Destiny-Driven Dominionism

“Today is TRANSFORMATIONAL TUESDAY! I am decreeing that a serious transformation is already taking place with everything that concerns me! Everything in the UNIVERSE must line up to make it happen because it’s my destiny and I am settling for NOTHING LESS! What is it that you need to be transformed today? Go Ahead! Speak it! Destiny blessings! Dr.V!”
-Driven By Destiny blog post*

As the Seven Mountain/Spheres Mandate is being launched on the American and global scene, a peculiar phenomena is accompanying it. Many evangelicals political and theological leaders with credible ministries and stellar reputations[1] are linking their names, goals and organizations to the 7 Mountain paradigm shift. It appears that there is a big “coming out” party going on. This whole 7 Mountain transformation/reformation/awakening agenda operates on marketing methods that utilize mainstream leaders to lead the pack of conditioned sheep straight into these bizarre goals to take over America and the world. There there is a massive realignment going on right now in the evangelical world. Its leaders are abandoning all discretion and common sense, and boldly launching out of the closet into open and unabashed association with the goofiest fringe of the Charismatic world, the New Apostolic Reformation.…..

The latest bit of strange goings-on has to do with Rick Warren, who once again has jumped into the center of a huge brewing controversy. He has publicly endorsed a book authored by a female pastor who is closely aligned with the leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation, the self-proclaimed “apostles” who are heading up this 7 Mountain Mandate for Dominionism.

We first became aware of this via a post on Apprising Ministries titled “RICK WARREN TEACHING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION?[2] This article talked about a book being republished, scheduled for release this October (symbolically on 10/10/10), authored by Dr. LaVerne Adams. Rick Warren endorsed and wrote the Foreword to this book titled Driven by Destiny: 12 Secret Keys to Unlock Your Future,[3] which appears to be indicative of a new genre of New Thought/Word Faith self-help books.[4] Clicking on the links in the Apprising Ministries article, and following the various rabbit trails, we quickly ended up deep in the belly of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and the 7 Mountain/Sphere agenda.


Dr. LaVerne Adams credits Chuck Pierce, heir to C. Peter Wagner’s NAR dynasty,[5] in her original book’s “Acknowledgements”:

The prophetic ministry of Dr. Chuck Pierce has literally transformed my existence in very practical ways. With his prayer focuses and timely prophecies, I was able to cycle out of some very dysfunctional patterns and make stride toward my apostolic and prophetic calling to the nations.[6]

She goes on to explain how she is connected to Chuck Pierce’s Glory of Zion International organization:

…we are honored that Cathedral of Praise Community Church and International Kingdom Strategy Center, where I have served as the senior pastor since 1997, is recognized as a “Church of Zion.” This connection with Glory of Zion International strengthens our resolve to see the powerful prophetic flow of deliverance transform people’s lives to help them reach their fullest potential while expanding God’s Kingdom.[7]

Dr. Adams and Chuck Pierce are also connected via his new “GLOBAL SPHERES: ADVANCING THE KINGDOM” organization,[8] where you can “pursue a new level of dominion in your sphere of authority.”[9] The story behind this is recent. Chief NAR “apostle” C. Peter Wagner, in a letter dated July 10, 2010, describes how “now is the time to explain how God has been directing us to transition Global Harvest Ministries which we founded in 1991, about 20 years ago, to our spiritual son, Chuck Pierce.”[10] Wagner explains how Pierce’s Glory of Zion (GOZ) International and his own Global Harvest Ministries are joining together by transitioning to this Global Spheres, Inc. that will be headed by Pierce:

As we began to plan for the transition of Global Harvest, it became obvious to Chuck that GOZ would not be an adequate organizational basket to receive another ministry like ours. Consequently, he, along with both of us, moved ahead and formed a new organization called Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI). We are now in the process of moving our administration and our ministry to GSI as of September 1, 2010.[11]

Global Spheres, Inc. is called “a New Wineskin” to “develop new spheres of authority, new relationships, and a new structure for the harvest that is ripening.”[12] Its purpose is described in terms of the 7 Spheres/Mountains for Dominion:

Peter, Doris [Wagner] and I knew that the Daniels, Esthers, Deborahs, Hannahs, Josephs, Pauls, Lydias, Peters, and Johns for this age were to rise up, come together, and move into the formation of His Kingdom plan in the earth. We knew we needed a wineskin that would allow individuals from any number of backgrounds to align! This wineskin has to include spheres for missions, teaching, deliverance, wealth transfer, apostleship, government, education, arts and entertainment, family, media, science and technical development, to name a few we discussed.[13] [bold added]

In case anyone still thinks that this agenda is just about America, the Dominionist ambitions of this organization are clearly spelled out in international terms:

