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COR and compulsory salvation: are you guilty of treason?

In a letter dated May 1993, addressed to “Dear friends of C.O.R. [Coalition On Revival] and Crosswinds,” Dr. Jay Grimstead wrote to a newly formed “Church Council Steering Committee. This Steering Committee” was made up of forty well-known Charismatic leaders and Reconstructionists, united upon a common doctrine of “dominionism” pertaining

Mixing markets with missions

“To achieve its purpose, the business mission company must develop and invest in Great Commission efforts that are synergistic with and leveraged by the company’s presence in strategically selected markets. It must set standards for evangelism and discipleship, measure results, and evaluate results per dollar invested for every sphere of

A new definition of “church” by C. Peter Wagner

“We need to understand that there’s a church in the workplace. I want you to write that down. a church in the workplace. Now I’m going to give you two Greek words in this teaching. I’m not great for quoting a lot of Greek, mainly because I don’t know very

“Cultivating” what?

“Cultivating the Great Commission Ecosphere” is a paragraph heading introducing EFMA, which then goes on to read:“EFMA exists to cultivate the Great Commission Ecosphere so that it bears good and abundant fruit and God is glorified among all people. To this end the Fellowship works in depth with members to

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