Quantum Teleporting Through Time


By Gaylene Goodroad

There seems to be evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it are also only ghostly images, projections from a level of reality so beyond our own that the real reality is literally beyond both space and time. The main architect of this astonishing idea includes one of the world’s most eminent thinkersUniversity of London physicist David Bohm, a protege of Einstein’s and one of the world’s most respected quantum physicists…. Bohm’s interpretation of quantum physics indicated that at the subquantum level location ceased to exist. All points in space become equal to all other points in space, and it was meaningless to speak of anything as being separate from anything else. Physicists call this property “nonlocality.”Chuck Missler, Cosmic Codes, pp. 338-339 [bold added]

Science now says that past, present, and future all exist at the same time, and that every point in three-dimensional space is equally distant from every other point. Time-space is an interwoven whole…. Atoms entangled at the quantum level could be on opposite sides of the galaxy, and still react to each other at the same instant. Thus, at a very deep level, there exists a universal connection between all things
Gary Stearman, Time Travelers of the Bible, p. 444 [bold added]


Before exploring the full-fledged
occult outgrowth and ultimate end product of quantum mystical teachings in
the church, it should be emphasized that these heretical ideas will only
proliferate as Christians attend conferences, read books, and view video
presentations by men who, like Chuck Missler, collaborate with other influential
and like-minded teachers, authors, and speakers. Quantum Mysticism with its newly emerging End-Time Eschatology is a rapidly growing movement in evangelicaldom, and many are jumping on the marketing bandwagon.

One such prominent leader in this movement is Tom Horn. The reach of
these two men together
Chuck Missler and Tom Horncannot be overstated. As mentioned in part one of this article series and in previous writings, Tom Horn is significantly connected with Chuck Missler’s quantum mysticism—and it is Horn’s teachings that form the underpinning of the false 2012 doomsday prophecies, the Latter Rain inspired warfare prayer heresy (dealing
with territorial spirits, extra-terrestrials, pagan mythology, and the
Nephilim)—and the emerging quantum eschatology which will be examined in more detail later in
this series.

Evidence of these strange teachings can be found in Missler’s Introduction to Horn’s 2011 book, God’s Ghostbusters.
In this Introduction, Missler uses the vehicle of Horn’s collaborative book to lay the quantum
mystical foundation for the existence of every dark creature of pagan myth,
sci-fi fantasy, and horror monster—including  vampires, werewolves, and alien life. Missler wrote:
Paranormal events may
be the result of trans-dimensional interactions…. Does the “Paranormal” lie
within the margins between the “Metacosm” and the virtual reality established
by the digital stimulation? Why should
we be surprised by trans-dimensional phenomena when we get glimpses of them in
cloud chambers of the physicists?
How much of our discounted history is the
record of trans-dimensional events? How much of our understanding will rely on
competence in hyperspatial constructs and characteristics? How will our
presuppositions limit our horizons when encountering Riemannian
geometry? What are the tools to discern between insights and discoveries and
the deceits and illusions?[i]
[bold added]
Note that in this new quantum worldview it is implied that emerging science will shape our understanding of the Bible, and not vice versa. The truth is that the Lord, by His
Spirit, will equip believers to discern between any of these “deceits and illusions.” But Missler,
Horn, and the authors who collaborated with this publication (and many others of this genre), seem to be saying, “forget what you know or have been taught about these things… and listen to new truths as they are being revealed.” But
should we tread where Scripture is silent… or even warns us to flee?

