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Techno-Dimensional Prayer Combat

Promoting new methods of hyper-spiritual warfare devised to combat the Nephilim, pagan gods, dark angels, extra-terrestrials, and transhumanist monsters 

The Rise of End-time Occultism, Part 3

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By Gaylene Goodroad 

TheElijahList, June 3, 2013
….it’s the responsibility of the Church
to be the gateway where Heaven touches earth.
We are to be the instruments that not only bring Heaven to earth
but also establish and advance the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth.

The spirit of the warrior is coming upon the Church. . . .
 –Ryan Wyatt, Identity Network[1] 

Militant Cosmic Warfare 

In Part 2 of this article series, “The Return of the Alien Super Soldiers,” we demonstrated how the Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm (PPP) leaders have concocted unbiblical doctrines concerning the supposed soon return of other-worldly creatures—Nephilim, ETs, pagan gods (Apollo), demonic hybrids, and transhumanist (chimera) soldiers. They claim this is what is meant by the Scripture “as in the days of Noah.” Rather than “looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13), these PPP teachers are alerting the Christian troops to prepare for a coming cosmic war.

PPP leaders believe the Church must wrest dominion from the devilish realm utilizing their own brand of Techno-Dimensional Prayer Combat. To accommodate this emerging false eschatology[2] these leaders have also devised new spiritual warfare methodologies they believe will protect the flock of God from the returning militant mutant-hybrid hoards.[3] Even more alarmingly, the PPP leaders are now converging with the leadership of the New Apostolic Reformation. What is the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)? Recently, Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries succinctly defined it:

NAR is the result of a convoluted and diverse series of 20 years of evolved cross fertilizations from both the USA & Canada and The UK containing elements from New Age and Eastern mysticism, pop psychology, secular marketing programmatics, ecumenism & inter faith eclecticism, post modernism, and revived ancient heresies that plagued the early church. [4][bold added] 

For many years the NAR leaders have been preaching about bringing heaven to earth[5] and warning about preparing for spiritual battles in the heavenlies. The NAR has taught that the Church is facing an “unfolding war that lies ahead in both the natural and the spiritual realms.”[6] They believe they can open portals (or gates) to the heavenlies that will facilitate their 7 mountain kingdom expansion program here on earth. For example, a 2008 NAR event was described as:

We see this as a time to pull Heaven down and establish the Kingdom of God with every step that you take as the revival breakthrough angel is displacing spiritual forces over this region.[7] [bold added] 

The postmodern prophecy leadership (PPP) is now co-mingling with NAR leaders. This coming July 18-20 PPP leader LA Marzulli will be heading off to Sedona, Arizona (again) to be a featured speaker at the “Resurgence Awakening: Thriving Amidst Supernatural Convergence.” (See graphic at top of this post.) This NAR event was advertised by TheElijahList on June 3, 2013, and included under the discussion topics is “being to receive downloads from Heaven,” most significantly included:

  • Are Nephilims and UFO’s real? [sic] 
  • Is the alien phenomena part of the great deception?[8]
TheElijahList, June 3, 2013

In other words, the NAR will be the recipient of Marzulli’s teachings about the Nephilim, UFOs, and space alien eschatology. This is will add more fuel to the already volatile “Forerunner Eschatology” of the NAR, which teaches that the bride of Christ must take control (via spiritual and/or physical warfare) of the earth before Jesus can return.[9] Presumably they will now add in the PPP’s cosmic combat elements to their already violent[10] endtime scenarios.

To put this into the entire NAR Dominionism context, note that previously a “Passover Glory Festival” was also held on April 5-7, 2012 in Sedona, AZ featuring Randy DeMain and Lance Wallnau (of 7 Mountain of Dominionism fame).[11] Randy DeMain is well known in the PPP leadership.[12] This Latter Rain-style Passover was being celebrated with the promise that “the Heavens open up and the Spirit comes down with clear prophetic direction while healing, miracles and signs follow” as well as promises of “miracles, healing” and “Passing over into Your Destiny.”[13] The other keynotes were David and Stephanie Herzog whose ministries are headquartered in Sedona.[14] David Herzog is a high profile leader in the New Apostolic Reformation.[15] The Herzogs frequently hold Latter Rain versions of celebrations of Jewish feasts in Sedona, which is located in the mountains, where it was claimed participants could “Tap into an open Heaven window.”[16] (Keep in mind that in the New Age UFO lore, Sedona is claimed to have “mysterious powers at one or other vortex there”[17] and it appears that the NAR also believes that it is a portal.)

Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare 
In a previous Herescope article describing the emergence of “Militant Prayer,” we also noticed that the new PPP battle-ready spiritual warfare concoctions are simply revamped and repackaged Latter Rain deceptions that are part of the New Apostolic Reformation’s teachings. In particular we focused on Tom Horn, one of the leaders of the PPP. In that article I wrote:

Prayer Warfare methodologies conceived and borne out of the Latter Rain Movement and nurtured under the New Apostolic Reformation are going mainstream. Twenty years ago, Chief NAR apostle, C. Peter Wagner, applied his Church Growth teachings to the spirit realm in what he termed Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare (SLSW). The plan calls for identifying “territorial spirits” (demons) of a geographic locality, then devising practices (such as militant intercession and fasting) and techniques to defeat these unseen foes so that cities, nations, and beyond will respond to the Gospel.

