The Emerging ENIGMA Bible


By Gaylene Goodroad

...[O]nce someone decides they can cherry-pick verses at will,
change the meaning of these texts to fit his theories
and use random hermeneutical methods,
anything can be “proven.”
—Pastor Gary Gilley*

ENIGMA: A saying, question, picture, etc., containing a hidden meaning.**

The study of “cosmic
codes” and related occult methodologies did not originate with Chuck Missler, but
from the ancient sages and Jewish mystics who generated the occult body of mystical writings called the Kabbalah.

acknowledges this fact himself in Chapter 10 of Cosmic Codes called, “The Skipping of Letters.” He favorably
examines the teachings of a few of these Kabbalistic  scholars—men such as 12th
century Rabbi Moses ben Nachmanides,
and 18th century rabbi, Eliyahu ben Shlomo or Vilna Gaon. Who are these men and what did they teach? According to the
Jewish Virtual Library:

Nachmanides had a strong mystical bent. His biblical commentaries are the first ones to incorporate the
mystical teachings of kabbalah.[i]

apologist John Weldon, in Decoding the
Bible Code
, reports that Rabbi Vilna Gaon “was subject to strong occult
influences” such as “mysticism, mystical revelations, ‘angels, and other
celestial beings,’ the dead, and out of body experiences.”[ii]

The beliefs of these
and other twelfth and thirteenth century sages are examined in The Kabbalah: An Illustrated Introduction to
the Esoteric Heart of Jewish Mysticism

and their followers believed that the Word of God, as delineated in the Torah
(the book of Mosaic law), could give the power to heal the flesh and drive out
evil and sickness. Their teachings were recorded in the Sepher Hasidim…. According to the book, the Word was hidden from plain sight, where only the worthy and
could locate it…. [They] devoted
themselves to scrutinizing the Torah for hidden codes. Each mark and letter of the Torah was counted, analyzed, given a value
and manipulated.
Words that added to the same number were seen as
equivalent at the least, and perhaps as
revealing a special new wisdom. This technique was called Gematria, and its adepts were know as
Baal Shem, “Masters of the Word.”[iii] [italics in
original, bold added]

According to Kabbalists, “only the worthy and pure could locate” the hidden
codes. Similarly, in Missler’s book Cosmic Codes, only the scientifically and mathematically astute and
can locate and decode these purported hidden Bible codes. Note that this belief that only an elect group can glean hidden or coded truths runs contrary to a foundational teaching of the First Reformation, which taught:
VII. All things in Scripture
are not alike plain in themselves, nor alike clear unto all; yet those things
which are necessary to be known, believed, and observed, for salvation, are so
clearly propounded and opened
in some place of Scripture or other, that not
only the learned, but the unlearned, in a due use of the ordinary means, may
attain unto a sufficient understanding
of them. (The Westminster Confession)

In explaining his
qualifications and motivations to write such a book, note the first things
listed in Chuck Missler’s brief resume:

few of the popular treatments of this intriguing subject evidence any background in cryptology, which is
precisely the science at issue.
Having spent a 30-year career in both military and civilian pursuits in
advanced communication and information science technologies—including deeply classified ventures in the
intelligence field
—and, also, having more than three decades in serious
Biblical studies, I felt that a broader approach to the subject of hidden
messages was appropriate.[iv] [bold added]

One must raise the question: does a background in
the “science of cryptology” and “deeply classified ventures in the intelligence
field” trump the Holy Spirit and the plain Word of God? Missler lists “several brilliant
mathematical explorers” (scientists) responsible for the most recent wave of
Bible (Torah) code examinations:

Witztum, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish
scholar who had been a graduate student specializing in general relativity;
Eliyahu Rips, a Lithuanian émigré and world-class mathematician in group
theory; Prof. Daniel Michelson, maintaining appointments both in the Department
of Mathematics at UCLA as well as the Hebrew University in Jerusalem; and
Gerald Schroeder, an MIT physicist, a
participant in six atomic bomb tests, and who has worked for the Department of
Defense, the Atomic Energy Commission, and the UN.
(I had the delightful
privilege of celebrating Passover in Gerry’s home in Jerusalem many years ago,
it was he who first introduced me to
the “Torah codes.”
185  [v]

Are readers to assume
that an atomic bomb physicist (working with the Department of Defense and the United Nations)—and an apparently unbelieving Jew—has a unique ability to
decode hidden biblical messages that are out-of-reach to a Spirit-filled
believer simply reading the text?
This seems to be the suggestion.