What are the
implications of abandoning God’s Word to seek dark, foreboding, and hidden
Sadly, these authors do
not spell out these “risks,” but instead lure unsuspecting readers beyond the
safety of God’s Word and straight into quantum mysticism… and beyond.
Rather than warn
readers about the dire spiritual consequences of delving into the murky mists
of occult lore, Missler says just the opposite:
…[L]et’s blindfold our
from the myths of the past, and let’s approach these areas with a
humility borne of a broader perspective. Let’s,
indeed, take a peak outside and look beyond the comfort of the
four-dimensional  playpen we’ve been
confined to
but let’s also
appreciate the risks.[ii] [bold
Both Horn and Missler are high-profile,
well-established and influential quantum collaborators. Besides being an
author, radio host, and conference speaker, Tom Horn is also a successful
Christian publisher (Anomalos/Defender)[iii]
who has also published numerous of his own books that purport wild and
speculative interpretations of Scripture heavily embellished with extra-biblical
revelation—including apocryphal, mythological, and event occult literature. Missler’s
work is included in several of these writings. Here is a sampling of recent Horn
books—featuring both Missler and Horn—all available on Horn’s disaster
preparedness website[iv]:
  • God’s Ghostbusters – (Missler) Introduction, “The Boundaries of Our
    Physical Reality.” (pp. 1-16); (Horn) Chapter 1, “The Spirit of Nosferatu and
    the Children of the Damned,” pp. 17-30; Chapter 6, “Do Alien-Human Hybrids Walk
    Among Us?,” pp. 125-150; Chapter 18, “The Angel of Death vs. the Gift of Life,”
    pp. 369-380 [published by Horn].[v]
  • Pandemonium’s Engine: How the End of the
    Church Age, the Rise of Transhumanism, and the Coming of the Übermensch
    (Overman) Herald Satan’s Imminent and Final Assault on the Creation of God
    – (Missler) Chapter 11, “Pandora’s
    Box for the 21st Century? The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” pp. 327-344; (Horn)
    Chapter 1, “Pandemonium and ‘HER’ Children,” pp. 1-71 [published by Horn].[vi]
  • The Departure: God’s Next
    Catastrophic Intervention into Earth’s History
    – (Missler) Chapter 1, “Worldwide
    Violence: As it was in Noah’s Day,” (pp. 25-42); (Horn) Chapter 8, “End-of-Days
    Demons in High Places,” pp. 153-170 [edited by Terry James; published by Horn].[vii]
addition to these current book collaborations, Horn and Missler have also
partnered in several audio/video productions including:
  • Once Mortal – 8 audio CDs (based on God’s Ghostbusters)[viii]
  • Something Transhuman This Way Comes6 audio CDs (based on Pandemonium’s Engine)[ix]
  • The Hybrid Age  – 2-hour DVD (Horn was also featured in the
    Feb. 2012 issue of Missler’s Koinonia Institute publication, Personal Update, to promote this DVD,
    Cover, pp. 8-16).[x]
  • The Official Disclosure: Prepare for
     – 20 audio CDs (featuring Missler, Horn, and
    several other collaborators).[xi]
Horn and Missler have also shared speaking platforms around
the country, including one scheduled this summer:
  • Future Congress, July 22-24, 2011, Branson, MO[xii]
  • Strategic
    Perspectives Conference
    , Nov. 4-5th, 2011, Coeur d’Alene, ID[xiii]
  • Strategic
    Perspectives Conference
    , Mar. 24th, 2012, Lakeland, FL[xiv]
  • The
    2012 Branson Prophecy Summit
    , July 13-15th, 2012, Branson, MO[xv]
To further illustrate
the gravity and extensive reach of the quantum deceptions that have come into the church by these
men, it is necessary to examine other notable Christian authors who are working alongside them as quantum
collaborators. Many saints have fallen headlong
into the occult realm under the banner of quantum physics, often under the influence of Tom Horn and Chuck Missler—and many leaders are
taking sheep with them. This is a serious time in the church. 

Gary Stearman is a
jovial, grey-bearded man with a warm and disarming demeanor who loves to tell
stories—some of which have been incorporated into Horn books, Pandemonium’s Engine and God’s Ghostbusters.[xvi]
Horn appears often on Stearman’s syndicated television program, Prophecy in the News.[xvii]

Stearman often shares the
speaking platform with Horn and Missler (e.g., Future Congress), the authorship of
several collaborative books, and is included in other ventures such as Official Disclosure: Prepare for Contact,
a DVD set that examines the evidence of “alien life imminent,” one of their favorite topics.[xviii] Tom Horn published and wrote the Foreword to Stearman’s latest book, Time Travelers of the Bible, released
just prior to Horn’s Future Congress conference last year in Branson, MO, where Stearman
was a presenter.[xix] Here is an excerpt
from Horn’s Foreword. Note the paranormal aspects of this quantum cosmology:
As you journey with
Stearman through a cosmological window past
general relativity and quantum mechanics to a world of membranes in subatomic
space, eleven-dimensional superstrings, parallel universes, mathematical
and finally, time
, you will learn that a place “as timeless as infinity between light
and shadow” really does exist, and that certain
actually ventured into this great beyond only to return to offer
glimpses of what they discovered about the past, present, and future, as well
as relativity of these dimensions to what the Bible calls “hades,” “heaven,”
and “eternity.” These voyagers were
willed to this other-dimensional plane
by the Master of Time Himself, the
God of biblical prophecy…
[xx][bold added]
In Hornesque fashion,
Stearman combines quantum physics, extra-biblical literature, Kabbalistic mystical
writings—and his own background in aeronautical engineering and an encounter with a UFO[xxi]—to
promote the outlandish idea that the Hebrew prophets and other biblical “time
travelers” were given access through multi-dimensional portals in time/space—in
the “historical hologram”—to not only
see the future, but experience it in
their bodies in the future.
[xxii]  Speaking of Ezekiel,
Stearman writes:

The spot upon which he stood was not merely a geographic
location; it was, in fact, a time/space coordinate…. He was a time traveler.

