bible – They’ll move in it consistently… they themselves will be that generation that’s raised up to put death itself underneath their feet… a church that has reached the full maturity of the god-man! [114]

This is a very esoteric teaching. Bickle’s allegory of the Song of Solomon requires indoctrination (as opposed to simple Bible teaching). Each lesson builds on the previous lesson, and is repeated over and over again until it becomes ingrained. As decoded by Bickle, the hidden messages in Song of Solomon will only be revealed in this last generation. Unfortunately this mystery is not about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While Jesus is a major player in Bickle’s interpretation, He is not portrayed as the Savior who died on the cross for our sins. Rather, he is reduced to being the focal point of the Bride’s evoked passion. This is all about the Bride.

Bickle’s Bride is a needy creature who must generate extreme emotion. She does not worship with her mind, but with her heart (Contra Jer. 17:9: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”). The Bride must pray “Jesus, show me more how I have ravished Your heart.” She must become “lovesick.” She “longs to be drawn close to God’s heart in deep intimacy as an extravagant worshipper.” Below are some examples:

  • The goal of her life is her own spiritual happiness. This happens best when she experiences God’s Presence
  • [T]he Bride’s destiny is ensured by God’s ravished heart for her. 
  • Jesus’ manifest presence returns in response to her obedience. 
  • Jesus is “conquered only by His Bride’s extravagant love. 
  • We are called to live lovesick for God. 
  • Our primary focus is to be on God’s emotions…. 
  • A working definition of a ravished heart of God is: To be filled with emotions of joy or delight because of one who is unusually attractive. The revelation of Jesus’ ravished heart equips us for 100-fold obedience
  • Her greatest desire is to experience God’s presence
  • The Holy Spirit is raising up lovesick messengers who know Jesus in a way that will change the expression of Christianity in the whole earth and prepare the Bride to be strong in love in the End-Time pressures…. 
  • Jesus is “conquered” only by His Bride’s extravagant love. [all emphases added]

Exhibit: IHOP influences an entire youth movement. Ad from TheElijahList.

This endtime Bride must establish a “deep mature partnership” with Jesus. Partnership for what? Dominion. Below are some examples of this Bridal eschatology from Bickle’s Song of Solomon allegory. Note that conquering the mountains (a dominion motif)[115] is mentioned:

  • The greatest revival in history is around the corner. 
  • The maiden [Bride] receives a new revelation of Jesus as the sovereign King. She sees Him as the “Lord of all the nations” who effortlessly conquers all of the difficult mountains or high places…. 
  • Jesus is ready for action and deep partnership with the maiden [Bride]. Therefore, He calls her to arise from her comfort and security to come away with him to conquer the mountains of this fallen world. Jesus commissioned His Bride to work with Him as He brings the nations to obedience
  • [Jesus] proclaims that she is as awesome as a victorious army with banners. 
  • We are created to live in the high places with Jesus in the extravagant devotion of bridal partnership. 
  • The only safe place for our hearts is in the revelation of Jesus as the Bridegroom King who enables us to walk in 100-fold obedience and faith in facing the mountains. This will be an essential revelation during the Great Tribulation
  • Being His perfect one means she has matured spiritually. Jesus’ End-Time Church will become mature in love as she is filled with God’s glory without any spot or wrinkle…. 
  • The Bride’s ministry in the age-to-come is as one “who shines forth as bright as the sun”. Her full glory is the brilliant light of Jesus’ glory
  • The Bride’s ministry in the culture is as one “who looks forth or shines forth as the morning”… This emphasizes the impact that God’s people will have on individuals and society (political, military, economic, educational, family, media, arts, technology, social institutions, etc.). [i.e., the 7 mountains, Ed.]
  • The Bride’s government is as one “who is as awesome as a powerful army with banners:. The Bride will rule in the governmental administration of Jesus’ Kingdom forever… she rules as God’s weapon in His government forever…. She is like God’s army with government over all things. [all emphasis added]

There are several other IHOP teachings from Bickle’s Song of Solomon allegory that bear mention as aberrations of historical Christian doctrine.

  • ECUMENISM: This will be the first time in history, that the church worldwide will be in dynamic unity with the Spirit and therefore, the Spirit will be resting on and moving through the Church in great power. 
  • RESTORING PARADISE: An aspect of His inheritance involves the mandatory obedience of all creation. 
  • CATHOLICISM: The Church from history is our mother. The favorite work of the historical Church is the great End-Time harvest of souls and its full maturity…. The redeemed from history are represented as a “mother” that gave birth to Jesus (manchild) and as well as the believers that come after her…. The agency He uses for our spiritual birth is the witness of the Church, our spiritual mother. 