Under the subheading,
“The Big Guns Take a Look,” Missler also lists a National Security Agent (NSA)
expert in un-cracking codes, Dr. Harold Gans:

Harold Gans has been a senior mathematician with
the most prestigious cryptology institution in
the world,
the National Security
Agency (NSA)…[He] is a brilliant mathematician who has published over 190
technical papers (most of them classified), and has headed up teams of the top
mathematicians, cryptanalysts,
programmers, and engineers, solving problems previously considered virtually
uncrackable. [bold mine][vi]

Without further
information, the reader is left to guess at Dr. Gans’ faith, if any.[vii]

In answering anyone who raises questions about
the elevation of scientific “big guns” to the place of spiritual
advisors, Missler initially seems to agree: “[It] is not God’s ‘style’ to put us
at the mercy of experts, or elitist of any kind.” He even quotes 1
Corinthians 1:26-29:

“For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men
after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: but God hath
chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath
chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
and base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen,
yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: that no
flesh should glory in his presence.”

However, in the
immediate paragraphs following—in what appears to be a dialectic slight-of-hand—Missler accuses
his critics of “scriptural myopia,” and “naiveté.”
Missler is referring to “ELS,” which stands for
“Equidistant Letter Sequences,” which is a complicated counting letter pattern that is said to reveal a hidden code.
Missler wrote:

are some serious concerns over the ELS codes. Among these, however, are some
concerns which we feel are disturbingly
. There are some critics of the ELS codes who feel that God has nothing in His Word that the common person cannot
. This places a strange constraint upon God…it is very myopic and naïve to infer that only things, which can be understood by the
rank and file are in God’s Word
.[ix] [Emphasis added]

So once again only the code-breaker elite trained in secret decoding methods are qualified to decipher
encrypted Bible messages, while “common” and “rank and file” Christians are just being “disturbingly myopic” and
“naïve”? Note that the issue is not over the “understanding”
of the deep things of God, which is accessible to every believer through the plain reading God’s Word (Ephesians 3:4: “Whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ”). The issue is rather that the
technically elite have been elevated to a sort of priesthood regarding the
decryption of these so-called hidden messages in the Bible. The truth is that 

  1. No believer,
    before glorification, will ever understand all mysteries that are hidden in God’s Word (perhaps
    we never will). 
  2. There are no “classes” of Christians. Likening the “common
    person” to “the rank and file” flies in the face of 1 Corinthians 1:26-29.
  3. The Scripture is open to us so that we may share the “mystery of the Gospel” of Salvation with others (See Eph. 6:19, Col. 4:3.)
In the book Kabbalah (cited earlier), besides indicating that “only
the worthy and pure” are able to “locate” the hidden meanings in the Torah, the
author also highlights the diligence required in these decrypting practices:

devoted themselves to scrutinizing
the Torah for hidden codes
. Each
mark and letter of the Torah was counted, analyzed, given a value and
Words that added to the same number were seen as equivalent at
the least, and
perhaps as revealing a
special new wisdom.
This technique was called Gematria, and its adepts were know as Baal Shem, “Masters of the

The underlying
motivation for such beliefs is explained by a second century rabbi named Akiba
Ben Joseph (Rabbi Akiva), the founder of rabbinic Judaism:

believed that every letter, punctuation mark and even decorative flourish of
the Holy Scriptures had been inspired by God, and that he study of such
minutiae could reveal the truths of God’s laws

Compare Rabbi Akiva’s
ideas above with those of Chuck Missler, who wrote in Cosmic Codes that:

more we investigate, the more we discover that the books of the Bible are
actually elements of a highly integrated message system in which every detail,
every number, every name, even the elemental structures within the text itself,
are clearly the result of intricate and skillful “engineering.” [pg. 86]

In the
Biblical record, every detail, every place name, every number, has been
tailored by deliberate design…Deciphering
these codes is our ultimate challenge
. [pg. 218, bold mine]

(Unfortunately for
Rabbi Akiva, his textual manipulations led him to announce a false Messiah,
Simon bar Kochba.[xii])

To underscore the importance that Missler places on these Kabbalist mystics, note the following favorable comments he made in his book Cosmic Codes:

“Towering behind all of these [Jewish mystics] was one of the greatest Jewish sages of all time, Rabbi Moses ben Nachman of Gerona in Catalonia…. Known as Nachmanidesand by the acronym Ramban… (Nachmanides also inferred, from Genesis 1, that our universe has ten dimensions. This appears to anticipate the very insights currently recognized by particle physicists…).” [pg. 124]

“…[A] more recent prodigy, Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl… acquired a Torah commentary written by a 13th century sage, Rabbenu Bachya ben Asher of Saragossa, in Spain. Fascinated by Bachya’s cryptic asides, and allusions to decryptions (literally, kabbalah, in Hebrew), for the rest of his life, Weissmandl maintained his certainty that divinely ordered information was embedded within the Torah by means of Bachya’s description of the skipping of equal intervals of letters….” [pg. 125]

Where will these
extra-biblical occult techniques lead others who follow them? History provides us some answers. 

For example, the Kabbalah eventually became a mystical cargo that Spanish Jews and Christian
Gnostics brought with them to America during Columbus’ historic voyage. They
“leapt on it as the lost secrets that would allow access to the very innermost
mysteries of the Bible.” A Christian Gnostic
by the name of Pico della Mirandola, “was convinced that Kabbalistic
study—particularly gematria and the
other analytical techniques—could verify the scientific truth of Christianity.”[xiii]
[italics added]

Adepts of both the
Kabbalah and Gnosticism seek extra-biblical revelation or knowledge—esoteric
and hidden knowledge that is forbidden by God.[xiv]  Note that even at this early time religious, but
misguided, men were seeking spiritual wisdom through “scientific” methods.

The Book of Divination names one of
these scientific methods
“numerology,” or “number mysticism.” It was discovered by the 6th
century Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who believed that “[t]he numeral
relations among things was… the motive force of the universe.” Numerology is a
form of divination used widely in the occult world. It is often connected with astrology (birth dates, e.g.) and it is used “to discover the secret passageways that connect
all things,” i.e., to divine esoteric knowledge by mystical means using numbers.[xv]

Although numerology
is clearly a form of occult divination, there is a legitimate study of numbers as it
relates to the Bible. John Weldon informs us that:

Bible clearly uses numbers in a conventional and rhetorical sense, and as far
as these are concerned, the study of biblical numerology is legitimate.
4 We also occasionally
find numbers used symbolically—such as the number 7 in Revelation 3:18
5—but we never find numbers used mysticallythat is, with hidden meanings that can illuminate the text or reveal
the future
[bold added]

James Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries, a Hebrew-speaking evangelist to the Jews and highly respected
Bible teacher, explains further:

there is a remarkable numerical coding to the Bible and this has a valid and
potentially valuable application in evangelical apologetics… [but] we must
separate that which is biblical and what is not. Certainly symbolic
numbers…have a meaning in biblical typology. This has always been known…. In
Formula Citations (Old Testament prophecies being fulfilled in the life
experience of Jesus) and in Biblical Genealogies, numerical values and patterns
re-enforce a textual meaning. But
nowhere is Gematria used as a basis of doctrine or prophecy…. We must recognize
these aspects of biblical numerics which have validity. Some though, again take
it further than scripture does, arriving at wild conclusions.

allegedly secret meanings of words or phrases in Jewish mysticism are derived
from understanding their numerical values. In Zohar, Kabbalistic interpretations of numbers are not uncommon, but this derives from the occult practice of
, which is pagan and Hellenistic in origin…. With the help of a
computer, one might be able to ‘discover’ another coherent text keeping to a
fixed system of numerical pattern as scripture does….

one could take almost any original Hebrew text… and devise an alpha-numeric
pattern that will reveal what are supposedly cryptic messages or predictions.
In Hebrew this would be relatively simple because, unlike Greek or Latin,
Hebrew has no vowels, only consonants. 
So it is easy to make words. In
dealing with prophecy and deeper significance in a biblical text, God’s Word
does not use alpha-numerics
….[xvii] [bold mine]

In an entire chapter
devoted to examining numerology, numerics,
and gematria, Chuck Missler acknowledges
the dangers of relying on the mystical elements in his cryptic endeavors, but
ends his analysis with this disturbing conclusion that seems to override his concerns:”[xviii]

the deeper question remains. Does the Bible use numbers in a mystical sense?
The Kabbalists held that every detail in
the Torah was significant. So did the Lord
5:17:17-18). Many will, of course, accuse us of “mysticism,” and we make only
faint apology.
Paul and John clearly
were “mystics
[bold, italics mine]

