Parental Rights and Responsibilities Act (PRRA)

This may be the only Christian conservative site on the Internet that offers an alternative perspective on the Parental Rights and Responsibilities Act (PRRA). While all of the major ministries and organizations have jumped on the bandwagon for the PRRA, quietly behind the scenes a group of education reform researchers has been compiling legal analyses, documentation and other data that suggest that there are some serious flaws in the PRRA -- flaws which could backfire in adverse ways, harming the very families that the PRRA is supposed to help!

We urge you to examine the evidence. Is giving the State a "compelling interest" in the lives of our children a viable solution to the parental rights disaster in America? Or, will it create a grandstand for the State to begin flexing its newly empowered legal muscles to wrest away what little parental rights remain? What WILL the PRRA do? What WON'T it accomplish? Are there some unforeseen, unacknowledged, pitfalls and dangers lurking ahead? The authors of a Special Report in the March 1996 issue of The Christian Conscience believe that the bill's authors and promoters may have a good case of tunnel vision. Read it for yourself and make your decision.

Legal Opinions

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