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 Exhibit 1

 “The Bride [of Christ] has combat boots on.
I said, the Bride of Christ has combat boots on
under her wedding dress. . . .”
– Bill Hamon[2]

A Marriage Made in 

Heaven on


A Political Parable by Dr. Orrel Steinkamp

Dominique NAR and Political Perry

Political Perry has proposed marriage to Dominique (NAR & IHOP apostles and prophets) and she has accepted. Political Perry chose for his beloved from a fringe evangelical clan of decendants of the long-forgotten Pentecostal clan called “Latter-Rain.” Many among the various clans of evangelicals haven’t even heard about Dominique, or even the clan Latter Rain. But many evangelicals are just content to know that Dominique is from conservative stock and has no relatives among the liberals.

James Dobson leader of a conservative/evangelical political action group, greatly revered and known to all the evangelical clans, attended the engagement party in the Reliant Stadium. His presence sealed the deal for those who were not aware of Dominique’s family. His approval insured that this marriage partner was free of any abortion advocates and homosexual relatives.

In fact, many in the evangelical clan haven’t even heard of the clan called Latter Rain. They probably wonder about her name “Dominique.” But even though some of Dominique’s nearest family members call their leaders apostles and prophets and have plans to start a worldwide struggle to subdue the earth, they are perceived as better than the liberals and their leftist quest for a one world pagan order. So what’s to worry about with contemporary apostles and prophets and trips to the third heaven, etc.? The choice seems to be a no-brainer.

But is this marriage really a good match made in heaven? Does Political Perry come from a historic evangelical clan? Does he have the right pedigree? It does seem a little odd that 4 years ago political Perry endorsed Rudi Giuliani, the divorcee who espouses abortion and homosexual marriage. Furthermore, a few years earlier Political Perry was Al Gore’s national campaign chairman. Well, I guess he must be a recent convert.

Dominique has a lot to offer Political Perry to become the Republican nominee and become the leader of the free world. Dominique has in place a network of close relatives in every state, even down to the precinct level. Her more distant cousins and other evangelical clans can be counted on later in the national election. The prospective bridegroom is already making friends of Dominique’s closer political friends and extended family. He will be speaking at Liberty University shortly. The overriding goal for Dominique’s closest friends is the goal of saving America and moving into the White House. So they’ll do anything to help her.

But what about Dominique? She has family roots in the historic fringe Pentecostal clan Latter Rain. Dominque doesn’t seem to want to talk about her Latter Rain roots. Does Dominique love Political Perry for Perry himself? Will she be a good political wife? Or, does she have plans of her own that go beyond Political Perry? What does she want out of the marriage for herself? Will she be true to Perry as long as they both shall live?

Do Dominique’s distant evangelical clans and relatives really know much about Dominique? Maybe the evangelicals need to know a little more about Dominique. Could it be that Dominique looks upon the marriage as just a step up to goals that go much further than her fiance? It appears she needs Political Perry at the moment, but does she have plans that go further than just a bedroom in the White House?

How could the evangelical clans discreetly check out this bride-in-waiting? It just so happens Dominique has kept a diary. She has written for years about her real future. That diary is not generally known. Recently some liberals suggested that the real reason for Dominique’s name comes from the term ‘dominionism.’ Dominique’s clan hastily disavowed any knowledge about the meaning of Dominique’s name. But here’s the catch—someone put all of Dominique’s diary on the Internet. If the evangelical clan gets curious about what Dominique’s real plans are for the marriage they can read her words. They just need to google it up. It turns out the words of the diary are in clear plain English. But Dominique will do all she can to suppress this search.

Dominique and her wedding party have greater plans than achieving influence in the White House. That would be a great plus. But Dominique wants to go beyond America. She wants to use this for a global dominion kingdom. She wants to lead and rule the earth. Political Perry wants to be the leader of the free world. But Dominique wants to rule the earth in a consummated kingdom. The real King Jesus said My kingdom is not of this world. Dominique wants to suppress that saying of Jesus.

We need to browse Dominique’s diary to find out her real wedding plans. Dominique knows clearly what her name means even if almost all of America does not. Let’s read a few excerpts from her diary:

The beautiful bride is also a warrior, and as such, wears army boots into battle. This seeming contradiction is the two-fold calling on the church — to worship and to war. As the bride, we worship our bridegroom King. As the warrior, we follow the Lord of Hosts, always advancing the Kingdom of our God.[3]

The Bride [of Christ] has combat boots on. I said, the Bride of Christ has combat boots on under her wedding dress. . . .