Are the teachings of
the Lord Jesus Christ, and the apostles Paul and John comparable to the
mystical Kabbalists! Were they “mystics?” We think not![xx] A few paragraphs later, Missler exhorts his readers to “cling to
the whole of Scripture as our fixed
point of reference.”[xxi]
But given the context, one must ask if, by italicizing the word “whole,” Missler is alluding to the Bible plus encrypted Bible codes as Holy Writ?
This then raises an additional important question:  

Is this teaching on hidden cosmic codes a way to expand beyond the plain
text of the Bible in order to accommodate new messages, new meanings, new “words” from God? Will this open the Canon to new eschatologies? New end-time scenarios?

The potential answer is disconcerting. Missler suggests that the advent of the modern computer era will enhance the decoding of these supposed hidden messages in the Bible. It is suggested that earlier generations in the church didn’t have access to mechanical devices like computers that would facilitate the decoding of these “hidden” new words from God. So now in our era we have more revelation? In the following quotes from Cosmic Codes, keep in mind that the mixture of scientific technology plus mysticism forms the basis of Quantum Spirituality:

It is fascinating to reflect on the history of the codes. From the Hebrew scribe’s obsession with textual precision emerged a mystical tradition that also led, intensified by the crucible of persecution, to the arcana of cryptography, which, when assisted with mechanical devices, ultimately led to the modern computer, which is now apparently revealing the codes hidden there from the very beginning…. [pg. 130]

As computers were born in the cradle of the cryptography, the ellipsis of history now seems to be closing. It was the sequential development of three areas of modern interestcryptology, mathematical statistics, and machine computationthat has emerged from the ancient encoding techniques of the Jewish sages who first discovered codes in the Torah so long ago…. Has cryptography now also joined these other sciences to reveal what Bible scholars have been trumpeting for generations? Is the Bible really a message from beyond the edge of infinity, carrying a preemptive personal relevance for each of us? [pg. 135]

Bible code teaching is not new. There are other authors who have capitalized on the Bible code idea over the years. Chuck Missler distances himself
from Michael Drosnin, the discredited author of the best-selling book, The Bible Code.[xxii]
However, Missler admittedly “draws heavily” from the works of other Bible code proponents: Rabbi Yakov Rambsel (His Name is Jesus: The Mysterious Yeshua
), Grant Jeffrey (Signature of
), and Jeffrey Satinover (Cracking
the Bible Code

Both John Weldon and the authors
Clifford and Barbara Wilson discredit the works of Rambsel and Jeffrey,
citing a researcher who consulted Dr. Harold Gans, the NSA cryptologist mentioned earlier: “We showed Rambsel and Jeffrey’s statistical computations… simply
disregard universally accepted scientific claims. There is not even one
statistical claim or computation in their books that is normatically rigorous
or true….”

introduces Dr. Satinover of Cracking the Bible Code:

public awareness was then added with Dr. Jeffrey Satinover’s article in Bible
Review in October 1995.194 Dr. Satinover is an expert in
mathematics, physics, and clinical psychiatry; he is a former Williams James
lecturer in Psychology and Religion at Harvard; has degrees from MIT, Harvard
Graduate School of Education and the University of Texas. He reported that the
mathematical probability of these 66 names of Jewish sages, with the dates of
their birth or death, in an ancient text such as Genesis, was less than one
chance in 2.5 billion.[xxv]

Concerning Dr. Satinover’s beliefs, note the comments
made by critics Weldon and the Wilsons in Decoding the Bible Code:

Both Drosnin and Satinover discuss how the
paradoxical findings of quantum mechanics relate to the Bible Code. For
example, in particle physics, the indeterminacy of the position of an electron
is paralleled to the indeterminacy of the Bible code as it relates, for
example, to multiple predictions or other “fuzzy” aspects of the code. [pg. 59; bold added]

