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Emergent NEW BREED Leaders

“It now appears that God is raising up a New Breed of leadership to do the ‘new thing.’ This NEW BREED will be young and fresh, with a pioneering spirit – whether chronologically young or old in age. Last year I had the opportunity to meet several young men whom I believe represents this NEW BREED of leadership. . . .
We invite you to learn more about Mike Bickle, a part of God’s NEW BREED for the ‘90s.”

(Fullness Fellowship Communique, Vol. 3, No.4, April 1990)
[emphasis added]

“In the prophetic vision that Bob [Jones] saw, David was holding a baby boy over his chest. It was his desire for the prophets to pray for the young lad. David also desired prayer for his company of mighty warriors, signifying a commissioning for battle. The young boy is representative of birthing a new generation anointed with the spirit of wisdom. . . . God gave Solomon supernatural knowledge, wisdom, and very great discernment. . . .
The ‘Samuels’ of this day, representing the apostolic/prophetic offices, will release horns of anointing upon this new breed. . . .
The emerging spiritual army will be anointed with boldness and courage to challenge spiritual atrocities.”
Bob Jones & Paul Keith Davis, “2005 Shepherd’s Rod, Part 1, 9/25/04 [http://tinyurl.com/7dcjk] [emphasis added]

“In 1998, Leadership Network began to see early signs of Groundbreakers within the postmodern conversation. Among a small group, the tone of the rhetoric was changing from de-construction to construction; the role from prophetic to apostolic; and perspective from anti-modernism to ‘new ground. Leadership Network began to intensely listen and observe in order to recognize the subtle signs of an emerging ‘Groundbreaker.’ In early 2000, it was decided to create a new network within Young Leader called ‘Terra Nova Project’ or ‘new ground’ comprised of this groundbreaking group of innovators. These Groundbreakers are a new breed with a new calling, new tone and new priorities.”

Brad Smith, President of Leadership Network,
“What’s Next with Terra Nova Project: The Emergence of Terra Nova,” 2001 [emphasis added]
One of the key tenets of the Latter Rain cult is the concept of a “NEW BREED” or a “NEW SEED” of elite super-Christians, the formation of a superior race of young generation believers who will manifest great power to conduct end-time signs and wonders and rule over the Earth.

Yesterday’s Herescope post quoted Brad Smith’s report (above) concerning the stages of the emergent church formation, in which he used the term “new breed.” This term can certainly be a generic term, but in the context of his description, particularly the emphasis on moving from the prophetic to the apostolic, it appears that this “new breed” doctrine may have a connection with the emerging church movement.

This doctrine doesn’t necessarily come in with “new breed” terminology written all over it. It manifests in more subtle ways through the type of leadership training which is encouraging a form of spiritual elitism. An elite corps of super-Christian leaders are being trained to become agents of change, to facilitate transformation, and rule over the Earth (dominionism). The Latter Rain cult leaders “prophesy” that their extraordinary power will come from God with signs and wonders. The business leaders teach a form of worldly power that comes as a result of training in methods of psycho-social transformation processes.

Information on the history of this “NEW BREED” doctrine can be found at the Discernment Ministries website http://www.discernment-ministries.org in an article entitled “A New Breed” [http://tinyurl.com/8wj84].
The primary teachers of this doctrine came out of the Kansas City Fellowship, a Latter Rain stronghold during the 1980s and into the 1990s, which gave rise to a group of leaders known as the “Kansas City Prophets.” Paul Cain, Mike Bickle, and Bob Jones are names most closely associated with this movement. This group later converged with John Wimber’s Vineyard Fellowship. Wimber had been a student of C. Peter Wagner at Fuller Theological Seminary, and the two experimented with new models of mysticism and spirituality. It was from these associations that the influence of the Kansas City Prophets spread into evangelicaldom. The doctrines of the Latter Rain cult quickly became embedded in the teachings of what is now called the New Apostolic Reformation.

Bob Jones of the Kansas City Prophets taught that there were going to be children from an “elected seed” generation, handpicked in heaven from the best of every bloodline, and the offspring of the original apostles. These are the “chosen generation of all history” who will form the Bride of Christ on Earth. The quotation from Bob Jones at the beginning of this post demonstrates that he is still teaching this heresy.

These “Elected Seeds” will make up part of the “New Breed.” This “New Breed” is an elite group of believers endowed with supernatural power that enables them to be part of the “dread warriors” that God is raising up in our generation. John Wimber taught that this army would eventually subdue the nations. The Discernment Newsletter explains:

“The so-called ‘prophets’ make bold boasts that the NEW BREED of leaders, i.e. the ‘NEW BREED of Apostles and Prophets’ will perfect the “NEW BREED of ‘People’ and usher in the ‘New Order’ of government on earth. The question we need to ask is: ‘What is the source of reference for their outrageous claims?’ It is certainly not in the pages of Scripture, nor can it be found in the literal interpretation of the Scriptures.”

The Truth:

The whole “NEW BREED” concept is totally unscriptural. The only way these false prophets can prove their false doctrine is to twist, misquote or allegorize the Scriptures.

According to the false prophets, all believers can not be part of this NEW BREED because it is reserved only for a special elite group. But, Praise God, the Bible refutes this heresy. The Bible gives all believers the following assurances:

All believers are equal in Christ. Gal. 3:28
All believers are new creatures. II Cor. 5:17
All believers are made righteous by faith, that is of grace. Rom. 4:16
All believers are of the seed of Abraham. Rom. 4:16
All believers were baptized into one body. I Cor. 12:13
All believers are members of the body of Christ. I Cor. 12:14
All believers are part of the ELECT. I Peter 1:2
All believers are a CHOSEN GENERATION. I Peter 2:1,2
All believers are “born again.” John 3:3, 15
All believers are lively stones and a holy priesthood. I Peter 2:5

The word “BREED” is not found once in Scripture, much less the term “A NEW BREED.”

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” (Eph. 2:8-9)

On on-going series on this topic of NEW BREED will be posted, Lord willing, over the next few days. . .