Sadly, this heresy is creeping into conservative Christian forums unawares through various prophetic ministries concerned about the eschatological implications of transhumanism and loosely related subjects. While attending a conservative Bible and prophecy conference several months ago, I noticed that one of the speakers introduced the audience to a new book by Christian authors Tom and Nita Horn, called: Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, And Human Enhancement [GRIN] Herald the Dawn of Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare [bold added]. Intrigued by this title, I bought the book to learn more about this new thing called “Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare.” 

I didn’t get beyond the book’s Preface before my curious anticipation turned to alarm: 

“Facing godlike machines and man’s willingness to cross over species and extra-dimensional barriers put in place by God, traditional methods of spiritual warfare—which Christian institutions have relied on for the last century—will soon be monumentally impacted in nontraditional ways and insufficient when approaching this threshold.”[18] [bold, underscore added] 

“Traditional” methods of spiritual warfare such as simple reliance upon God, His Word, and the indwelling Spirit will soon be insufficient? When did God change His plan? Clearly this new insight did not come from the Scriptures. I kept reading for clarification.[19]

Note Tom Horn’s negation of the God’s biblical prescription for spiritual warfare—saying that those “traditional methods” put in place by the Lord (as in Ephesians 6) will not be sufficient to withstand the horrible “godlike machines” coming upon the earth. That is why the PPP leaders, like Horn, must rely on extra-biblical prescriptions. Horn’s “techno-dimensional spiritual warfare” (that he dubbed, “Militant Prayer”) correlates decisively with NAR apostle C. Peter Wagner’s “strategic-level spiritual warfare” heresies (that he called “Warfare Prayer”). But with Horn’s introduction of exotic new monsters – demonic, transhuman, Nephilim, space alien-type creatures – suddenly spiritual warfare takes on a potent new “dimension” going into quantum spirituality.

The ‘GASKET HEAVEN’ – A Satanic War Zone? 
To further illustrate Tom Horn’s apparent Latter Rain roots, note his beliefs and teachings about this unbiblical form of militant cosmic warfare prayer in his book Spiritual Warfare: The Invisible Invasion—in a chapter subtitled: “Invading Satan’s Headquarters through Militant Prayer”:

Between the first heaven where the birds fly and the third heaven “where dwells the throne room of God” was a war zone called the second heaven. This was the kosmos—the Hebrew equivalent of the Persian Arhiman-abad—the place where Satan abides as the prince of the power of the “air” (aer, the lower air, circumambient), a sort of gasket heaven, the domain of Satan encompassing the surface of the earth. From here kosmokrators could overshadow cities, intrude upon, and attempt to influence the affairs and governments of men. It was believed that the kosmos not only influenced earth’s governments and puppeted human counterparts, but that Satan’s minions sought to close the heavens above the city so that God’s blessing could not flow into it. Later, it was believed that when saints bent their knees in prayer, they had to pray through walls of opposition contained within this gasket heaven. The level of spiritual opposition to the saints’ prayers depended on how far the city had fallen under Satan’s control. This continues today. When our prayers leave our lips they go upward through the devil’s domain to the throne of God. If Satan considers the prayers significant, he rises up to oppose them, both going to and coming from the throne of God. Therefore, the second heaven is considered a war zone for our prayer life and the residence of the power of the air.[20] [bold, underscore added] 

These false teachings are nowhere to be found in Scripture! Horn’s belief in a “gasket heaven”—“the second heaven” that is considered “a war zone for our prayer life” does NOT come from the Bible—but rather from pagan mythology. The idea that Satan has the ability to rise up and oppose prayer “both going to and coming from the throne of God” is patently heretical. Satan is NOT God and he does not have the power to intercept prayer, nor do his evil emissaries.

Pastor Anton Bosch, in a brief informal critique of these Horn assertions, pointed out that:

  • Kosmos is not a Hebrew word, it is Greek and it refers primarily to the world and its systems, as in “love not the world,” also in John 3:16; 
  • There is not a single Scripture that says that Satan lives in the second heaven. All the biblical references are to Satan on the earth or before God; 
  • All this is based on Daniel, which does not say where the prince of Persia was; and 
  • Clearly Horn teaches a different god than the God of the Bible who is present with us and who hears our prayers without interference – this god of Horn’s is an idol who is located in a single place and who is not omnipotent nor omniscient. [21]

All of this spiritual warfare rhetoric obviously has Dominionist implications. For example, note the NAR-type militancy of Horn’s teachings on spiritual warfare on page 288 of his book Forbidden Gates:

God has given the church what the U.S. government refused to give McArthur during the Korean War: the power to move beyond the protective bridges of our enemy’s stronghold. God allows the contrite believer to invade the opponent’s headquarters through the power of prayer, to identify and bind the ruling prince through the authority of Jesus’ name, and to permanently destroy the fortress wall of nefarious warlords; or, as the military would say, “to offer them no quarter.”[22] [bold added] 

Believers can be assured that God alone is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. He hears the cries and petitions of His people (See Prov. 15:29; Jn. 9:31; Ps. 34:15-18; 66:16-20; 145:18-19; Jas. 5:16; Matt. 6:8-9).