It is the parallels between quantum mechanics and
the Bible code
that causes Satinover to conclude, “God lays out the broad pattern of history, acts in the world
alongside us, [but willingly] ‘contracts’
some portions of His omnipotence
so that we may be granted the gift of
genuine freedom.” [
pg. 60; bold added]

also implies that the Bible codes
contain infinite knowledge
7 and are multilevel—“the
codes were but one face of a dazzling multifaceted jewel with depths beyond
8 Billions of skip codes, leading to billions of messages, and
even different levels and dimensions.
All of this boggles the mind. [
pg. 84; bold added]

…And even in Satinover’s serious work, we find
certain occult expressions: “There is no such thing as a single fixed
reality—all phenomena and experience are unpredictable, fuzzy.”…”To learn the
template [of existence] is to make
present both past and future
; to study sacred history is to see the eternal
in the mundane.”
29 [pg. 123; bold added]

As Dr.
Satinover points out, “The claim that the
existed in the Torah lay at
the very heart of Kabbalah…” [
pg. 119; bold added]

Besides linking the
Bible codes to New Age physics and to a “God” who “contracts” portions of His
omnipotence, Satinover’s apparent connection to occult teachings is alarming. The Decoding the Bible Code authors ask the important question:
“What are the implications if the concept of Bible codes was revealed from an occult source—especially one having a hidden

And we must ask the obvious question: Why is Chuck Missler “drawing heavily” from a man with such obvious occult beliefs and
incorporating them into his Koinonia Institute study text? 

Although only evident
in the Appendices to Cosmic Codes,[xxvii]
Missler also incorporates extensive material from Anglican clergyman and Ultra-Dispensationalist, E.W. Bullinger, who died in 1913. Among Bullinger’s books are, The Witness of the Stars, “an in-depth
study of the constellations and principle stars as they pertain to prophetic
and Number in Scripture: Its Supernatural
Design and Spiritual Significance,
“a classic reference book on biblical
numerology [providing] a complete synopsis of the spiritual significance of
numbers found in the Bible.”[xxix]
Even the titles sound mystical and astrological, not biblical.

According the late
Dr. Harry Ironside, Bullinger’s The
Companion Bible
, “contains interpretations which are utterly subversive of
the truth.”[xxx] Ironside warned:

Some of
Dr. Bullinger’s positions are glaringly opposed to what is generally accepted
as orthodox teaching, as, for instance, the
sleep of the soul between death and resurrection
… [M]ost of his followers in Great Britain have gone off into annihilation, and there
is quite a sect in America who began
with his teaching who now are restorationists
of the broadest type, teaching
what they are pleased to call universal reconciliation…[bold added]

Considering the dire effects of Bullinger’s teachings upon his followers, one can only wonder what direction Missler’ quantum mysticism might lead his students. 2 Peter 2:1 warns the church: “But false prophets also arose among the
people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly
introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them,
bringing swift destruction upon themselves.”
Commenting on this Scripture, Jacob Prasch states:

Scripture warns, God does not like a
. The Hebrews could not make a garment of wool and flax (Dt. 22:11).
In Laodicea there was the hot water and the cold—“I wish you were either cold
or hot.” But when there is a mixture—the lukewarm—it is spit out (Rev. 3:16).
Forget about the argument there is “some” good in it, that there is “some”
truth in it, so “we’ll take the ‘good’ bits.” That is man’s wisdom, not God’s.
“A little leaven leavens the whole lump”
(1 Co. 5:6; Gal. 5:9). But it says when they do this [mix truth with error]
they will deny “the Master who bought
[bold added]

How far and wide has
Missler’s quantum mysticism already spread? In our article published a year ago,
Doomsday Datesetters 2012,” we explained how this was connecting with the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and its aberrant beliefs:

In July of 2007, discernment author Jackie Alnor wrote an Apostasy
article called, “Quantum Alchemy,” exposing the “Quantum Leap-2
Conference” co-sponsored by the
NAR-affiliated Elijah List. In her article, Alnor expressed concerns that Missler was one
of the featured speakers of the event and wondered if he “could be a bridge
builder between the two camps… [Calvary Chapel and Kansas City Prophets],”

Missler sharing the stage with mystics and false prophets could stumble many
young believers who could assume Missler’s involvement was an endorsement of
any and all teaching and actions that might occur. Since the names Chuck Smith
and Calvary Chapel were used in the advertising [Missler taught the Bible under
Smith for over 25 years], could this be a ploy to draw in unsuspecting
Christians to a gathering where deceiving spirits are welcome? …Will Missler
speak up against these dark teachings when he takes the platform or will he go
on as if they’re all one big happy family?[55]