According to Stearman,
even the Lord Jesus is a time traveler:
On that first Sunday,
then, all He had to do was walk to the designated spot in the disciples’ room
and stand there…
a few moments in the
. That is, a few seconds prior to the time of His appearance, He was already there. Then, He simply stood still in time, allowing the
present to “catch up” with Him. At a preordained moment, all He had to do was
begin to move again in synchronism with the flow of time…. It is reasonable to
say that He had appeared from their future.
[italics in original]
sounds more like an episode from Star
or Back to the Future than
an exposition from the Bible. But Stearman’s book is not mere science fiction
entertainment—it is false teaching
and it is very popular right now. His Time Travelers of the Bible—and the
quantum spirituality it contains—could be appearing at any conference book table
near you.
In fact, this book takes
readers on a  quantum leap into the occult realm through mysticism. What he (and Horn) describes as “time travel” is what occultists
call astral projection, remote viewing,
or dimensional translocation (bilocation

Note these comments by
one esoteric author:
For centuries, mystics
and shamans have left their physical bodies to explore higher planes of
consciousness in the astral worlds…. Astral
projection is the actual bi-location of the physical body at one place and the
“energy” body in another
. The difference is that one’s consciousness is
transferred to that “energy” body. When the “energy” body returns, the journey
is remembered by the degree of continuity of consciousness the traveler has
developed. Astral projection is used to gather knowledge.
[bold added]
Jim DeKorne, author of
Psychedelic Shamanism, has written an
article for Esolibris.com, called
“Astral Projection: the Out-of-Body Experience as Dimensional Translocation.”
Here is an excerpt:
…[H]ere is another
observance by William Buhlman, the
out-of-body explorer
who… defined his experiences within the context of modern
quantum theory
“The tunnel experience is much more
significant than most people recognize. Not only does it provide substantial
evidence of a logical transitional method for consciousness after physical
death, but it directly relates to the
modern physics theories concerning
universes and energy wormholes
, as well as to my observations concerning the multidimensional universe.”
[bold added]
Mr. Buhlman is an
apparent “time traveler,” who claims to have passed through an “energy wormhole”
(tunnel/portal) and entered another dimension—a parallel universe. In his view,
quantum physics has provided “substantial evidence” of his “out-of-body”
experiences—or dimensional translocation

Another term for this
occult phenomena is “bilocation”—simultaneously being in two places at once
(traveling in time). In 2011, The Science
posted an article on bilocation purporting that Pythagoras, the
ancient Greek philosopher, mystic, and mathematician (570 -490 B.C.),
experienced this phenomenon—among other notable mystics, like Padre Pio.[xxviii] Relying upon Roman Catholic sources, the author reported:
Padre Pio, the 20th-century
Italian stigmatic [bore Christ’s wounds],
materialized in midair over the city of San Giovanni Rotondo during World War
to deter U.S. bombers from attacking the city, and after the war
sometimes mysteriously showed up on distant continents, leaving behind a
peculiar aroma—some described it as tobacco, while others smelled the scent of
roses—that emanated from his crucifixion-like wounds.
[bold added]
Using a 1912 edition
of the Catholic Encyclopedia, the
article explains “mystical bilocation,” or the term used by Catholic
circumscriptive replication

circumscriptive replication—that is, the idea that a physical body
can remain a single entity, but somehow miraculously be relieved of its spatial
relationship to other bodies, objects and/or locations, thus allowing the
person to appear to witnesses in multiple locations.
[xxx] [bold added]

The “Venerable Mary of
Agreda,” a cloistered 17th century mystic nun, apparently
experienced “circumscriptive replication”—dimensional translocation—or
bilocation. While never setting foot
outside her Spanish abbey, it is claimed she mystically bilocated to the American
Southwest (between 1620-1631) in order to spread the teachings of Roman
Catholicism, appearing as a “Lady in Blue.”[xxxi] (Note: “The Lady in Blue,”
was given national attention in 2004, during the production of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, because
Gibson used the nun’s mystical writings on the life of the Catholic Mary to
write his screenplay.)[xxxii]

The Science Channel article on bilocation concludes that 

…this seemingly ethereal phenomenon actually has a scientific explanation: quantum physics, which prods us to
re-envision reality as a collection of probabilities rather than as a single,
fixed truth.
[xxxiii] [bold
in original]

To “re-envision reality as a collection of probabilities rather than as a
single, fixed truth,” eliminates the final authority and sufficiency of Scripture. 