Preparing To Engage Quetzalcoatl In Battle
An unsettling illustration of these unbiblical prayer warfare strategies unfolded during the months prior to the hysterical countdown to the failed 2012 Mayan doomsday prophecies, which Herescope documented in detail, including in the article “12-21-12: Evangelical Christians Believing Mayan Prophecies.”[23] L.A. Marzulli, cited earlier as a PPP adherent with Latter Rain roots,[24] posted a 5-minute video on his blog in August 2012, appealing for funds ($12,000) from his flock,[25] so that he could travel with his entourage to the Mayan Pyramids in Chichen-Itza, Mexico on December 21, 2012 (the Winter Solstice)[26] —in order to do battle with the pagan god Quetzalcoatl who was expected to manifest on that date—“sort of like Elijah against the prophets of Baal.”[27]

Calling Chichen-Itza a “power place,” “ground zero,” and “the belly of the beast” with regard to its “open portals” of demonic activity, Marzulli enlisted the company of Russ Dizdar (author of The Black Awakening: Rise of the Satanic Super Soldier),[28] Richard Grund (Director/Team Leader the Supernatural Response Team (SRT),[29] Larry Barrett, and Watchers videographer, Richard Shaw, to document the event. The team, said Marzulli, was needed to “assist in the spiritual warfare we expect to happen there…”[30] Marzulli went on to explain his intended warfare:

This is an amazing opportunity to represent the kingdom of God—to stand in the way of or possibly to confront what may manifest there on December 21st—the so-called return of the Mayan god, Quetzalcoatl…. We feel that something is going to happen there. Hopefully, nothing will happen there. If it does, we’re going to engage in warfare and shut this thing down.[31] [bold added] 

Although he initially assured potential Chichen-Itza donors that God was leading the effort to send out this spiritual warfare team, just days before he was set to fly into “the belly of beast,” Marzulli abruptly aborted the mission. In a December 14 notice on his website, entitled “A Redirect from the Captain of the Hosts,” Marzulli reported that his daughter had been given a disturbing “prophetic dream” that revealed his kidnapping and murder by Mexican cartels. “She awoke from her dream and was greatly disturbed. She prayed and went back to sleep. Then another dream occurred. In it she saw a burst of light followed by a voice that instructed, Don’t go![32]

Marzulli and his PPP spiritual warfare team never made it to the Mayan Pyramids. The $14,000 raised by his flock was lost to Power Places Tours,[33] not to mention the loss of biblical discernment for all those involved with this ungodly endeavor.

While it may seem quite bizarre that an evangelical prophecy leader would actually believe in a literal, physical return of an ancient mythological creature – to the extent that he and his friends intended to go and actually CONFRONT this pagan deity – this is not strange thinking in the NAR. For example, many of the “prophets” and “apostles” who lead the NAR were engaged in a similarly strange spiritual warfare[34] over the past few years with the ancient pagan deity Baal, especially by participating in rituals of America “divorcing Baal.”[35] (See Jer. 10:2-5; Rev. 9:20; Ezek. 14:3-6.)

Doing Supernatural Battle With Shofars
The New Apostolic Reformation teaches the heresy “that Jesus Christ did not defeat Satan at the Cross, but rather the Church must accomplish this for Him on earth.”[36] The NAR believes that “the Church must do the work in defeating Satan on earth.”[37] This heresy assumes that Jesus’s shed blood was insufficient and that the Church on earth must therefore finish Satan off via spiritual warfare, and conducting cultural social and global transformation – especially via Dominion. As a result, the focus of the church switches over to doing constant spiritual warfare battle against Satan and his minions wherever and whatever the NAR teachers claim they may be. Most of the new prophecy leaders also seem to believe this heresy. It is therefore not surprising to learn that L.A. Marzulli wrote the Foreword and promoted a 300-page book, The Supernatural Battle: A Field Manual, by his associate, Richard Grund. According to Grund’s website:

We are engaged in a supernatural battle raging for thousands of years on a cluttered, uneven battlefield against a merciless enemy. A Divine decree declared that there would be a perpetual enmity between the two sides. Although defeated on a hill in Jerusalem almost 2,000 years ago this supernatural enemy refuses to surrender. An army was left behind to keep that enemy in subjection when the King returned to His Throne. Their efforts began in earnest but through overconfidence and poor leadership has waned. Ground once taken has been lost and enemy strongholds were rebuilt. The final campaign in this supernatural battle for the fate of mankind began in 1948. Plundered, broken and embarrassed by their defeat this supernatural enemy is enraged and fights with reckless abandon. Blitzkrieg has been declared to initiate the final devastating assault against the King’s people. A battle cry goes out in the spirit with the clarion warfare call of the Shofar. Who in the Kingdom will answer this call? Who will step out on to the supernatural battlefield? If you are one of those who will say “here I am, send me” this book is a field manual for The Supernatural Battle [39] [bold and underlining added] 

The NAR and many prophecy leaders do not believe a literal Colossians 2:15, that our risen Saviour, Jesus Christ, “having spoiled principalities and powers, He made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.” (See Hebrews 9:26-28.)

