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Building on the Transformations Foundation

There Has Been a Megashift in Your Status

“Very few people realize that the nature of life on Earth is going through a major change.

“We are seeing a megashift in the basic direction of human history. Until our time, the ancient war between good an evil was hardly better than a stalemate.

“Now all has changed. The Creator whose epic story flows through the pages of Scripture has begun to dissolve the strongholds of evil. The new drama is being played out every hour around the globe, accompanied sometimes by mind-bending miracles.

“For reasons we know only in part, God has handed down a somewhat revised set of rules, delegating greater authority to more people. He has apparently decreed that plain folks like you and me are now a central part of an accelerated plan for a total transformation of the world.

“That plan is centered around small clusters of loosely networked but highly committed Christian people who have been empowered to do extraordinary things. . . .”

[James Rutz, Megashift: Igniting Spiritual Power (Empowerment Press, 2005), p. 2]

The quotation above is indicative of the new gospel theology of “transformation” that is sweeping evangelicaldom. James Rutz’s book Megashift serves as a new gospel “transformation” manual for the masses, using fancy statistics, selected “facts,” and state-of-the-art psychological techniques.

Notice that the premise of the above quotation is that “nature of life on Earth” is changing, that history itself is changing, and that “God has handed down a somewhat revised set of rules.” These comments are heresy on their face. Furthermore, they resemble these quotations below:

“For the first time in history, humankind has come upon the control panel of change–an understanding of how transformation occurs. We are living in the change of change, the time in which we can intentionally align ourselves with nature for rapid remaking of ourselves and our collapsing institutions. . . .” [1]

“We can conspire against the old, deadly assumptions. We can live against them. . . .” [2]

Rutz’s theology is built on the foundation of the new doctrines and practices of what is now called The New Apostolic Reformation. In particular, his book gives great credence to George Otis of The Sentinel Group and his Transformations and Transformations II video series.

In light of this, we would like to refer the reader to a series of articles that are oldies but goodies (circa 2002):

Updated! 9/17/07 – Transformations or Re-Transformation – A Paradigm Shift For Evangelism by Concerned Christians, 7/02 – This link has been broken for some time. This article is by Mike Oppenheimer and Sandy Simpson.

The Truth:

“For I am the LORD, I change not;” (Malachi 3:6a)

1. Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in the 1980s (J.P. Tarcher, Inc., 1980), p. 29.
2. Ibid, p. 35.