False Eschatology Arising!


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Eschatology is changing. 
Scripture no longer seems sufficient to many believers who are now beginning to incorporate the added elements of mythology, science fiction, technology, apocrypha, ancient occult prophecies, ghost stories, Freemasonry, fables and pure fiction. All of these additions go far beyond Scripture and result in creating an entirely new theology, particularly a new hybrid eschatology about the Lord’s return. 
This new eschatology theology is Hollywoodized. It is very dramatic and exciting. It includes speculations about the return of extraterrestrials, space aliens, mythological creatures, Nephilim, star wars, and other fantastic events and strange entities. This new eschatology seems more like reading Marvel Comics, or listening to Art Bell’s old Coast to Coast radio program, or watching The Avengers and other recent Hollywood films of its genre. 
Quantum Physics, new theories about the space/time continuum, and newly emerging technologies are rapidly being incorporated into biblical prophecy. There are wild speculations abounding about human hybrids. And there is increasing credence in the old Mayan prophecies about the significance of the year 2012
All of this is changing popular End-Time Biblical Prophecy scenarios. Many sincere believers, who formerly would have shuddered to think of adding in occult prophecies to the what the Bible already tells us, now seem entranced by the mixture. They are captivated by these dramatic imageries.
But is all this biblical
Is this what Jesus told us about His return?

These questions and more will be addressed at an upcoming conference sponsored by Discernment Ministries in Niles, Michigan, June 21-23: 

2012 & BEYOND
Understanding the Deception

This conference is a research conference. We will be examining these issues in an in-depth way. The presenters will explain it so that anyone can understand it. You will receive important information that you need to help you to defend the faith and refute these emerging heresies. The presentations will contain helpful graphic images to illustrate their points. Gaylene Goodroad, who has been writing this current series on Herescope, will be presenting her research.
Quantum Mysticism is not a new topic for us. Several years ago the Discernment Research Group embarked upon a
research project about the rise of Quantum Spirituality. It first came into the church via Leonard Sweet, who wrote a book back in 1991 titled Quantum Spirituality: A Postmodern Apologetic, a book which has been reviewed extensively by well-known critic of the New Age Movement, Warren B. Smith.[1] Leonard Sweet would go on to become an influential leader in Leadership Network. He was instrumental in the formation of its Emergent Church Movement which also promotes mysticism.[2]
The concept of Quantum Spirituality came back on our radar screen a few years ago, instigated by the discovery that the popular bestselling fiction book The Shack and a movie called The Seeker both contained “Fractal Theory,” a major concept in the new physics.[3] Warren Smith will be presenting his latest, very relevant research to the conference.
Pastor Larry DeBruyn began researching and writing about Quantum Spirituality in the church and this resulted in a 6-part series that we ran on Herescope in the Fall of 2010.[4] He will be updating this issue in a series of three talks at the conference.
Dr. Martin Erdmann is an expert in the new Techno/Spiritual Science that is emerging, particularly Nanotechnology and Transhumanism. As a senior scientist he was involved in a research project (Clinical Nanomedicine) at the University Hospital in Basel for five years. He began warning the church about the implications of this.[5]  Dr. Erdmann will be making some very important contributions to this conference by sharing his historical and technological expertise with us.
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Quantum Eschatology,[6] Quantum Mysticism, Quantum Spirituality . . . . These are cutting edge topics in the postmodern church age. It is coming in like a flood. The church is being deceived at a rapid rate into incorporating these new/old elements of science, technology, mythology, mysticism, paranormal and occultism into a volatile and corrupted mixture.  
But I fear, lest by any means,
as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty,
so your minds should be corrupted
from the simplicity that is in Christ.
(2 Cor. 11:3)
Stay tuned for Part 5 in this multi-part series “COSMS, CODES, AND CRYPTOLOGIES”. . . .

Part 3: The Emerging ENIGMA Bible

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Part 2: The “Uncertainty Principle”
Part 3: Fractal Emergence
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