In Richard Grund’s book synopsis, he says that God’s troops are being summoned to the “supernatural battlefield” in this hour: “a battle cry goes out in the spirit with the clarion warfare call of the Shofar.” Again, notice the similarities of the PPP doctrines to that of the NAR – the overlapping language, collaborations, and warfare prayer practices they have in common.

While there is a rich symbolism regarding the Shofar (ram’s horn) in the Bible, the NAR apostles have taken it to literal extremes in their hyper-spiritual warfare practices—sanctioning its blast as a weapon in the spiritual warfare arsenal. Here is an example from a Dominionist article titled “BLOWING THE SHOFAR – A SPIRITUAL WEAPON WITH UNLIMITED POWER”:

We believe at Kingdom Builders Christian Ministries, that God has given us a revelation that we wish to share with the Body of Christ. We believe this will add a new dimension to your intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare. The Lord has revealed the spiritual dynamics of the use of the SHOFAR or Ram’s Horn as used by the Israelites in the Old Testament times… we don’t fully understand the power of it, why or how it works – but ……IT WORKS![40][emphasis added]

The article goes on to claim that the reason Gideon’s army won the battle was because “the 300 blew their SHOFARS in unity,” and also claims that Joshua “won the war by blowing the SHOFAR.” The authors assert that blowing the shofar has supernatural power to bring about “an open heaven”:

Over our meetings, over our buildings and over our cities, there is opposition in the heavenlies. We believe that blowing the SHOFAR during prayer, intercession and worship times causes disturbance and confusion to the spirit realm above us, thus dispersing the opposition and bringing about an open heaven for the glory, power and presence of God to fall.[40] [bold added] 

The NAR’s media outlet, TheElijahList, published the NAR’s belief that “the breath of God is released as the shofar is blown.” Critiquing this practice, the Berean Call, remarked:

Mr. Yount teaches that blowing the shofar operates according to scientific and spiritual ‘laws’ so that the physical properties of sound has a profound heavenly impact, which in turn releases favor and God’s “breath” upon the earth. In contrast to Scripture or early church practice, no such tools or methods are taught in God’s Word.[41]

Nonetheless, this futile practice is growing among hyper-spiritual warfare camps. Lou Engle, NAR founder of TheCall, continues to fill stadiums with young people—thousands of them blowing the Shofar—in a tragically misguided attempt to transform the world.[42]

The idea that these Shofar blasts or other sounds have the power to exact changes in the spirit realm is a deep deception. Gideon and Joshua were not victorious because of the Shofar, but because of their faith—which manifested itself in obedience to God (Heb. 11: 30, 32-33). The Lord used them to “wield His sword of judgment” against the enemies of Israel (Jud. 7:18, 20) in the Old Testament. God’s plan was already won! Neither God nor His Word has changed. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself will be coming again in judgment—not the Latter Rain NAR church—and He (NOT His church!) will have “a two-edged sword” coming out of His mouth (Rev. 1:16; 2:12) and He alone will slay the Man of Sin with the “breath of his mouth” (2 Thess. 2:8). Billions of Shofar blasts by men on earth will never alter this truth. (See Heb. 4:12; 1 Thess. 1:5.)

Wresting Authority From the Captain of the Hosts
Additional commentary about this “supernatural war” by Richard Grund again reveals the extent to which these PPP teachers are basing their emerging eschatological ideology on the NAR’s entire faulty premise of “spiritual warfare”:

Anyone who has suddenly awakened to the need for spiritual warfare will find the information in this book new, challenging and inspiring. If your spiritual eyes are opening to the dark spiritual clouds building overhead you will know something is different about this impending storm. Knowing that there is a problem should lead to wanting to know what the solution is. For too long many who sit in pews every Sunday have ignored the supernatural war raging all around them. The world has changed. The deep darkness talked about in Isaiah 60 is creeping over the land and a deeper darkness over (and into) the people. That darkness can only mean one thing – we are at the time of the end and the powers of darkness are making their final move against the Kingdom of Heaven. In accordance with the prophecy in Isaiah 60 it’s our time to take a stand and shine the Light of the Lord into, and against, that darkness. Although defeated on Calvary the powers of darkness have refused to submit and must be brought into submission by those delegated with the authority to do so – the church of the Living God. [43] [all emphases added] 

Like Tom Horn’s denial of the sufficiency of the Word of God in order to inculcate believers in his cosmic militant warfare, Grund denies the sufficiency of Christ’s finished work to defeat “the powers of darkness.” Parroting Latter Rain and NAR heresy, Grund says that the Churchnot Christ—has been delegated with the authority to bring these dark powers under submission. In the context of the PPP false doctrine, this would include battling the Nephilim, pagan deities, extra-terrestrials, and transhumanist chimeras, soldiers and space aliens! LA Marzulli’s Foreword to Grund’s book reiterates that the church must engage in the battle:

Richard Grund has written what I would consider a must read for any serious student of Biblical, spiritual warfare. The book not only will equip the reader with the tools that are needed to fight the war that all Christians are called to, but will provided real life cases, where Richard deals with demonic, supernatural manifestations… drawing on decades of personal experience in dealing with the occult, the demonic, fallen angels and full blown possession, to give us a cogent overview of what the ongoing heavenly war that both he and I believe is ramping up for the final battle, which the Bible refers to as the last days or Armageddon… Learn how to walk in the full armor of God and know that all of us have the authority in Him who first loved us, to destroy the works of the Fallen One, the devil. Bravo Richard, well done brother! ~ L.A. Marzulli [44] [all emphases added] 

Note: Christians were NOT given the authority “to destroy the works of the Fallen One, the devil.” That authority belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ ALONE. The Apostle John reminds us that “…the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that HE might destroy the works of the devil (1 Jn. 3:8). The Son of God won our victory at the Cross. We put our trust in Him. We pray to Him. We walk in Him. We rest in Him. The Lord Jesus Christ is our Protector. “I will say of the LORD, [He is] my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust” (Ps. 91:2).

Astral Combat – Closing Trans-Dimensional Portals
Much of this “spiritual warfare” material in the emerging Postmodern Prophecy movement is disturbing, sinister, and obviously comes straight out of the occult and New Age. It is difficult to study this darkly ominous material because so much of it steeped in the imagery of the demonic. Nevertheless, these teachers are rapidly gaining in popularity, even among so-called “conservative” evangelicals. There appears to be a vast and growing desensitization going on, searing the tender consciences of sincere believers who end up accepting a mythology-infused, foreboding endtime (1 Tim. 4:2) that has no joy, peace or light.

A case in point is another Marzulli compatriot, Russ Dizdar, who also aborted his “spiritual warfare” mission to Chichen-Itza. Dizdar is an author who promotes these same hyper-spiritual warfare methodologies. His website is devoted to these teachings, and he even offers an online study course.[45] Dizdar and Marzulli were both scheduled to report on their Mayan Pyramids trip at the 2013 Future Congress (FC2) conference in Dallas in January. Here is Dizdar’s proposed presentation synopsis from the FC2 website before their plans so abruptly changed. Note its extreme occult influences:

  1. GATEWAYS OF DEMONIC MANIFESTATION; past present and the emerging future. How Chichen Itza and other ancient satanic ritual sites operated, embedded demonic/nephilim-civilization [sic]. How the re-opening of these ancient sites are by design, are empowered by demonic synchronicity and how they will contribute to the end time luciferic globalism (the new order). Back from his December 2012 visit of Chichen Itza, Russ will share news from that site where over 100, 000 people have come to open the doors to the beckoning dark spirits. Russ will share information from the night in the main temple on solstice December 21st where new gateways opened and…did new levels of demonic agenda emerge
  2. OBJECTS AND WEAPONIZATION OF DEMONIC POWER: Past present and in the emerging future. How objects can be demonized and used to influence, deceive or harm others. How demonic presence and power are attached to physical objects. What are and why ‘objects and demonic presence can be used for global seduction, control and spiritually empowered war. Russ will seek to answer the question…are the ‘crystal skulls’ precursors to the image of the beast? 
  3. HIDDEN AGENDA HIDDEN STATISTICS BUT NOT FOR LONG: There is a real emerging conspiracy, its [sic] by design, it has supra human power and its emerging before our very eyes. Its call [sic] a ‘MUSTERION’ and most of it is cloaked in supernatural and physical super secrecy. How the future is present among us and preparing to unleash. Russ will look at the satanic agenda exposed by Biblical Prophecy, the statistics of satanic rituals (500 million plus) what are for [sic] and the stats on the coming troops of antichrist (40 million worldwide). Russ will seek to answer…are ‘they’ among us right now. [46] [all emphases added] 

Note the unholy emphasis on satanic things in Dizdar’s comments. All of these teachings are foreign to the Bible. This is because the Bible is not the source of the PPP’s cosmic warfare doctrines—including the teaching that hyper-dimensional beings (the Nephilim, extra-terrestrials, pagan gods, and transhuman monsters) have the ability to open “portals,” “gateways,” or “dimensional doorways”—that must be closed by prayer combat techniques. Both the NAR and the occult world teach that certain geographical sites possess spiritual power.[47] The endtime teaching that Christians have a fearful future, and must engage the demonic powers of antichrist is very disturbing. We know that days of tribulation lie ahead, but the Lord in His Word has exhorted us—not to look deeper into the darkest recesses of luciferic shenanigans and try to glean ways to combat them—but rather joyfully and with great anticipation “look up… for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)