  • This will create a new Apostolic-Prophetic-Evangelistic-Deliverance Governmental Structure that will be ready to be used in the nations. This will be wineskin for the transformational thrust to “turn the world upside down in this era”….
  • This new wineskin will be both apostolic and prophetic – a new, sharp threshing instrument with teeth….
  • The most exciting aspect of this new wineskin will be its thrust to fulfill the Lord’s commission to disciple the nations. To do this, we need prayer, prophetic revelation, apostolic leadership, and a developed transformation strategy that will penetrate each molder of culture in a nation with God’s Kingdom plan. We are so excited about being able to connect with leadership from across this nation and many other nations, both in the Church and in the workplace. The Lord has shown me that one day I would be aligned with leaders in 153 nations. This will not be a national wineskin, but one that aligns apostolic, prophetic leaders around the world.[14] [bold added]

LaVerne Adams’ close association with the NAR leadership would be cause for concern in itself. But the fact that she is a leader so early on with the NAR’s emerging Global Spheres organization is even more disturbing. Why is Rick Warren promoting an author who is so closely aligned with this destiny-driven mandate to take over the “spheres” of the world? It is likely due to the fact that he is working on the same agenda.[15]


To understand the full scope of this destiny movement requires a brief examination of the author of the book. Dr. LaVerne Adams calls herself “The Doctor of Destiny.”[16] The theme of Dr. Adams’ life work and book is “destiny,” described in esoteric terms:

Destiny by Divine Design is a journey through the many divinely designed doors that we must go through to fulfill our ultimate purpose in life. In order to find our liberation from lifestyles that bind us we must be prepare to realign, reinvent and recreate our lives to look more like the destiny dream God has for us.[17] [bold added]

This sounds eerily similar to the “God’s Dream” motif used by so many leaders of this syncretistic global transformation movement.[18]

Underscoring the esoteric nature of Dr. Adams’ idea of “destiny,” her original book Foreword by her friend Dr. Cindy Trimm[19] states how the concept of “destiny” is connected to “purpose”:

Quantum scientists have now confirmed what the Bible revealed to us centuries ago, that there are parallel worlds and “portals” that give us access to them all. Using the door as a metaphorical expression, Dr. Adams takes us on a scholarly journey and offers us a destiny altering practical guide to discovering and mastering the secrets for success, happiness and prosperity…. Your destiny is determined the moment you make a decision. In other words, God determines your purpose but you determine your destiny. Destinies are decision oriented, and as such you are always only one decision away from living the life of your dreams.[20] [links and bold added]

To assist you with finding your divine destiny, you can sign up for any number of “Life Coaching Packages and Services,” including a diagnosis, assessment, personal consultation, personal life coaching, teleconference, or wealth building, all of which carry expensive fees.[21] Using themes of “empowerment” and “prophetic personal deliverance” in classic name-it-and-claim-it NAR style, Drs. Trimm and Adams, along with Bennie Lagos of Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, were featured on on “Deliverance to Destiny: Christian Women’s International Empowerment Conference” in May 2008 in the West Indies.[22]


Adding the concept of “destiny” to the already aggressive 7 Mountains Mandate makes for a volatile combination. Which ideas about “destiny” will go beyond the personal “name it and claim it” type of self-help teaching? How will “destiny” be incorporated into the newly forming Global Spheres organizational agenda of Chuck Pierce? Is it possible that the term will be used in the sense of “manifest destiny,” both personal and corporate?

Manifest Destiny was the 19th century American belief that the United States was destined to expand across the North American continent, from the Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific Ocean…. Advocates of Manifest Destiny believed that expansion was not only wise but that it was readily apparent (manifest) and inexorable (destiny).[23]

The Seven Mountains/Spheres is a manifest destiny belief that America – and also the whole world – must become “Christian.” This is a societal transformation definition of “Christianity,” not the biblical individual repentance of the heart. This Dominionism Mandate is seen as a manifest destiny, a “mission” to have an “awakening,” a “reformation,” a “transformation,” and there are disturbing signs that some believe that it can be achieved by coercion, manipulation, force, and even a new, sharp threshing instrument with teeth.[24]


Destiny is a word with mixed spiritual meanings. Is has eschatological significance. It is about the future. It has long been a theme of the Latter Rain cult (whose chief publishing house is called Destiny Image) which helped to birth the New Apostolic Reformation. Destiny is also an occult concept. It is described in an entry in the New Age encyclopedia The Seeker’s Handbook: The Complete Guide to Spiritual Pathfinding as

From Latin, de-, “from” + sidere, “star”‘ something given from the stars or by a higher power, supposed to operate as the preset plan or design of an individual’s life. Basically, the expression that results from the full unfolding of one’s innate potential.[25]

Destiny refers to “a predetermined course of events…. It is a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the cosmos.”

