PSEUDO-MISSION: Rick Warren’s 3-legged Church

“There are five giant problems in the world… Spiritual emptiness is the No. 1 problem, egocentric or corrupt leadership is the second biggest problem. No. 3 is poverty. Half the world lives on less than US$2 a day, one billion people live on less than a dollar a day. Fourth is disease—all kinds of diseases. Five hundred million people will get malaria this year. And fifth is illiteracy—half the world cannot read or write! Even if we have the Internet and we have the world wired, if you cannot read or write, you’re left out. There is just no hope for you in the 21st century.

“These problems are so big, everybody has failed [to solve them]. The United States has failed, the United Nations has failed. Nobody has solved these five problems because [the solution needs] a three-legged stool. For the stability of a nation, you must have strong healthy government, strong healthy businesses, and strong healthy churches.
“A three-legged stool will have stability. So I’m going from country to country teaching business its role, teaching church its role, and teaching government leaders their role—you’ve got to work together! We cannot solve the problem in your country or in the world if we won’t work together.”
(“Playtime : The purpose-driven Rick Warren,” Inquirer, 7/30/06)

In a recent interview with the press, Rick Warren stated that the solution to the world’s five “giant” problems is the 3-legged stool. The 3-legged stool is a concept developed and popularized by Peter Drucker, the management guru. Rick Warren was intensively “mentored” by Peter Drucker over the course of several decades. The purpose-driven phenomena can best be attributed back to the influence of the management philosophies of Drucker. The best description of Drucker’s 3-legged stool can be found in Bob Buford’s Leadership Network archives, “Explorer… field notes for the emerging church,” No. 3 (11/6/00):

“Last Monday and Tuesday was the annual conference of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management. ( This foundation, created ten years ago to honor Peter Drucker’s contributions to management and leadership, believes that a healthy society requires three vital sectors: a public sector of effective governments; a private sector of effective businesses; and a social sector of effective community organizations, including faith-based organizations. It furthers its mission to lead social sector organizations toward excellence in performance by providing educational opportunities and resources.”

In his interview, Rick Warren explained that he is exporting these business ideas across the globe via his leadership training activities, boasting that he has “trained around 400,000 pastors in 162 countries”and that “my staff and I are not just training church leaders but business and government leaders,” too.

But what is Rick Warren training these pastors? The training is in the purpose-driven business model of Peter Drucker. In this model the church becomes interconnected with the State and corporate interests — in reality, becoming subservient to these interests. In the interview Warren stated that the church had 3 roles in this leg of the stool:

1. The first role is to become a “universal distribution” system for — “health care, business development, teaching literacy, things likt that.”

2. The second role is to become the “largest volunteer force” in the world. Elsewhere this is referred to as an “army.”

3. The third role is for the church to seize upon its greatest asset, which Warren claims is “local credibility” in every village.

In other words, “think global, act local” — the mantra of the international globalist community since the early 1970s. The church in this 3-legged stool can serve as a “center” or “hub” of the community, which networks and collaborates with government agencies and corporate entities in order to achieve what Drucker calls a “healthy society.” But, define “healthy”….

The management philosophies of Peter Drucker are derived from various sources which are common in all modern-day management theories — the social sciences, anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc. Interestingly, many of these management theories are also rooted in mysticism. The purpose of modern management philosophies was to create better “workers” for a global economy. The definitions of “healthy” in the management world are psycho-social. Yet these same concepts are now being exported globally, and sadly — if true — 400,000 pastors worldwide have been trained by Warren in a humanistic model under the guise of “Christianity.”

All for what purpose? Apparently the 3-legged church is not about the Gospel, because that wasn’t mentioned as one of the 3 roles of the church. The church in this model becomes a social welfare agency, an arm of both corporate and state. And as a “global distribution network” the church becomes a useful tool for those who have other purposes in mind.

The Truth:

“The priests said not, Where is the LORD? and they that handle the law knew me not: the pastors also transgressed against me, and the prophets prophesied by Baal, and walked after things that do not profit.” (Jeremiah 2:8)