In sum, it is readily apparent that the IHOP movement is literally walking out the Latter Rain eschatology through its mandate for 24/7 corporate prayer and worship to re-enact the Tabernacle of David. These teachings cited above are decades old. They form the foundation of the modern NAR and IHOP movements. Some of the more controversial teachings about becoming Christ have now been submerged or denied. Yet the question remains: Without these key doctrines, what could possibly the PURPOSE for generating so much PASSION? The only logical answer is that these leaders are still following the old Latter Rain script of invoking a “Presence” in order “manifest” as Christ’s Corporate Body in order to wreak judgment on earth.

The Truth: 

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins,
and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

(1 John 1:8-9) 

In 1846 the esteemed J.C. Philpot delivered a sermon in London, “A Confessing Sinner, and a Forgiving God,” based on the verses cited above. His remarks effectually refute Bickle’s idea of a perfect Bride:

Perfection in Christ the Scriptures are full of; perfection in man the Scriptures know not. The whole testimony of God in his word is to perfection in Christ. Every Scripture that speaks of his Godhead declares his perfection: for what is there but perfection in Godhead? And every passage that speaks of his humanity declares his perfection: for if he had not had a perfect human nature, he could not have offered that nature a sacrifice for sin. As the Lamb of God, without spot, or blemish, or any such thing, he is “holy; harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens,” (Heb. 7:26). If there is any perfection in the church, it is only found in Christ; by her having an eternal and vital union with him. But as to man, that fallen creature, the whole testimony of God’s word is to the depth of his apostasy. The Scripture positively declares, “There is none righteous, no, not one: there is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God: they are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one,” (Rom. 3:10-12). “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked,” (Jer. 17:9). And lest we should fancy, that when the blessed Spirit had regenerated and taken possession of a man, making his body his temple, then there was some perfection to be found in his heart, the Scripture brings before our eyes the awful falls and sad departures of God’s most highly favored saints—Noah, Lot, Abraham, Moses, David, and Solomon. These blots are recorded against God’s eminent saints, to put down that false notion, that there is anything like perfection in the creature. 

And yet there are those who indulge in the wild dream of human perfectibility. There are those who even boast that they have attained to perfection. And there were such doubtless in John’s day. There were, in his time, proud, ignorant, blind, deluded wretches, who said that they had cleansed their heart from all evil, that perfection dwelt in them, and that sin was no more to be found in them. Some of these were Pharisees, completely ignorant of the requirements of God’s holy law, thoroughly unacquainted with the depth of man’s fall. And others were dry doctrinalists, who could speak much about Christ; but, knowing nothing of the workings of depravity in their own nature, overlooked all the heavings and boilings of the corrupt fountain within; and because they read of the church’s perfection in Christ, claimed unsinning perfection to themselves. 

Against these characters John deals this heavy blow; against those who claim this perfection he brings out this sharp sword, and cuts them down with this overwhelming stroke, “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” Talk about your Christianity—talk about your religion—talk about your standing—and say, “I have no sin,” you are a deceiver, John boldly declares: “so far from being, as you think you are, a perfect Christian, the very truth is not in you; you are nothing but a deceived, awfully deceived character.” But he brings out, with the other hand, consolation for the people of God, who feels distressed on account of their inward guilt and sin. Thus whilst, on the one hand, he cuts down the perfectionist, legal or evangelical—on the other, he raises up the poor, condemned, drooping saint, who is bowed down with a sense of his guilt and shame; and opening the rich cordial of gospel consolation, says, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” [116]

Author’s Note:
Over 40 years ago I was saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. I was saved out of the hippie movement and became an active part of the Jesus movement. At that time, and for the next decade, I experienced real revival. What did real revival look like? Our focus was on Jesus, his death on the cross, dying for our sins. When we heard the Gospel of Salvation message from the Word of God for the first time it struck at the core of our being. We repented and confessed our sins. God marvelously delivered us from our sins, sometimes in awe-inspiring ways. We experienced great joy in being cleansed from our prior filthy lives. The power of the Holy Spirit enabled us to become free from our former occult bondages. The Word of God ministered healing to us. We devoured it daily to learn more about Jesus. We learned how to use the sword of the Word to defend ourselves from the attacks of Satan. We were excitedly awaiting Jesus’ soon return. And we were fervent in our desire to be ready for Him. We turned away from rock ’n roll and began to sing beautiful praise melodies and hymns with lyrics based on the Word. We didn’t have to “invoke” the presence of the Holy Spirit. As we were cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ, we were filled with the Spirit. 

What I just wrote about in this article bears no resemblance to the true revival I experienced.[117]

To be continued…..

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117. This report was authored by Sarah Leslie, with the able assistance of Susan Conway and the research oversight of Dr. Orrel Steinkamp. 

The graphic at the top of this page is a satirical rendition of two images that appear on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Bickle_(minister) and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncle_Sam.