But according to these PPP leaders, Christ gave the authority and responsibility to us to conquer, defeat and reclaim full dominion from the sinister forces of the dark realm. This false teaching is directly connected to another PPP teaching: the Divine Council (DC).[48] Not only is Christ’s sovereignty diminished in this heresy, but it is actually ascribed to Satan and his minions! These particular leaders say that God actually gave His authority over the earth to the pagan gods (“divine council”) after the Tower of Babel! This dark cabal includes demons, pagan deities, extra-terrestrials (space aliens), the Nephilim, the Watchers, and the like. Note the striking parallel to the NAR dominionists whose heretical teachings replace the Lord Jesus Christ with His Bride—saying that Christ’s Church will gain earthly dominion, instead of waiting for King Jesus to return and set up His kingdom. In this case, the PPP leaders believe the Church must wrest dominion from the devilish realm utilizing PPP Techno-Dimensional Prayer Combat.[49]

Of course, Christians must go to these leaders in order to be armed and ready for this spiritual war campaign, which inevitably costs money. The Bible is completely silent about such intricate and elaborate warfare prayer prescriptions and preparations. But the PPP leaders gain adherents because they claim to possess the secrets, the hidden codes, unlocking ancient mysteries, and interpreting antiquated pagan myths. Others, such as NAR leaders, claim to possess superior spiritual powers to engage in these battles with demonic forces.

The PPP advocates continue to spread these false teachings throughout the country. Among the many scheduled events, Marzulli, Dizdar, and Grund were presenters at the “Nephilim Mounds” conference near Newark, OH last fall, promoting Nephilim False Eschatology.[50] Marzulli and Dizdar will also be in Knoxville, KY in June with NAR apostle Randy DeMain[51] for the “Nephilim Agenda 2 Conference.” Marzulli will be discussing his new book On the Trail of the Nephilim.[52]

Dizdar also headlined with Marzulli at the November 2012 “Chicago Summit #2” conference, entitled: “At the Tip of the End of History – Are You Ready?” The conference flier described the Militant Prayer emphasis of the event, include “ritual and astral spiritual warfare”:

  • Deeper aspects of end of days spiritual deception and aspects of spiritual warfare 
  • How to do deliverance, how to do Spirit led prayer mapping 
  • Learning about ritual and astral spiritual warfare…
  • Spiritual discernment for teens and aspects of spiritual warfare for young people 
  • A spiritual analysis test for each person for overall spiritual development.[54] [bold/red added] 

What do “prayer mapping,”[55] “ritual and astral spiritual warfare,” and “spiritual analysis tests” have to do with simple, sincere, and Spirit-directed prayer? Answer: nothing. These are the same heretical excesses that entangle and distract followers of the NAR apostles. Of course, ASTRAL activities can be found in the New Age and satanic writings, and this is one of the most alarming examples of the obvious carry-over between New Age and New Apostolic Reformation teachings.

The Fourth Dimensional DNA War
DNA plays a big part of their coming cosmic battle. Human DNA. Corrupted human DNA. LA Marzulli and Dizdar joined up in April to take part in the Chicago Summit #3 conference to talk about “DNA and the Physics of God: the Design, the Corruption, and the Future of Human DNA.” Other speakers included the usual cast of PPP leadership characters: Doug Woodward, Rob Skiba, Derek & Sharon Gilbert, and Doug Hamp.[56]

The subject of human DNA corruption by fallen angels resulting in Nephilim is intricately linked to the entire endtime Techno-Dimensional Combat scenario. It was also addressed by Christian speaker, author, and PPP adherent Paul McGuire[57] in a March 19 NewsWithViews article entitled, “Lucifer, Nephilim and the Fourth Dimensional DNA War.” In the excerpt below, note McGuire’s repeated reference to “the Fourth Dimension”—a New Age philosophy adopted by David (Paul) Yonggi Cho—author of the heretical book The Fourth Dimension published in 1979.[58] He also connects the idea of a Fourth Dimension the Nephilim in a preposterous New Age scenario that involves, ominously, corrupted human DNA:

Going back to the highly advanced civilizations before the Flood, beings descended upon the Earth from the Fourth Dimension to have sexual relations with human women, which produced the hybrid race of the Nephilim. Human beings, who originally inhabited planet Earth as it was intended, were immortal and lived in Paradise. They were created from the substance of the Earth based on original-source programming which was imbedded in their DNA by the Infinite Personal Living God the Universe. 

However, the first man and woman chose to shatter their perfect world. Then they allowed their DNA code to be deconstructed by Fourth Dimensional energies and began to experience a brand new reality… death. Additionally, they opened a portal into the Fourth Dimension which allowed the sons of God to enter the physical world. These sons of God, the B’nai Elohim, began mating with human women and producing a race of god men called the Nephilim. This interbreeding re-programmed the DNA code of Mankind and a kind of DNA War began.
The cosmic war between God and Lucifer that started in the Fourth Dimension was now being fought on Earth. The Flood of Noah was a pre-emptive strike by God to destroy the reprogrammed DNA code. But the sons of God returned to the Earth and the sexual relations with human women began again, bringing the return of the Nephilim, who currently walk among us, and the DNA war continues.
[59] [all emphases added]

This “Fourth Dimensional DNA” teaching is totally foreign to the Word of God. It actually belongs to the New Age realm of Quantum Mysticism.[60] The occult concept of a “fourth dimension” is defined as an “astral plane” where one can access the realms of the paranormal and do “astral travel”![61]