‘The Army of the Lord’s Movement,’ coming right after the saints movement after the apostles and prophets. Apostles and prophets are preparing us for something more than going to heaven to be good for nothing. Hello saints. Apostles and prophets are not going to be your nice little evangelists, pastors and teachers — they’ve come to revolutionize and bring restoration and bring the King back. . . .

Jesus is raising up a Church and the Apostles and Prophets are coming to equip the saints, give ’em weapons in their hand and make an army of soldiers and take ’em out of the nursing home, take ’em out of the old folks home, take ’em out of the baby nursery and get ’em out of those churches and places where they’ve just been lullabied till Jesus comes, and put ’em in their armories and in their training camp and make soldiers of the cross, make warriors out of them! . . .

How many want to be the Bride of Christ? Then you gotta put your combat boots on. Get off your little golden slippers. . .

Let’s take that devil, and put him under our feet, and stomp him to dust. . . Are you ready? . . . Where is that devil now? Dead meat under your feet!

Now did the Bible say all things are under our feet? Are we demonstrating in an act in the natural by what’s happening in the spiritual? I’m gonna kill another, I killed that one good. . . . [music, drums, shouting in background]

Jesus said, ‘For this purpose was the Son of God manifested that he might destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy the works of the devil!’ Halleleluia! Amen! Alright. Now. . . . . Are you ready, are you read? I, I want to hear some shouting and I want to hear this whole floor reverberating with squished, squashed destroyed devils. . .[4]

The kingdom of God furnishes the template for our stream.  We believe that God’s desire for this season can be discerned through “The Dominion Mandate” and “The 7-M Mandate.”  Chuck [Pierce] has laid groundwork through his books, The Future War of the Church and God’s Unfolding Battle Plan.  I have been doing the same through The Church in the Workplace and Dominion!    We want to provide a viable opportunity for apostolic alignment for leaders who minister in all seven mountains. . . . We do not want it to be a traditional, religious organization, but rather an aligned network of leaders from all seven spheres that make up societal structures.  This is a way that we can do our part toward fulfilling the Dominion Mandate.[5]  
“Dominion has to do with subduing and it RELATES TO SOCIETY…. It means being the head and not the tail. DOMINION MEANS RULING AS KINGS. It says in Revelation chapter one verse 6, that he has made us kings and priests and check out the rest of that verse, it says “for dominion.” So we are kings for dominion.”[6]

True Bible believers need to ask some serious biblical questions of Dominique—before sending their RSVP to the planning committee for the wedding of Dominique and Political Perry. Biblical believers need to remember that their future is not on this present earth that is passing away. Dominique’s family, the Latter Rain Dominionist clan, are not really part of the true family. They are among those that John said that were not really of us and went out from us. They have chosen faux apostles and false doctrine. Their wedding plans have no heavenly reality, only an earthly scheme. They do not have the heavenly bridegroom, but they say they do, and that he won’t come back until Dominique rules and reigns. But the truth is the biblical Bridegroom is in heaven and He plainly said He would come from heaven to call His bride to heaven. He would rapture them to meet them in the air. He would take His true bride from earth to heaven. There in heaven will be the wedding and the wedding feast of the Lamb. Jesus Himself would then judge the sheep and goats. (No false apostles from Dominique’s clan will usurp that judgment.)

Political Perry is just another politician looking for votes and power. Dominique is a harlot who would like to use Political Perry—or any other convenient candidate—for a false dominion upon the earth.

Exhibit 1: This image in Exhibit 1 is an incredibly graphic depiction of the doctrine of the Latter Rain, NAR and IHOP movements concerning a militant bride that conquers the earth before the return of Christ. This image of “The Warrior Bride” was contained in an e-mail advertisement from TheElijahList which was e-mailed on March 30, 2007, entitled “Warrior Bride Awaken.” It advertised the conference, which included “JOANNE MECKSTROTH, RENEE DUNCAN, VICKI STRICKLAND, HEIDI THOMASON, and WORSHIP by GODSONG: April 12-14, 2007; Lakeside, AZ .” Herescope published a post on this at the time at https://herescope.net/2007/04/warrior-bride.html, but shortly after this, the image was removed from TheElijahList website. The original url was http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word_pf.html?ID=5134. It is still on the “wayback machine” at:

2. Transcribed from statements “Bishop” Bill Hamon, a Latter Rain and NAR leader, made at the New Life Church in South Africa on November 13, 1997.
3. This quotation comes from the advertisement for “The Warrior Bride Awaken Conference,” see note on Exhibit 1. Also see: https://herescope.net/2007/04/warrior-bride.html
4. Bill Hamon, Ibid.
5. C. Peter Wagner letter from Global Harvest Ministries, July 11, 2008, “News from Global Harvest Ministries,” subtitled “Alignment! Looking toward the Future.”
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