Women & Another Jesus

A Study on John’s Second Epistle

“All false religion is but a choice of other things
for women to place their trust in,
with a neglect of Christ.”

Listen to the Bible study on 2 John HERE

The Apostle John’s second epistle is a more obscure book of the New Testament. It is seldom studied, and sermons are rarely preached on its content. Yet its message is pertinent, with lessons applicable to today. 2John is addressed directly to a woman. It speaks specifically about the need to exercise godly discernment.

Listen to Sarah H. Leslie’s Bible study for women on 2John delivered at the recent conference at the Community Church of Devore in Devore, California HERE. Lynn D. Leslie followed this up by teaching the entire group on Biblical Separation HERE.

Listen to Biblical Separation HERE

“If there come any unto you,

and bring not this doctrine,
receive him
[or her] not into your house,

neither bid him
[or her] God speed:

[s]he that biddeth him [or her] God speed
is partaker of his
[or her] evil deeds.”

(2 John: 10,11)[2]

1. This is a paraphrase of quotation from John Owen’s 7 volume commentary on the book of Hebrews, substituting the word “women” for “men”.
2. The feminine pronouns were added to these two verses to emphasize the point that this warning includes both men and women.