To underscore how far these quantum collaborators have taken these ideas about bilocation, note Chuck Missler’s words below:

As we begin to explore subatomic particles, we encounter behavior that is absolutely astonishing. If I take a piece of string, I can cut it in half. If I take one of the two remaining pieces, I can cut that in half again. One would assume that I could do this indefinitelyin concept, at least. It turns out that it is not possible: when I reach beyond the length of 10-33 centimeters, it loses ‘locality’; it becomes everywhere at once!... Every proton in the universe is ‘directly connected’ to every other one in the universe! [xxxiv] [bold added]

One of my favorite Einstein quotes is: “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between the past, the present, and the future, is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”[xxxv][bold added] 

This sounds like Eastern Mysticism merged with Quantum Physics! Going deeper into this time warp theology. Chuck Missler has stated:

We live in an age when the very nature of time is only beginning to be understood. The concepts of time warps, time travel, and the like are no longer the plaything of fiction writers, but the serious study of particle physicists, cosmologists, and other scientists. So, before we go further in our exploration of hyperspace and UFOs, we need to shed the baggage of some additional misconceptions that may hinder our understanding.[xxxvi]

One of the reasons that these men could be fixated on the quantum time travel and bilocation ideas, is that they, like the New Agers, are putting a heavy emphasis on the year 2012. These quantum collaborators teach that our physical universe will soon be overrun by mythological creatures and other strange entities that will travel through time and space portals to reach planet Earth in order to fulfill its 2012 end-time destiny. To reach these conclusions, selected elements of quantum physics are merged with pagan mythology and a bit of biblical prophecy. This mixture quickly begins to sound very strange. For example, Tom Horn has written:

In light of the ancient history of Mt. Hermon and the Mayan buildings and cities having been intentionally aligned with the Pleiades and Orion Nebula, the return to earth of the god these terrestrial and celestial locations are historically connected withApollo/Osiris/Nimrodliterally seems to have been set in stone. The highest sacred number (thirty-three) of the occultists who encoded the return of Apollo on the Great Seal of the United States also equals: 1) the exact location where the Watchers first descended to earth; and 2) triangulates the mile measurement 2012and the end date of the Mayan countdown to the return of their bloodthirsty god [Quetzalcoatl].[xxxvii]

Widely considered the most important work of Jewish Kabbalah, the Zohar is a collection of books written in medieval Aramaic over seven hundred years ago containing mystical commentary on the Pentateuch (five books of Moses, the Torah). In addition to interpreting Scripture, the ‘Vaera’ section (volume 3, section 34) includes ‘The signs heralding the Mashiach,’ or ‘The coming of the Messiah.’ The fascinating date for ‘his’ appearance is set in the Zohar at late 2012. Given the rejection of Jesus by orthodox Jews as Messiah, this coming could herald the unveiling of Antichrist in 2012.”[xxxviii] [ bold added]

I wrote more about this topic in my article Doomsday Datesetters: 2012. Suffice it to say that quantum mysticism forms the foundation of this new eschatology. It should be noted that these beliefs are also shared by New Agers. A key New Age leader, Barbara Marx Hubbard, writing about the significance of 2012 and quantum physics, has also predicted a quantum transformation: 

2012 might be earthshaking and shocking to some…. 

If we imagine ourselves only a few years in the future, even by 2012, providing we do not destroy ourselves first, we see the outlines of a vastly enhanced humanity, applying the growing edge of human consciousness, capacities, and evolutionary technologies to life-affirming goals, resulting in a quantum transformation of the human species itself.[xxxix][bold added]

Warren Smith, in his book A “Wonderful” Deception, warned extensively about the emergence of quantum physics mixed with New Age spirituality. He concluded his warning with a solemn message to believers:

The apostle Paul describes the simplicity of Christ (2 Corinthians 11:3). According to many of today’s spiritual and religious leaders, it has taken humanity 2000 years to finally “get it.” They say we need quantum physicists, cellular biologists, Ph.D. mathematicians, New Age channelers, and emerging postmodern preachers to finally understand what Jesus was trying to tell us back in the first century. No, this is not the simplicity that Paul was describing. This is the deceptive work of our Adversary as he tries to transform the creation into the Creator and co-opt God’s creation to himself.
Unfortunately, many of today’s pastors have forgotten that Satan is the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) and that we are to “stand against the wiles of the devil” (Ephesians 6:11). As a result, the church is now catapulting into great spiritual deception.
For those who still rightly divide and depend upon the Word of God, the Bible warns that the coming deception will be so great that most of the world will be deceived (Revelation 13:13-14). Jesus warned that His way is not the broad way but the “narrow way” of continuing in His Word (John 8:31). And it is His way that leads to eternal life.
And when these things begin to come to pass,
then look up, and lift up your heads;
for your redemption draweth nigh.

(Luke 21:28)[xl]

Stay tuned for Part 6 in this multi-part series “COSMS, CODES, AND CRYPTOLOGIES”. . . .

Part 3: The Emerging ENIGMA Bible

Part 4: False Eschatology Arising!

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