Note that the word “sin” does not appear in McGuire’s teaching on Adam and Eve. Instead, he says that our first parents “opened a portal” for unseen cosmic warriors to invade the earth when their DNA was “re-programmed” by the “interbreeding” that went on with “Fourth Dimensional” beings. This is pure heresy. These ideas not only sound like a Hollywood sci-fi script, but destroy the foundation of the Gospel of salvation. (Rom. 5:12-14)

McGuire offers more clues to how mortal believers engage the unseen forces in this “Fourth Dimensional war” in a NewWithViews article about “cosmic warfare” entitled, “The Future of America: Cosmic Warfare, Parallel Universes, and the Matrix.” As you read these excerpts note the urgent, militant, and mystical tone. Note its focus on spiritual “forces” and “energies,” and its many parallels to the mystical “Quantum Spirituality” taught by many New Age and NAR leaders:

  • Everything we see in our nation and world is the product of information from an invisible realm or parallel universe. What happens in the invisible realm produces, whether good or bad, the reality we see… when you look closely at the top of the Luciferian pyramid you see that it extends way beyond the present dimension in which we live into the invisible realm or parallel universe.
  • If you don’t like what you see in reality, then you must learn how to enter this invisible realm and access what some call the “Keys of the Kingdom.” These keys are spiritual mechanisms for changing reality. They are also referred to as spiritual weapons. They are the fastest, most efficient and powerful way to release power into the earth that can change reality!
  • Think of the keys as a way to release the most powerful force in the universe into our reality. Currently, our world is filled with chaos and upheaval. There appears to be an opposing force at work that is composed of Luciferian energy. Through Bible prophecy we know what the great plan is and what this force intends to do with humanity and the world. 
  • …Jesus Christ clearly taught “Occupy until I come.”
  • …see the massive supernatural armies of the Lord. Jesus Christ taught all those who follow His teachings how to use the supernatural keys of the kingdom which can change reality in the physical realm. This is no peripheral issue with Christ… it is central. He has restored both authority and dominion to those who are synchronized with His Word. 
  • Mankind throughout history has used science and technology to harness power…. Many of the men like Einstein, Tesla and Edison did not come up with inventions and sources of power… [I]f you read about their lives you will see that all of these men had to develop methodologies that allowed them to access information supernaturally from another dimension. It is possible to access on a personal level, a societal level, and a global level the most powerful force in the Universe. It is not until men and women begin to learn how to access and direct that power that there can be change on a national, global and cosmic level. All of this works within the framework of the prophetic plan of God, for that is one of the laws regarding its use. [63] [all emphases added] 

The Bible does not direct believers to “access information
supernaturally from another dimension” in order to “access” the “Keys of
the Kingdom” so that they can “change reality in the physical realm”—or
to take control over foreboding forces penetrating hyper-dimensional
portals. Shamans have attempted to do these things for centuries—unholy
underworld activities that are forbidden to Christians (Deut. 18:10;
Rev. 9:21). This description of “powerful forces” reminds one of Daniel’s description of the Antichrist’s “god of forces” (Dan. 11:38). It sounds like “the Force” of Star Wars!

Besides appearing be be writing something out of an occult manual for witches, shamans, or sorcerers, McGuire wrests Jesus’ words, “Occupy until I come,” out of context and meaning. Luke 19:13 actually reads, “And he [the Lord Jesus] called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, ‘Occupy till I come’ [KJV].” Or, as the NASB reads, “’Do business with this until I come back.’” In the context of this passage, the Lord Jesus was giving the disciples a parable because they thought that He was going to set up His Kingdom immediately. Jesus was simply saying to them that He was going to have to go away first, but that He would return at a later time. In His absence, the Lord expected His servants to “occupy”—that is—to “carry on business” as good stewards of the resources He left them—until He came back. There is NO mention here of “cosmic warfare” or wielding “powerful forces,” or other such things. Nevertheless, this verse is a popular one in the NAR, and used to further the doctrines of Dominionism.

Despite these—and other unbiblical teachings—McGuire has gained an acceptance among other evangelicals. He was a featured speaker at the Red River Valley Bible and Prophecy Conference in Fargo-Moorhead March 14-17, alongside Eric Barger, Carl Teichrib, and Mike Hoggard.[64] He will join the speaking platform at the Pike’s Peak Prophecy Summit this summer in Colorado Springs, CO with several Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm (PPP) adherents including: Tom Horn, Chuck Missler, Cris Putnam, L.A. Marzulli, Gary Stearman, Jonathan Cahn, Joseph Farah, Douglas Woodward, Derek & Sharon Gilbert, Skiba, and others.[65] McGuire is also a professor at Jack Hayford’s King’s College and Seminary.[66]

Through the multi-faceted works of these notable leaders, and many more, this PPP deception continues to grow exponentially. And with the emerging convergence with the NAR, there is evidence that this cosmic militant warfare rhetoric will increase.

