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Reconstructing the Nations

“It has become popular in Christian circles to discuss the “Christian Worldview.” However, without Biblical law all worldviews end up in some form of moral relativism. We are not called to merely ‘influence’ our world but reconstruct it with the tool of dominion — Biblical law. Come discover the work of reconstruction.” (Promotion for Chalcedon 2006 Spring Conference, “The Work of Reconstruction,” http://www.chalcedon.edu/events/index.php) [emphasis in original]

The concept of WORLDVIEW training is interconnected with the Marketplace Transformation movement. Why? Because ministry is being mixed with business in unorthodox new ways that have never been done before. A new global ethic is emerging in which the “ends justify the means” in building this “kingdom” on Earth. In traditional Christian thinking, these new partnerships would raise serious ethical concerns. Therefore, emergent dominionism requires indoctrinating Christians in a new global ethic — a new worldview.

Marketplace transformation is described as a way to transform entire cultures and nations through dominionism. The end result is a promised utopia on earth. This promised utopia is a key selling point to assist in marketing the concept of reconstructing nations:

“Then our culture will begin to be transformed into more of a godly culture. Christian organizations will dominate the media and influence society with its uncompromising and non-neutral interpretation of our current culture. Godly groups, who are supported by Christian companies, will also change other areas, such as the arts. Local and devout churches will have more money to fund their ministries; therefore, the knowledge of the Lord will continue to grow. Other godly organizations such as the Chalcedon Foundation will have more funds to spend on righteous purposes than the wicked organizations will have to spend on their evil causes. More upright people will be running for office with the help of these Christian businesses; therefore, evil will be restrained more and more. The civil magistrate will constantly be pressured by Christian companies and God-fearing media to restrain evil. Their effective lobbying will lead to the removal of evil laws and addition of biblical laws. New Christian business publications and books will dominate the business culture. New explicit biblical colleges and universities will be rampant through our land with lots of students. They will raise the educational standards, and other schools will have to eventually shutdown or conform to God’s biblical standards for education. . . .

“These events, however, will only be a glimpse of God’s kingdom as it grows like the mustard seed. Then the Christians will be a bright, shining light to the world. Pagan societies, such as our current one, will come to know God and people will repent of their sins. Nations will submit to Christ’s rule and be His disciples (Ps. 72:11). (Reformation in Business,” N.C. Kuyper, Business Reform, 1/1/01, http://tinyurl.com/ru4uy) [emphasis added]

Obviously, this form of “marketplace dominion” can influence the political governing structures of nations — particularly Third World countries. An investment of capital can alter a fragile country’s economics and change governments. And, when combined with the interlocking financial and political clout of the United Nations, non-governmental organizations, charities, ministries and multinational corporations — as Rick Warren is doing in the small country of Rwanda in Africa — a small country can be made to submit to the decrees and demands of dominionism. This may explain why the marketplace transformation “apostles” call marketplace transformation the “convergence.” And it may explain their exultant utopianism.

The Truth:

“For they got not the land in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them: but thy right hand, and thine arm, and the light of thy countenance, because thou hadst a favour unto them.” (Psalm 44:3)