Some believe that one’s destiny may be ascertained by divination or proclaimed as the prophecy of a prophet or sibyl. In the belief systems of many cultures, one’s destiny can only be learned about through a shaman, babalawo, saint or seer.[26]

Tied in with the esoteric ideas about destiny are the concepts of Fate and Fortune. “Fate defines events as ordered or ‘inevitable.'” And Fortune is often more connected with chance.[27] Interestingly, Destiny, the Fates and Fortune were worshiped as deities.[28] At least one Bible translation of Isaiah 65:11 (NASB) uses the words Fortune and Destiny, in the sense of false gods: “But you who forsake the LORD, Who forget My holy mountain, Who set a table for Fortune, And who fill cups with mixed wine for Destiny.”[29]

In this esoteric sense the concept of destiny has a very unbiblical foundation. It is more rooted in the occult idea of divination, and the idea that one can create (or “envision“) their own future. This type of false teaching using mystical imagination is already wildly popular in the evangelical world. It presupposes that man can ascertain his divine destiny and actually make it happen, including by such methods as “positive thinking.” In the NAR, this is related to a heresy that people can issue “decrees.”[30] Dr. Adam’s blog post quote (cited at the beginning of this post) seems to come right out of this false teaching.[31]

Creating one’s own future has been applied corporately to churches, who have been trained in the technique of writing “mission, vision and values” statements based on envisioning their church’s restructuring and transformation. Churches and entire nations must come into “alignment” with the global plan for Dominionism, often cleverly disguised in Great Commission, “missional” or “cultural renewal” language. This is why, applied corporately to the 7 Mountains, the strategy of envisioning one’s destiny, especially if it means “manifest destiny,” becomes a frightening prospect. According to this view “the spiritual destiny of entire groups (such as cities or nations) must be changed. In terms of this approach, the mission of the church relates to groups rather than to individuals.”[32]


Another link between Dr. LaVerne Adams and the New Apostolic Reformation is her association with Dr. Mark Chironna. She describes him in the Acknowledgements of her original book as

an invaluable mentor, life coach, and friend. His brilliant style of ministry has not only challenged me to reshape my inner world but has tremendously impacted the development of my divine destiny. Because of his caring and visionary approach, I now see with clarity, a phenomenal future filled with endless possibility and abounding potential.[33] [bold added]

Chironna is listed alongside Rick Warren as a key endorser of her book, saying, “She has taken time to explain the rich heavenly meaning of destiny and brought it down to earth in practical and powerful soul-searching questions that will unlock things inside you that have been held back for a long time.”[34] In this context he refers to destiny as a “quest,”[35] which is defined by The Seeker’s Handbook as “the act of seeking… one’s purpose…. Through questions, one comes to a sense of purpose as well as a state of enlightenment….”[36]

Mark Chironna Ministries is presenting a “Mantles, Measures and Mandates II” conference in Atlanta this coming September, in which they are going to talk about how to “profit from change” and “tap into the future” to “identify the trends of the Kingdom,” which essentially means Dominionsm.[37] This prosperity message is also found in the K.E.Y.S. Kingdom Economic Yearly Summer meetings keynoted by Chironna, which is said to be patterned after the World Economic Forum. The K.E.Y.S. purpose is described ominously as:

Summits are governmental gatherings where apostolic leaders declare, decree, legislate, negotiate, set policy, plan the future, discuss issues, enter into agreements and treaties, and form alliances and coalitions, so this is not a conference, seminar or workshop. Instead, it is an intentional, strategic assembly of warriors, leaders and generals who are supernaturally taking the Kingdom of God by force and advancing it in the marketplace on earth as it is in Heaven.[38] [link added, bold in original]

Chironna has authored his own self-help destiny-themed books, including titles like Seven Secrets to Unfolding Destiny, Stepping Into Greatness, and Live Your Dream.[39] He is called a bishop, a prophet, and an apostle,[40] and he is solidly linked with the leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation such as Heidi Baker and John Arnott,[41] Rick Joyner, Bill Hamon, Kim Clement, and finally – most significantly – Lance Wallnau,[42] who is the chief promoter of the 7 Mountains Mandate.[43] Chironna was featured at the “Let the Eagles Gather: The International Gathering of Prophets, Apostles and Intercessors” conference in Orlando in August 2009 along with top NAR “apostles” Chuck Pierce and Cindy Jacobs.[44] Chironna must be considered important in these circles, because he is also listed as an endorser of the Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet’s recently released Jesus Manifesto book.[45]

Underscoring all of the concerns voiced so far is yet another prophetic message by Dr. Chironna posted on The Elijah List, seemingly talking about the Latter Rain’s concept of a New Breed, titled “The Next Decade: A New Generation of Blessings, Entrepreneurs, and Creative Expression will Emerge.” In this key article Chironna says there is a “generational shift” that will be “strategically prepared, strategically postured, and strategically positioned for what wants to emerge out of the invisible into the visible relative to Kingdom expansion and enlargement.” Chironna says this requires “the opening of strategic portals, gateways and places of access and transition and change” for the “new era that is dawning.”[46] Of course, all of this “prophesying” about the future has to do with the concept of destiny.

Destiny appears to be an up and coming word, perhaps ‘destined’ to replace ‘purpose’ as the new mantra for the kingdom-building crowd. Destiny has a touchy-feely aspect to it that makes it personally appealing to those with lustful ambitions for power and wealth. It also appears to be yet another code-word for Dominionism.

The Truth:

“Go to now, ye that say, To day or to morrow we will go into such a city, and continue there a year, and buy and sell, and get gain: Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” (James 4:13-14)

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