That question has been answered.

online poster advertising the Quantum Leap 2 Conference announced:

We plan to go into uncharted territory. We will embark on a
journey to explore the mystery of color,
light, and sound
. This road has been
traversed by scientists and mystics alike
. This conference will blend science and theology, and is designed to
release divine creativity.
[bold, italics added]

was at the Quantum Leap 2 Conference that Chuck Missler made contact with New
Apostolic Reformation (NAR) teacher David van Koevering, writer, minister, motivational speaker, inventor,
visionary, musicologist, who is also a quantum
. Van Koevering’s teachings include “The Physics of Worship” and “The Science
of God Sounds.”[xxxiv]

There are more connections. Van
Koevering quotes Missler in the August 7 issue of Elijah Rain Magazine, “Keys to Taking Your Quantum Leap”:

It is believed that the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second…. That means that light may have been ten to thirty percent faster
in the time of Christ; twice as fast in the days of Solomon; and four times as fast
in the days of Abraham. My friend Chuck Missler says,
“That would imply that the velocity of light was more than ten million
times faster prior to 3,000 B.C.
This possibility would also alter our
concepts of time
and the age of the universe. The universe might
actually be less than 10,000 years old!”
That sounds like a quantum leap
to me!  

Before the fall, God had created one realm from gravity waves to His
glory. This present human realm is up through the electromagnetic spectrum to
the speed of light
…. In the Garden of Eden, when mankind sinned,
was cursed in the fall downward, and lost upper bandwidth and spiritual
light slowed down even more…. [bold italics added,
Scripture bold in original][xxxv]

This quote is disturbing because the NAR false prophets and apostle leaders desire to tinker with Genesis 1, reversing the effects of the Fall, and restoring paradise so that they can have dominion. This quote indicates that some of them may have the hope that by tinkering with quantum physics they might discover a “scientific” way to change time and space. To underscore the interconnections, a portion of
Missler’s quote is found in Cosmic Codes—in
a chapter devoted to “hyper-holograms,” “hyperspaces,” and “Chaos Theory.”[xxxvi]
And Missler also incorporates elements of quantum “sound theory” with the Hebrew
alphabet in Cosmic Codes.[xxxvii]

The Quantum Spirituality theory that time itself can be altered seems to lead straight into science fiction. In his 1997 book Alien Encounters: the Secret Behind the UFO Phenomenon, Chuck Missler and co-author Mark Eastman suggested that:

We live in an age when the very nature of time is only beginning to be understood. The concepts of time warps, time travel, and the like are no longer the plaything of fiction writers, but the serious study of particle physicists, cosmologists, and other scientists. So, before we go further in our exploration of hyperspace and UFOs, we need to shed the baggage of some additional misconceptions that may hinder our understanding. [pg. 222]

Notice yet again how Missler suggests that in order to embrace these new beliefs one must “shed the baggage” of “misconceptions” that might “hinder” understanding these new things. And note how these ideas could head straight into new eschatologies that incorporate UFOs. Previously I have written about Chuck Missler’s associate Tom Horn and his call for “techno-dimensional spiritual warfare” in order engage “pagan deities” and other creatures that return in 2012. (See HERE.)

Chuck Missler brings these mystical and destructive teachings with him to platforms
around the country, such as the conservative Red River Bible and Prophecy
Conference in Fargo-Moorhead,[xxxviii]
Missler’s Strategic Perspectives Conference in Lakeland, FL (home of the
Lakeland/Todd Bentley false revival) [xxxix]
with paranormal teacher Tom Horn, and the 2012 Prophecy Summit in Branson, MO, with Horn, Gary
Stearman, et al.[xl] Missler’s quantum mysticism will also continue to infiltrate the church at large
through his many books, articles, DVDs, videos, speaking engagements, website,
training institute, and even Bible version.[xli]

Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and
vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:
Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee.
~ 1 Tim. 6:20-21

Stay tuned for Part 4 in this multi-part series . . . .

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*This quote is taken from a review of The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn, another book in the genre of “quasi-fictional” stories. Pastor Gilley warns that Cahn “massages Scripture and current events in an attempt to prove that God’s judgment on the United States has been hiding in these verses from the day they were given by Isaiah, but have now been unlocked by the careful investigation of Cahn.” [emphasis added] See Pastor Gilley’s review HERE