What the Bible Says About Spiritual Warfare 

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places]. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints 
(Eph. 6:10-18)

It is important to first know the truth from the Word of God and how it instructs Christians to fight against the world, the flesh and the devil. In a previous article, “Militant Prayer: Taking Dominion over Dark Angels,”[67] we explained the true spiritual “battle” faced by believers according to Scripture:

What is the truth? The Bible does teach us about spiritual warfare, but not as [C. Peter] Wagner, [Cindy] Jacobs, [Lou] Engle, [Ed] Silvoso, [Mike] Bickle and [Tom] Horn do. They base many of their false doctrines on their fanciful interpretations of Ephesians 6:10-17. Ephesians 6:12 says “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” This passage does teach about how to war with Satan and his demons, but it pertains to our ongoing battle against the temptations to sin. This passage does not instruct Christians in “strategic-level” or “techno-dimensional” warfare; it teaches us to rely upon the Lord in our daily walk with Him. 

“The armor of God” in verses 13-17 is a picture of God’s Word lived out. We are able to “put on/take up the full armor (given by God)” and to “stand firm” in “resisting the devil’s schemes” in God’s strength and might, not our own (vs. 10-14). The sword is not primarily an offensive weapon. The sword (in both the natural and spiritual) is primarily a defensive weapon. Watch people who fence. They spend 95% of their time parrying or deflecting the blows of the opponent and only the occasional lunge is an attack. Notice at how Jesus used the Word against Satan during His temptation in the wilderness. Jesus never went over to the attack. He simply defended the Truth by saying “it is written.” The Bible is only used in an “offensive” way to preach the Gospel and the Truth, which is primarily a defensive, an apologetic act. 

The entire weapon system of the believer described in Ephesians 6 is defensive. This goes to the heart of the issue. We are not equipped to take the battle to the devil. But he will bring the battle to us. Three times in this passage it is emphasized that we need the weapons in order to STAND – not to attack, retreat or pursue, but to stand (verses 11, 13, 14). A fourth time Paul uses the word “withstand” (vs. 13). It is abundantly clear that Ephesians 6 teaches us to stand on the victory already gained and completed at the cross (Col. 2:15:“And having spoiled principalities and powers, He [Jesus Christ] made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.”). The battle is not about gaining new ground, and we are not taught to go in pursuit of the devil. We have the victory—it was gained by Jesus at the cross. Satan wants to rob and kill and destroy us (John 10:10). But all we have to do is take on the whole armor and stand. 

A careful examination of 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, which is also frequently cited to justify this hyper-spiritual warfare, will reveal that “strongholds” (fortresses) are “speculations” and “thoughts” that come against God’s Truth and which lead us into disobedience and sin. We “destroy” these by knowing God’s Word, and obeying it through the power of the indwelling Spirit of God, not by exercising authority over demons. This “taking on the devil” mentality via Strategic Level (warfare prayer) and Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare (militant prayer) negates the Lord’s sovereignty. Furthermore, when Satan and his emissaries are blamed for all ills plaguing a fallen world and mankind—“the devil/demons made me do it”—there is a profound diminishing of the Gospel message of Salvation.[68] [emphases added] 

Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason ministry wrote an insightful article on this false Latter Rain doctrine in 2009 called, “Do We Have ALL Authority?” In it, he pointed to the inherent pride resident in those seeking the authority and power that belongs to Christ:

The Apostles never taught or practiced things that we hear of today. Furthermore God never put in His word of our taking authority over the spiritual realm, binding devils over cities, or even Satan. Scripture teaches that there were demons so powerful that the Apostles could not cast them out. Paul an apostle was unable to heal all– even he suffered with an affliction. Certainly they did not have all authority. They had to sometimes ask in prayer, not take authority by prayer. Humility is what Christ taught and true humility means to rely on someone who is greater, real humility is to know your position and enjoy it.[69] [emphases added] 

He adds a chilling warning for those caught up in such aberrant spiritual warfare techniques:

He [the Antichrist] was able to deceive by his authority (power). If you wonder whom the Christians are that Jesus warned about the deception in the end, it will be the ones who look for authority, power in miracles and signs as the proof that something is of God.[70] [bold added] 

Oppenheimer concludes his insightful analysis of true biblical authority—by redirecting the focus back to the Lord Jesus Christ—and by underscoring the believer’s role in serving Him:

It was only Jesus who was given all authority. Nowhere does it say we were given all authority in the New Testament. Matt 28:18-20 “And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.” So he tells the apostles and us “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, “teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen. The word for authority is power. If one has all power they have all authority. It is not the church that has all authority, we need to be under Jesus’ authority just as he was under the Father when he came as a servant. Leadership in the church is about being a servant. Only Jesus can have all authority for the simple reason he is sinless and can rule perfectly, the church is not sinless and can never be trusted with all authority. Yes we as the church have some authority, but not all authority. The sooner we learn this, the quicker we can come under the authority of Christ and enjoy serving under His Lordship.[71] [bold added; underlining in original] 

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee” 
(Psalm 91: 1-7). 

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Part 3: The Emerging ENIGMA Bible 
Part 4: False Eschatology Arising! 
Part 5: Quantum Teleporting Through Time 
Part 6: Quantum Geomancy and Cryptic Mystic Math 
Part 7: Quantum Prophecy 
Part 8: A Quantum Cosmic Christ 
Part 9: Quantum Mysticism Goes to Market 
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